Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2002

While winter starts Dec. 21, residents had a preview of coming attractions Saturday morning. When residents awoke they discovered a light coating of snow.

School board approved a trip to France and Spain for students in the Spanish and French clubs.

Eldon Birky and Richard Witteborg, Sauder Village craftsmen, work on construction of a sugar loaf wigwam as part of the Natives and Newcomers exhibit, according to a photograph.

MichaelJ.Bumb,Wauseon, was honored for Outstanding Community Leadership by the Ohio Educational Service Center Association, Nov. 11, in Columbus. Bumb is the county juvenile and probate judge.

Kathryn M. Short was appointed director of Fulton County Family Service of Northwest Ohio.

Tom Riegsecker, Delta, was elected a member of the Fulton County Agricultural Society, Nov. 9, to replace Walt Lange, who did not run for reelection.

Both sections of third grade traveled from their old classroom in the Pettisville elementary wing to new classrooms in the recently installed modular unit that stands behind the school building.

Deaths– Paul L. Meyer, 79, Goshen, Ind.; Maria S. Padron, 64, Bryan; Dorothy L. Clair, 91, Archbold; Elva M. Keim, 93, West Unity; Edythe W. Rupp 89, Wauseon

A $10,000 grant to the Black Swamp Arts Council was received Nov. 3. The council serves Fulton, Williams, and Defiance counties and has its office in Archbold.

Headline– Charles Dominique Tells AACC About Hospice Day Care Center In Archbold…. Miller Brothers Wins Rt. 66 Culvert Work Bid

Door-to-door salesmen left the village after police offi- cers asked them to register, Nov. 15.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Nov. 25, 1987

The Archbold Area School Board announced intentions to issue $5 million in notes yet this year. It is the first step by the board to finance construction of the new high school.

The Northwest Technical College Education Association has prepared a counter proposal for instructor salary increases.

Jodi Nofziger, daughter of Alvin and Florence and a member of Pettisville FFA Chapter, serves as state secretary of the association. She is the second member in the history of her chapter to hold a state office. Renee Nofziger, daughter of Rodney and Sandy, served as state treasurer in 1981.

The Ethel F. Grime home on Co. Rd. D, northwest of Archbold, was sold at public auction Saturday for $42,500 to Bernard and Lois Layman.

Tim, Tony, Phil, and Bill Rupp have purchased the stock and assets of Vernier McLaughlin Probeck Hardware Company, North Defi- ance Street.

The business will continue to operate as Vernier True Value Hardware. The second floor will be remodeled for furniture display.

Randy Rupp, Cincinnati, son of Ralph and June, Stryker, recently appeared in the lead role of “Kind Lady,” presented by the Tri- County Players.

Cub Scout badge awards went to Chris Volkman, Jacob Rupp, Joe Delaney, Mike Stamm, Austin Short, Eric Krebs, and Chris Snow.

Weblo athlete and citizen badges went to Joey Riley, Nick Tule, Jeremy Shirkey, Mark Stamm, Lance Miles, Adam Hildebrandt, and Linh Sayavong.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1962

Lyle Dean, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Graber, has won the Air Force outstanding citation at Colorado Springs, Colo.

Archbold merchants start the Christmas shopping season this week with many offerings and suggestions. Stores are tastefully decorated with displays of the holiday season.

Some residents were still mowing grass on Nov. 23.

There were snowflakes in the air Thanksgiving Day.

Interest has been expressed by the Northwestern Electric Cooperative to purchase the Stryker municipal light plant. Northwestern has offices in Bryan and distributes electricity to many rural areas in Northwestern Ohio.

The junior Sunday School class at the Methodist church collected $73.03 for UNICEF. The Catholic children collected $27.59.

A Christmas show, “Everywhere It’s Christmas,” will be presented by the Elmira Community Garden Club at the Elmira School, Sunday Dec. 8, and is open to the public.

Silver dollars will be given in change to customers as a novelty of the Archbold shopping season.

Beginning Friday night, Dec. 7, Archbold stores will be open nightly until Monday, Dec. 24, when they close at 6 pm.

Bob “Bucky” Fraas returns to college hardwood competition for the third year Saturday evening. This season he is co-captain of the Capital University Fighting Lutherans, who open the season against Franklin College.

Curt Heximer, Fayette, begins his final semester of basketball at Defiance College.

Jerry, son of Mrs. Wahneta Vonier, arrived home Monday evening on a 30- day leave from Army service near Ascom City, Korea.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Timber-covered bridges were covered only to protect the wooden underpinning from weathering and rot…. When you are 60, and friends call you senior citizen, you’ve had it…. Adults soon forget that not too long ago they were teenagers and were the problem children…. The New Frontier boys in Washington think we can solve all our national, state, and local problems with money.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Nov. 17, 1937

Joan Lytle and James Rupp have the lead parts in the junior class play, “Headed for Eden.” Other members of the cast are Myrl Miller, Glen Lauber, Ted Dimke, Robert Snowberger, Tom Polite, Jack Ruffer, Madalyn Taylor, Betty Vernier, Helen Hinderer, Ruth Rupp, Rozella Zigler, Lois Zigler, Dorthea Grime, Evelyn Clingaman.

Several hundred hunters in this community were in the fields and woods around Archbold, Monday noon, at the stroke of 12:00, to offi- cially open the hunting season in Ohio.

In Fulton County there were 446 aged persons taking state and national aid for the aged in September.

Gustav Fielitz, 45, of Stryker, was killed Monday morning at about 11:15 at the tile factory crossing on the New York Central Railroad, just west of Stryker.

Council asked New York Central officials to close the Lincoln Street crossing and open one at Franklin Street. On numerous occasions council has discussed an underpass.

C.F. Murbach, and A.J. Stamm, Archbold, and Roy Kline, Fayette, were involved in an auto collision at the John Grime corner, west of town.

Three Fulton County boys, Don Hollingshead, Kenneth Stamm, and Bill Gigax, appear in a photograph at the Fulton-Henry County line sign on Rt. 66, smiling to people of the territory on the other side as they come to Archbold to shop.

Merchants are preparing shelves and decorating stores for the coming Christmas season.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1912

If the Democratic county organization holds good, candidates for postmaster at Archbold will not be recognized without the endorsement of the township and county central committee.

Bring up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it, according to M.E. Mattern, superintendent.

An Archbold bank tried experimenting by paying out gold on a recent Saturday. Monday the yellow metal was coming back to the bank at a rapid rate. One man who had no other way to get rid of it went to the bank and asked for change.

It is evident Archbold people don’t want to use gold for money. Out west they want nothing else. Down east they want no silver larger than 50 cents. There is no accounting for tastes.

Have you noticed that men do not smoke as much in public as formerly? It is not because there are so many less smokers; it is because men have learned how to smoke.

To enjoy a cigar or pipe a man must sit quietly and do nothing but smoke, and smoke slowly. One cannot enjoy a hot pipe or cigar and certainly not walking along the street with the smoke blowing behind or into the nostrils.

The fellow who thinks he is not dressed up unless he has a cigar in his mouth, usually wears a rubber collar.

Ten days of doing chores down on the farm will cure a city man of a bad case of back-to-the-land fever.

The value of Archbold real estate has doubled in 10 years. It probably will double again in the next 10 years.

Mud and water spurted to the height of 125 feet for several hours on the Bennett farm near Wauseon, Saturday morning. A gas pocket was struck at a depth of 125 feet.

Friday, Nov. 22, 1912

Sam Schantz leaves his post as cashier of the bank to husk the corn on his farm. Aaron Roth attends the bank during his absence.

In Farmer Township, Williams County, they have school Saturday, but no school Mondays. They like it better. It gives the young folks a chance to catch up on sleep.

It is reported that the daughter of Sam Rupp is very ill of diphtheria at her home in Pandora.

Swanton citizens saw someone in the bank early in the morning. The alarm spread, citizens armed, the bank surrounded, telephone messages sent to Toledo for help. And when the bravest reached the bank they found John Carrighar, the vice president, in the bank playing solitaire. His alarm clock had got him up too early.

That the Panama Canal will be completed within the next 12 months is clearly indicated.

J. S. Fenstermaker has sold the bakery business to Frank Ehrat, who is to take possession Dec. 1.

There was a satisfactory attendance at the ice skating rink. There will be ice skating again Saturday night.

Merchants believe they have lost much trade from the west since the improvement on Stryker Street is in progress.

The bricks are laid on StrykerStreetpavementfrom the west end to the Methodist Evangelical Church, next to the high school.

The fellow who blows that whistle at five o’clock in the morning as though the world were on fire, ought to be compelled to be awakened an hour before time each morning.

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