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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2002

Lynn Aschliman and Steve Nafziger were named to the board of trustees of Sunshine, Inc.

In such lean economic times, Fulton County government is fortunate, according to Frank Onweller, county engineer. He said the county started the year with a cash balance of $1.8 million. Presently the cash balance is $2.4 million.

Council agreed to pay Kristine J. Rashley, 718 North Defiance Street, $15,000 in connection with the proposed construction of the North Defiance-Lutz Road intersection. Rashley owns the home on the southeast corner of the intersection.

Big was definitely better Friday evening when the fifth Archbold Parade of Lights took to the streets.

Many of the estimated 67 units were huge decorated semi trucks pulling trailers or lowboys covered in lights and colorful Christmas decorations.

Municipal employees will receive a 2.5% pay hike, while full-time hourly workers will get an additional 15 cents an hour.

Municipal income tax receipts for the first 11 months of 2002 topped the total of 2001.

Vera Schmidt is recovering from injuries suffered while she and her husband, Wilhelm, were on a European cruise ship. During the cruise in November, Vera fell, broke her back, and suffered other injuries.

Deaths– Hubert E. Short, 82, Kidron; Erma C. Wonsetler, 92, Archbold; Leonard Moden, 85, Tedrow; Lloyd Johnston, 85, Wauseon; Mark L. Merillat, 32, Archbold

Jason Rose, son of Bill and Cynthia, is a member of the 2002-03 Ohio Northern University basketball team.

Phil Baden, an AHS junior linebacker, garnered special mention honors on the 2002 Associated Press Division IV All-Ohio high school football team.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1987

Nearly one year after former Archbold resident Thomas Lauber, of Dover, challenged citizens to match his gift of $50,000 to the Archbold Area Foundation, the challenge has not been met.

Headline– Progress Made Toward Regional Jail; Opposition Schedules Rally In Stryker

William Lovejoy, mayor, said he hopes to have a resolution calling for enhanced 9-1-1 service before the Dec. 21 council meeting.

A snag may have developed in the Sunshine Children’s Home plans to locate a group home for mentally retardeddevelopmentally disabled individuals in Pettisville.

A conditional use permit may be necessary to satisfy Clinton Township zoning.

Darla Childs has been promoted to manager of First Concepts in Gwinnett Place, Duluth, Ga. Darla and her husband, Steve, reside in Marietta, Ga. Both are graduates of AHS. Darla is the daughter of Joe and Diana Miller, and Steve is the son of Ray and Mona Childs, Archbold.

When the last payment on the Four County Joint Vocational School building is made this month, it marks payment in full for the 231,000-squarefoot facility. The school is supported by taxes from Defi- ance, Fulton, Henry, and Williams counties.

Brian Rex was recently named vice president of performance for the University of Toledo chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, a national business fraternity. He is the son of Dave and Sharon Rex.

Earn Degrees– Roger Pinkelman, Archbold; David Casler, Pettisville, University of Toledo

Honor Student– Benjamin Schelling, Howe Military School

Todd Parnell, staff sgt, U.S. Air Force, received the Distinguished Graduate and Academic Achievement Award, Norton Air Force Base, Calif. He is the son of Robert B. and Linda Parnell.

Deaths– Helen Zabawa, 68, Wauseon; Clyde Ritter, 80, Napoleon; John Vogelsanger, 87, Pettisville; Evelyn Weber, 70, Wauchula, Fla.; Edith Gamble Bacon, 102, Toledo; Robert Sullivan, 71, Stryker

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, Dec. 12, 1962

National Bank of Fulton County, in Delta, has been granted permission to open a branch in Wauseon, early in 1963.

Three hunters, Gilbert Wheeler and David Fox, Archbold, and Edward Morehouse, Evansport, returned Wednesday morning from the Pennsylvania hills, each having secured a buck deer. They found the deer in the first two days of 65-degree temperatures. The men arrived in Archbold before the heavy snowstorm which hit this area, and a still greater storm that tied up traffic along the 100-mile Pennsylvania Turnpike before it closed.

Coffee Break, a sensational three-year-old pacer owned by the C&M Stable, Archbold, placed second for top harness horses of the 1962 season.

Coffee Break’s record 1:57 mile at Springfield, Ill., was the fastest mile race of the year. He won nine of 18 starts, was in the money 17 times, and earned $58,002 in spite of the fact that the sensational pacer had difficulty with a bowed tendon all season.

At the Lexington Trots in October, Coffee Break defeated Lehigh Hanover, the Little Brown Jug winner.

Vincent S. Beck was named secretary of the Fulton County Agricultural Society and will manage the annual fair, held each year in September.

He succeeds George Conelly, Wauseon, who held the position the last eight years.

Stryker Development, Inc., has secured a new plastic moulding industry, Strydel, Inc., which is to move from Michigan as soon as a new 160×160 building can be erected at a cost of $125,000.

Peter Lugbill, 79, died in his sleep the morning of Dec. 6. He had been in failing health for some time, but was able to be about and visit his office frequently.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– December is the shortest, busiest, happiest, and most demanding month of the year…. Do you like to worry and complain about tax rates? At New Haven, Ind., the rate is over 60 mills. And at nearby Sylvania it is about 50 mills.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Dec. 1, 1937

Miss Imogene Harvey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Harvey, is in Chicago this week where she is participating in the National Judging Contest in connection with the 16th annual National 4-H Club Congress and the International Livestock Show.

At a village in Fulton County, a state game warden stopped in the restaurant for dinner.

The man who kept the place offered him his choice of eggs, rabbit, or pheasant.

The game warden took the pheasant and also the innkeeper for selling wild game.

The South Side Skating Park is being prepared for winter sports. It has been flooded several times, and the cold snap should do the rest to give it a coating of ice.

Sammy, 6-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Oyer, fell in the barn at their farm northeast of Pettisville two weeks ago Wednesday, when he was climbing in the haymow. The bone between the knee and hip on the left leg was broken.

A real old-timer is the man who can remember when women were too bashful to look in a barbershop window as they passed.

Mrs. E.E. Bourquin has sold the buildings and equipment of the Archbold Tile Mill to W.A. Risk, of Hillsdale, Mich. Mr. Risk has nearly completed the work of tearing down the frame structure after selling all machinery and equipment. He also is wrecking the old kilns that had been used many years in manufacturing brick and tile. Mrs. Bourquin has retained ownership of the land.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, Dec. 3, 1912

The T&I trolley line has the nicest depot in Archbold of any station on the line. The T&I is getting a good business out of Archbold. Archbold people expect the rent the T&I pays to cut a big slice off the interest on the Town & Township Hall bonds. This town is not so slow when it comes to making a bargain that is most satisfactory all around.

There will be a basketball game at the Rink Hall for the benefit of the band on Wednesday evening, Dec. 4. The east side businessmen vs. the west side. All turn out and see the fun.–adv.

The Anti-Saloon League is to be the first to use the new initiative and referendum law. The petition will soon be circulating, asking for a law to prohibit the shipping of liquor to dry territory.

Another will be a request for a law giving the governor or common pleas judge power to remove the mayor or other village officers from office if they fail to enforce the liquor laws.

One man has the wrong idea of Archbold’s Red Tag Day Sale. He said it was to be a day when women would hold people up on the street, hang a red tag on the buttonhole and charge 25¢ for it.

There is no plan to hold up anyone.

M.C. Palmer says if they pass a law prohibiting the shipping of liquor into dry territories, he will polish up his old army musket.

The proposed bill to pension mothers does not include mothers whose husbands have deserted them.

The first time a young man is in love he honestly believes he means what he says.

The nice fall weather has not been good for the dry goods and clothing businesses, But the automobile dealerships are smiling from ear to ear.

Friday, Dec. 6, 1912

Charles Keller says he had no partnership in the automobile in which a woman claims she was injured while coming from the Ottokee Fair. Charles says the partnership was dissolved before the alleged accident occurred.

The big crops are as much the gift of nature, but the fact that the farmer is learning to use his head as well as his hands is a great factor in the increased production.

The court could not prove that the bottle contained intoxicating liquor and Dora Dye, formerly of Pettisville, was released of the charge of furnishing intoxicating liquor.

The cost of gravel and stone roads is not money thrown away. It is part of our education. By and by we’ll get to the paved road class and then we’ll begin our real schooling.

A fellow named Peterson obtained $13.50 of M.J. Dangler, of Wauseon, on a promise to get Dangler’s son a furlough from the army. Peterson was arrested by the Swanton marshal.

$8 worth of ware will be given away free with every Majestic Range sold at our demonstration, one week only, Dec. 2-7.–Vernier McLaughlin & Co.–adv.

A sugar beet fell upon the railroad track at Stryker, which was the fast track. The fast train struck the beet and hurled it through the Reynold’s Grocery store. The glass was ruined. The beet was barely scratched.

Mayor John Gage, of Montpelier, caught a Chinaman sneaking into this country and turned the celestial over to the U.S. marshals.

Nothing boosts the value of real estate more than a concrete pavement. They are talking about paving Mechanic Street.

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