Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2003

Just shy of one year old, Chloe Makaye Nofziger is walking, talking, and getting into absolutely everything.

The Archbold Buckeye First Baby of 2002, Chloe is the daughter of Phil and Melissa, Archbold.

For the first time in many years, Archbold had a bountiful amount of snow to make a wonderful white Christmas. It measured a total of six inches.

Peter Short, mayor, earlier this month looked back over a relatively quiet year, and cast an eye toward the future.

One of the biggest issues coming in 2003, which will affect every local motorist who drives to the south side of Archbold, is the rebuilding of South Defiance Street.

Lance Selgo discovered coming home from college on Christmas break wasn’t all play. The junior Indiana Tech student cleared the driveway of his parents’ house the old-fashioned way, with a snow shovel.

60th Wedding Anniversary– Howard and Janice Torrence, Dec. 27, 1942

Chris Buehrer, an AHS grad and a junior at Huntington College, was recently named a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics’ All-American Scholar Athlete. He was one of seven students to receive the award.

Jose A. Gonzales, III, son of Maria E. and Jose, recently completed a basic metal worker course. He is a U.S. Marine private first class.

Jacob Dominique recently graduated from basic combat military training at Fort Sill, Lawton, Okla.

Deaths– Gladwin Bourquin, 90, Columbus Grove; Alma W. Schorling, 90, Archbold; Leona E. Short, 102

Clark Forward, an AHS grad and a junior at the University of Michigan, is ranked 15th by InterMat and 16th by Amateur Wrestling News in the preseason rankings. He wrestles at 141 pounds.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Jan. 6, 1988

Two members of council were sworn in Monday night: John Grieser, the newest member, and Leanna Baus, in her second term, along with William Lovejoy, in his fifth term. Jim Hensal, village counsel, administered the oath of office.

There are no plans for a project to aid retailers, but the key is the Sauder Village.

“We have a tremendous advantage in having the Sauder Village here. If we can in some way utilize that advantage, we can make our community strong,” said Fred Witte, chairman of the Economic Development Committee.

Reports from some Archbold retailers varied on the results of the Christmas sales this season, but most said they did about the same as last year.

Council took the next step toward completing a renovation of the first floor of the municipal building. The project is expected to exceed $86,000.

This week, John D. Wyse, an Archbold farmer, finished laying drainage tile for another local farmer. Last week, he irrigated his own drought-stricken fields.

“Not as many people think of tiling in weather like this. But, we know it’s going to get wet again,” he said.

William Lovejoy, mayor, told chamber members at a noon luncheon that the village started the year 1988 in the black with a surplus of $1,936,000.

The mayor said sewage lines for Buckeye Street are to be installed in 1988. Offi cials are studying plans to improve Lafayette Street, where the new high school is to be constructed.

Charles Lugbill was elected vice president of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank.

Deaths– Juan L. Perez, 57, Stryker; Carl F. Bruns, 89, Ridgeville Corners; DeAnn Colon, 29, Wauseon; Margaret Carlson, 85, Grand Rapids,

Mich.; Addie Liechty, 84, Leo, Ind.

Archbold police have had video equipment for about a year now. Richard Purdy, chief, reports the gear is helping the department and working out well.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Does anyone know or care what happened to “the five o’clock shadow?”…. Scrooges leave no footprints in the sands of time…. Life has passed you by when everything you do or say creates a shock or yawn.

Deb Stanforth is the new director of the Fulton County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1963

Resources and deposits in the two Archbold banks gained $2 million in 1962. Combined statements of both banks indicate an alltime peak was reached.

James Ray, PHS ‘62 and an OSU freshman, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ray, received A grades in the following subjects: English, math, political science, music.

Beck-Schrock Pond, formerly known as Bourquin’s Pond, east of the Archbold Ladder Factory, has been a favorite fishing hole in the summer and an ice skating pond in the winter.

Today the ice is 8 to 10 inches thick and ready for skaters and winter sports.

The Pettisville chapter of the National Honor Society held its third induction Thursday afternoon. New members are Roger Bunke, Marlin Nofziger, Verlyn Nofziger, Alan Rupp, Miriam Baer, Mary Helen Liechty, Jacqueline Weber, and Dallas Rychener.

Graduate members who served the induction were James Ray, Luann Gearig, Margaret Short, Brenda Short, Beverly Short, Janette Rupp, Wendell Beck, and Connie Jones.

Vincent S. Beck is secretary of the Fulton County Agricultural Society. Members of the board from Archbold are Leila Tanner and Ralph Aeschliman.

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Sauder and Myron Schmucker will leave Fort Wayne, Ind., on Jan. 25 for Puerto Rico, to spend the winter months with their children.

Paul Rupp was the final bidder for the former Sam. Clingaman home in Burlington, paying $3,715.

Scouting in Archbold has been active for approximately 20 years. It has had its lulls, just as do many organizations for youth, but presently it is going strong and has the support of the community.

Headline– When A Mother Is 30, She’s 101 In The Eyes Of A Small Child

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Jan. 5, 1938

The volunteer fire company met in the engine rooms Wednesday evening to elect officers.

Henry Nofzinger, chief for 22 years, and Henry L. Fraas, assistant chief for 22 years, retired. A.C. Fagley was named chief, and Clarence J. Nofzinger, assistant chief. Milo Nofzinger was reelected secretary, and Ervin Eash, chief engineer.

New members are Tom Porter and John G. Miller. Other members of the department are Orlo Schultz, Willard Miller, Ed. Schang, and William Bruns.

Mud roads still are the chief deterrents to regular delivery of rural mail. There are 6,900 miles of mud roads in Ohio. Fulton County carriers daily travel 914.47 miles.

Delta town officials were in Archbold recently to study our ice skating ponds. They returned home and created a pond on property owned by the American Legion Post.

J.G. Nofziger and David Burkholder will leave by automobile for Florida today to spend a few months.

Remodeling of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church parsonage began Monday. Windows will be replaced and hardwood floors installed, along with other minor improvements.

The CCC camp located in Swanton will close. It is a drainage camp from which many farmers claim great benefi ts in field drainage work.

If there is no protest from the public it will be abandoned June 1. About 175 boys have been given employment, as well as some schooling in farm field draining.

German Township Trustees elected Emil Rupp, president, and Willard Miller, vice president. They are studying roads to improve next spring. The big, new power grader was delivered Dec. 30, and soon will be in use.

Henry W. Stotzer, senior member of Stotzer Hardware, will retire after 63 years of continuous work in this community. His son Harold F. Stotzer will assume full responsibility.

100 Years Ago
Friday, Jan. 3, 1913

David Leupp has his saw and buzz poles set up and ready to buzz winter wood on the J.E. Leatherman farm.

Gotshall Brothers have all the trees marked and ready to be buzzed and cut into headings and rafters on the J. E. Leatherman 20-acre wood lot.

Floyd Brace has the chop ready to do chores on the Emanuel Short farm, while gone on a visit to friends and relation for a few days.

F. Hoffman resigned his pastorate at St. John’s Church last Sunday. He has accepted the pastorate of the Sixth Church in the city of Cleveland.

His six years of service in Archbold has been quite successful. Under his leadership, the membership has grown from 200 to 276, and finances have been increased from $1,000 to $3,000 a year.

The church has on hand in the building fund nearly $4,000. About $6,000 more is pledged.

The Bible Conference of the Amish-Mennonite Congregations has been largely attended. The principal speakers are D.D. Miller and Silas Yoder.

The final meetings are to be held at the Central Church this morning, afternoon, and evening. D.D. Miller will speak in the evening service on the subject of Separation From The World at 7 pm.

Immigration is the primary cause of the high cost of living. American cities are striving to grow and increase their population by means of fair or foul consequences. They are accepting anyone who will count as one in the census.

The Kellogg Toasted Corn Flakes Company, in Battlecreek, Mich., is alleged of violating the Sherman law. A petition was filed in Detroit that the company sells only to jobbers, refusing to deal directly with consumers.

The company is charged in fixing prices at which the flakes are sold to retailers and consumers, preventing competition, which would reduce the prices to the public. Their way of doing business creates a monopoly through pricing, it is believed.

All persons knowing themselves indebted to Vernier & Roedel Clothing store, please stop in and settle your debt. We need the money in our business.–adv.

All knowing themselves indebted to me are requested to call and square accounts at once. I need the money.–Andrew Shibler Cobbler Shop, adv.

WEAVING of all kinds. Carpets, rugs, etc., at lowest prices.–W.A. Somney, 1 mile east of Archbold, at T&I rail stop No. 66.–adv.

FOR SALE–Six-year-old speedy driving horse, 1 cab, 1 buggy, 1 harness, robes, 2 beds, 1 couch, 2 tables, 1 washer, etc. All in good condition and at bargain prices.– Rev. F. Hoffman; adv.

FARM FOR SALE–80 acres, good barn, house, orchard, outbuildings, plenty water, some tile, fenced. One and one-half miles south of Archbold on main road, opposite Archbold Cemetery.– R. A. Yoder; adv.

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