Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2002

In terms of construction and finance, the Archbold Sports Complex is progressing well, with donations topping $1million.

Jeff Coressel, treasurer of the sports complex team, said by Monday, $1,069,000 had been collected. The goal is $2.6 million.

Leeann Thompson and Lauber Manufacturing Co. were honored with Quadco awards, Friday, Oct. 25, in Defiance.

Archbold Community Library Board members learned on Monday, Oct. 21, work is progressing on removing the decorative false chimneys from the roof of the library. Joyce Klingelsmith, library director, said the furnace vents have been rerouted, but no outside roof work has begun.

Raymond Schaffer, West Garfield Street, Swanton, has the largest white pine tree in Fulton County. It measures 93 inches in circumference, and is 82 feet tall.

Jennifer Yoder and Luke D. Yoder, AHS grads, are resident assistants at Goshen College. Timothy and Sarah are their parents.

Mary Beth Short, PHS ‘99, received the third annual Barnabas Servant Leadership Award. She believes service is a lifestyle, not something to do on occasion. Her parents are Larry and Elaine.

The Pettisville girls volleyball team won the district championship.

Headline– Danielle Wyse Named BBC Player of Year; Jodi Walker Dist. 7 Coach of Year

Danielle Rupp, Jordon Bruner, Tyson Snider, and Jamie Hamilton, Pettisville, competed in the state cross country meet.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1987

By a 79-vote margin, the $8 million bond issue for a new Archbold High School passed in the General Election, Tuesday.

Archbold resident Lynn Aschliman and Ridgeville resident and former Ridgeville Corners School Board member Don Kleck will take seats on the Archbold Area School Board.

They were the top two vote-getters in a five-way race for two seats in the Tuesday General Election.

Archbold municipal races were won by incumbents William Lovejoy, mayor, and Gladys Winzeler, clerktreasurer.

Once again, the proposed Northwest Ohio Regional Jail facility is without a home.

Seven months after Wauseon council first made a bid for the $15 million project, Wauseon residents asked the jail to move somewhere else.

Ruth Ann Nafziger, of the Nafziger Ice Cream Company, was recently elected secretary of the National Ice Cream Retailers Assn., Inc. Nafziger has served as treasurer the past year and was elected to the office of secretary at the 54th annual convention in Chicago.

One of the top-selling items at the Almeda Spoerle auction Saturday was a bear trap.

Cal Short, auctioneer, said the trap sold for $310. There were five or six bidders. Moose horn racks also sold well, at $30 and $40.

Main Video is a new business in Archbold, at 202 North Defiance Street.

Brooke Casey, 7, daughter of Mike and Julie, Archbold, captured four titles in a beauty pageant in Defiance, Oct. 24.

Deaths– Owen Nofzinger, 82, Archbold; Donald P. Otte, 52, Ridgeville Corners

Peter Alvarado, an AHS sophomore, heads to Columbus to compete at the state cross country meet.

Jody Blose has been elected co-captain of the women’s softball team at the University of Akron.

Paul J. Grime becomes an ordained minister of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, Nov. 8, at St. John Lutheran Church, south of Archbold.

Joyce Geiger and David Crossgrove, AHS seniors, were winners of the Century III leaders contest. Geiger was named winner and Crossgrove, runner-up.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, Nov. 7, 1962

Mrs. Denver N. Stuckey and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Harvey Grieser, made 11 gallons of apple butter in the old family kettle at the Stuckey home on Holland Street, one sunny day recently. The two have made apple butter together since the time their parents made apple butter together many years ago, in the same way. The kettle was given to Mrs. Stuckey’s mother by the latter’s father when she began housekeeping. The ladies usually make about 15 gallons, but the supply of apples and cider was in short supply at the time. A photograph captures the apple butter making, which appeared on the front page of the Buckeye.

A feather party will be held at St. Peter Catholic Church, in Archbold, Sunday evening, Nov. 11–adv.

The Marathon Oil Company Chorus of 60 members will present a concert, Tuesday, Nov.13, at Pettisville High School. It is sponsored by the Music Boosters Club.–adv.

Carl K. Brown, 64, Toledo, planned to stop at Dolly’s Drive-In restaurant, Wauseon, Saturday noon for lunch. His foot slipped, hit the accelerator and the car plowed 28 feet into the restaurant, scattering chairs, tables, dishes, food, and patrons.

The Junior Class of AHS will give their first stage play Thursday and Friday entitled “Night Of January.” Cast members: Joan Armstrong, Mary Ann Amstutz, Bonnie Nofziger, Carol Gisel, Daryl Beck, Mary Beth Walter, Brenda Lauber, Gil Short, Marilyn Reynolds, Jerry Thrasher, Roselyn Aschliman, Linda King.

Ben Roth fell and broke his left leg below the knee, Friday, while working for Kenneth Aschliman.

Yoder & Frey, Inc., Industrial Division, has the contract to sell at public auction, Dec. 3-4, the assets of the Edwin M. Knowles China Co., at Newell, W. Va.

John J. McRobbie, Jr., has been promoted to general sales manager of La Choy Food Products, according to Gordon E. Swaney, general manager.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Oct. 27, 1937

Marilyn Taylor and Bill Gigax, AHS seniors, have the lead roles in the senior stage play “Oh! Doctor!” It is directed by T.L. Parker, school principal. Other members of the cast are Harold Neuhauser, Maynard Short, Kathryn Hinderer, Burnell Crossgrove, Helen Clingaman, Lodema Nofzinger, Rachel Walter, Donna Marie Grime, Gayle Leavy, Beulah Cassidy, Gretchen Spoerle, Charles Dominique.

German Township led all other Fulton County rural districts and Archbold was third among the villages in the increase in valuation of taxation, according to M.E. Mattern, county clerk.

T.N. Stapleton, an FBI agent, will be the guest speaker at a regional meeting of the Ohio State Bar Association at Bryan, Friday, Dec. 10.

Two women clad in the habit of sisters of charity were soliciting alms from farmers in the vicinity of Archbold, Monday. They were quite successful and had accumulated quite a fund of chickens, cabbages, fruits, and vegetables.

At the election, Tuesday, Nov. 2, cast your vote for Willard G. Miller (Wid Miller) for trustee of German Township. Your support will be greatly appreciated.–adv.

Sixty-nine women attended the gas cooking demonstration sponsored by the Ohio Gas, Light & Coke Co., in the American Legion Hall, on Tuesday afternoon.

Russell Walter, H. J. Walter and sons Henry Jr., and Richard will leave today for a hunting trip to Batchwana Bay, Ontario.

Their stay is indefinite.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1912

All the Bulgarian section workers on the Lake Shore Railroad in Wauseon and Swanton cashed their paychecks in one group and left on one train to fight the Turks, who are at war with their country.

Wauseon council will pass an ordinance preventing the practice of hypnotism.

No need for such an ordinance in Archbold. The people of this town are not so easy.

Perhaps political oratory would not be so bad if there were some way of squelching the tiresome fellow that always butts in with a tedious lot of drivel that makes everybody want to go home.

The newspaper is more polite. If you want to read the political matter, no one can compel you to do so.

Lucius P. Taylor, a farmer of Winameg, visited his daughter Mrs. E. Harriott, Sunday. He is 95, very active and cut 170 shocks of corn this fall.

Uncle Lucius says he begins to feel his age especially when climbing up and down a ladder picking apples.

Colonel Theodore Roosevelt is at his home at Oyster Bay, N.Y., and is rapidly gaining health.

The bullet wound of the mad man is healing nicely. The doctors think best to let the bullet stay where it is. Roosevelt was shot nearly two weeks ago in Milwaukee, on Oct. 14.

According to press dispatches, the little Bulkan states are getting the best of the Turks in the war.

There are dwelling houses for sale in Archbold, but the prices are considerable in advance of a year ago. Which proves that the village is progressing at a rapid rate.

The Williams County Infi rmary is considered one of the best in Ohio, which is no argument for the present system of caring for the poor.

Friday, Nov. 1, 1912

At the businessmen’s meeting Squire Ruihley’s offi ce Tuesday evening, the following officers were elected:

H. Hirsch, president; August Ruihley, vice president; O.E. Lauber, secretary; Peter Rupp, treasurer; R. Rodenhuis, orderly sergeant.

“School Days,” a music and comedy show with 12 actors and actresses, will appear at the Opera House, Saturday, Nov. 9. The vaudeville acts with this show are first class. Admission 15¢ and 25¢.

The Swanton Band, with a group of speakers, came to Archbold in automobiles, Tuesday. The rain drove the band to shelter several times, but the speakers delivered short addresses from an auto on the main street.

The Archbold High School literary society gave a Halloween party at the new Town & Township Hall last evening. The hall was beautifully decorated with shocks of corn, pumpkins, and the school colors.

Five percent fewer marriage licenses were issued in Ohio this year than last. One percent more divorces. One marriage in five now gets to the divorce court.

German Township Trustees are rebuilding with slag the mile of road north of the Stamm Schoolhouse.

Efforts are underway to establish a booster club in Archbold. We had such a club at one time. It did not want much, just a machine shop. After getting what it wanted the members lost interest. Let’s hope a new club will be organized and that it will want more than a machine shop.

Election news will be received and read at the Town & Township Hall, Tuesday, the night of the election. Admission: 10¢. Proceeds to fresco the town hall.

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