Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003

Pettisville School Board will seek public input before making a tax levy decision.

Steve Switzer, superintendent, said he was definite in his recommendation that the board place a levy on the ballot for the May 6 election.

The career of “Dasty,” the sheriff department’s newest police dog, is over after he attacked and killed a neighbor’s Yorkshire Terrier.

Once again, a team from Archbold ConAgra won the Black Swamp Safety Council Forklift Rally, Saturday, Jan. 25.

Shaun Ferguson, county economic development director, said last week, he is not alarmed about the county unemployment rate topping 5%.

Deaths– Ilva E. Nofziger, 93, Wauseon; Viola M. Rupp, 92, Archbold; James S. Strock, 50, Liberty Center; Vieanna M. Fielitz, 83, Archbold; Leroy Leininger, 80, Fayette; Paul L. Short, 64, Phoenix

An advertisement announces the retirement of Janet Short after serving the Archbold Buckeye for 33 years. The same advertisement welcomes Angie Avers to the staff for the third time.

The Archbold High School gymnasium’s new “Thunderdome” sign was unveiled Friday evening during the Archbold-Patrick Henry basketball game. It was donated by the Archbold Athletic Booster Club.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Feb. 3, 1988

William Lovejoy, mayor, said he has been contacted by several people about selling and providing water to the Williams County site of the regional jail. The contacts are running 8-1 in favor of providing water.

“What amazes me is I’ve probably received more personal contacts, and people coming to see me personally, than any other issue in the last eight or 10 years,” he said.

Councilhelda21/2-hour executive session concerning Archbold providing water to the proposed regional jail.

The auxiliary police force was increased from six parttime officers to eight, to cover for a health problem with one of Archbold’s full-time officers.

Jania Taylor was selected as the winner of the Archbold Business & Professional Women’s Young Careerist speaker at the Jan. 19 meeting.

Taylor presented humorous information about her career performing magic.

Deaths– Dola M. Eicher, 79, Ridgeville Corners

Police are seeking a man who allegedly struck James Bailey, Wauseon, with a pool ball at the Hereford Bar.

Philip Hoverman, AHS band director, was guest director of the University of Toledo Symphonic Band during the annual mid-winter band concert, Feb. 7.

Kelly Stahl, an AHS senior, played tenor saxophone in the 30th annual Bank Music Reading Clinic, Jan. 29-30 at BGSU.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– The story of our lives can be read in what we throw away…. Twenty years ago there were 50,000 clock repairmen in the US. Now there are 10,000…. In about 1920s, Archbold businessmen decided our village needed a slogan, and settled for “Archbold, The Biggest Little Town In Ohio.”

Glenn L. Dielman was named director of the Area Paving Council, to serve Northwest Ohio.

Mid-American National Bank & Trust Company and First National Bank Northwest Ohio become affiliates of Mid Am, Inc, a registered multi-bank holding company.

Pat Rupp, an employee at the Hen House, shoveled three inches of snow from the sidewalk, according to a photograph.

Lynn Fielitz will coach volleyball this summer in Australia.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1963

“Here Comes Charlie,” a comedy, will be performed Feb. 12 in three acts by the following thespians: Elaine Weyandt, George Kunkle, Gail McDaniel, Tim Smith, Tamara Taylor, Duane Hayes, Helen Nofziger, Jerry Collamore, Susan Fielitz, Virgil Roth, Donna Nofziger.

Administration of oral polio vaccine, type III, has been set for Sunday at the Archbold High School gymnasium. There were onethird fewer polio cases in 1962 than in 1961.

Eckert Packing Company expansion is underway. The new 40×100 boiler room will be located east of the present building. They will start a 75×120 addition later, that will be two-stories.

Toledo Edison Company plans to spend nearly $750,000 for new facilities in Fulton and adjoining counties this year.

George Kramer, Archbold chief of police and president of Fraternal Order of Police, conducted an installation meeting for new police offi- cers in the county, Jan. 18.

Hughes Radio & TV announced a demonstration of color television, the first event of its kind in Archbold, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in a half-page advertisement.

Lucille Roth, administrator, Heller Memorial Hospital, Napoleon, was presented the outstanding community service award by Napoleon Chamber of Commerce at its annual dinner meeting.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Jim Bishop, a columnist, has a description of Khrushchev, “A fat little Easter egg in a dark suit.”… The world will be a better place to live if we exhibit courage…. Want to be completely alone? Take a walk on the sidewalks, you will find an exhilarating experience.

George Clark, a local science teacher, received a letter from his sister in Rome, N.Y., telling him she observed a 40-foot drift of snow in their area.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Feb. 2, 1938

According to Mr. Nash, in charge of the Fulton County branch of the state highway department, a park and swimming pool is being constructed at Mann’s Corners on Route 20, east of Oak Shade. A water well is being drilled to supply the swimming pool, to be located on the north side of the highway, and the park will be constructed on the south side.

Mr. Nash says that an unusual shrub was discovered growing on the tract of land, unknown to exist anywhere in this country, according to a state authority.

The shrub cannot be found anywhere outside Africa.

The Archbold Board of Public Affairs elected Ivan Werder, president; Guy Mignin, vice president; Russell Walter, clerk; Peter Eicher, third member.

Mrs. E.A. Buehrer will host the Priscillas at a luncheon Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Rupp have a new son…. Stewart Lugibil is recovering from the mumps, Edith Roth has the mumps, Irene Ruffer has chicken pox.

J.K. Miller bought the Bryan fire engine with a sealed bid…. Because of a lack of coal, the Archbold schools were closed last week.

There is great interest in the village to install nightlights at the soft baseball diamond in Ruihley Park.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, Jan. 28, 1913

The Willis-Overland Co., a manufacturer of automobiles in Toledo, has subscribed amounts of $150,000 toward construction of an ocean-to-ocean highway.

Of course, such a road would benefit the auto manufacturers, but it would be a benefit to the farmers using the route as well. Who knows how long it will be until the farmer will own an automobile.

The boiler that was used in making power for the moving picture show at Liberty Center exploded Saturday evening. The proprietor was considerably burned. There was no audience at the time of the accident.

Mr. Edison plans moving pictures that will talk, somebody having told him that we do not have talk enough already.

An incubator used by George Washington is said to have just come to light. What a fine thing to hatch some of the cold-storage eggs of the vintage of ‘76.

Some Chicago girls have organized a matrimony club with the basic principle that a man must have $5,000 a year to be even considered. Wonder if they’ve outlined a plan for rounding up the $5,000 eligible.

How fine it looks to see the people come from all sides and not smoking or chewing tobacco when they come to church.

Local people are glad to see the telephone lines getting replaced after the storm. The cake recipes will start to travel over the lines again and the men are looking for the new recipes to appear on the table.

The world is still gaining as there has been one more counting at the Gautsche home. It is a boy….. Luke Frey has been rewarded with a fine baby boy on Jan. 20.

There is a spelling contest at the Dowell School in S.W.C., Friday evening. Admission 5¢.

It’s interesting how many newspapers and orators are fighting socialism. Few are fighting republicanism or democracy.

Friday, Jan. 31, 1913

Burglars blew the post offi ce safe at Fayette, Tuesday night. They stole stamps worth about $600, including $400 in parcel post stamps.

They were scared away when the outer door of the safe was blown off and did not get into the strong box in which there was about $100 in cash. The Fayette Post Office was robbed in 1910 and 1911. The sheriff was notified. No clues.

Wauseon council passed an ordinance placing a license of $25 a day on fortune telling, mesmerism, mind reading, etc. That ought to head off the Gypsies.

There were more rigs than hitch rails in Archbold Saturday. That’s always a sign of people using our merchants for goods and services. Archbold and German Township families like to shop at home with people they know and trust.

Ed. Fox tried to hang himself at the home of Adolph Luthy, west of town, Wednesday. As he could not do so by pulling himself up in to an apple tree by means of a halter around his neck, he chopped himself in the head several times with an ax. The doctors sewed up his wounds and the sheriff took him to Bryan, where he was adjudged insane and sent to the asylum at Toledo.

He has been making his home with his brother Mike Fox, west of town.

When the husband goes out at night to find amusement it is a sign that the wife is a failure as an attraction.

Beginning now and lasting well into March, the probability is the mail carrier will earn all the money he will receive for making his six rounds a week.

He will appreciate all the help we can give him in the way of making the roads more passable. If every farmer after every snowfall would break out the road along side his farm, the rounds of the mail carrier would be more easily achieved.

Hillsdale, (Mich.,) County Fair is out of debt and has $2,000 in the bank. Anyone who has attended that fair knows they deserve success.

The hobo who tried to ride the top of the flyer west of Toledo fell off at South Bend. The body was frozen stiff.

A Toledo church property sold for $300,000 one day last week. The price per foot front was $3,500.

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