Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Archbold and Sauder Village will host Chautauqua, the Ohio living history traveling show beginning Wednesday, July 10-13 for four days.

Kathy Link, Pettisville principal, has resigned and accepted a position with the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center. She was the third person to hold the Pettisville position since 1953, and only the sixth since 1931.

The board accepted the resignation of Deanna Beck, who served as part-time teacher of the Title I program.

Bob Seaman, Archbold engineer, said the Ditto- Stamm Street reconstruction is ahead of schedule.

Kyle Beck, 7, son of Duane and Jenny, was hospitalized at FCHC after he was bitten by a dog, Wednesday, June 26.

Deaths– Elmer H. Bockelman, 85, Napoleon; Frederick E. Stamm, 87, Archbold; Clela G. Nofziger, 89, West Hills, Calif.; Willard R. Opdycke, 85, Fayette

Archbold aerial truck No 101 pours water on the Wauseon Arcade building, which caught fire Friday morning, June 28. Seven departments were called to assist. Two persons died in the fire, according to a photograph.

Michael Hesterman, 6, watches Roger Shook, a Lions Club member, measure a fish Hesterman caught at the parks and recreation fishing derby Saturday, according to a photograph.

A unique event is planned at Sauder Village, Wednesday and Thursday, July 4, when a Baker Windmill, made in Napoleon about 1920, is set in place. Steve Sauder, director of facilities, said, “It will be an impressive sight to watch it go up. The windmill stands 50 feet and is one of the largest manufactured.”

Buddy Babcock tries to make his way to the top of the ear on a corn wall, part of the career and trade show at the state FFA convention.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, July 8, 1987

The controversial bicycle ordinance received its third reading and was adopted by council. The ordinance bans bicycles from downtown sidewalks, and also requires licensing.

Starting at 12:01 am, July 15, most drivers on Ohio rural interstate highways can legally travel at 65 mph. Speeds have been restricted to 55 mph, known as the double nickel, by federal law since 1974.

Construction crews at the new Bil-Jax, Inc., building in the Archbold Industrial Park started pouring the foundation Monday.

Lamont Yoder, a former resident and registered nurse at St. Vincent Hospital, Toledo, appeared on the hospital float in the Toledo Fourth of July sesquicentennial parade.

Deaths– Emma Croyle, 88, Wadsworth; Frederick Wahlers, 84, Defiance

Tony Stevens, 4-year-old son of Jim and Jane, netted 30 fish in one hour and won the 6-and-under category at Hamilton Lake, July 4.

Early in June, George C. Phillips became pastor of Archbold United Methodist Church.

Shirley Short, Pettisville Spanish teacher, and her husband, Walter, accompanied PHS juniors and seniors Wyn Roth, Shannon Ripke, Janessa Cobb, Brent Beck, Shawn Blosser, Danny Sauder, Ezzie Avina, Lori Nofziger, and two former students, Rita Schrock and Duane Beck, on a trip to Spain.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Of the 546,659 persons that make up the prison population in the United States, five percent are women…. “The strength of the country doesn’t come from New York and Los Angeles and Chicago only, it also comes from Shelton, Neb., population 1,040,” according to Charles Kuralt.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, July 11, 1962

The strike by employees of Bil-Jax, Inc., which started May 29, continues, and because of acts of violence and damage to the property, petition No. 14487 was filed by attorneys asking for an injunction with Donald C. Van Buren, Fulton County, common pleas court judge, July 6.

Strikers barricaded entrances to Bil-Jax, Inc., and barred employees from entering the premises. Property was damaged, and windows broken.

The petition asked for a temporary injunction to restrain pickets from “committing acts of violence, intimidation, coercion, threats, and assault.”

Charles W. Murphy got 52 bushels of wheat to the acre on eight acres. He believes this is the best wheat crop he ever harvested.

Mrs. Keith (Cherie) Short, a 1962 graduate of Defiance College, will teach English at Stryker High School next school year.

Stanley Buehrer has been employed as varsity basketball coach and industrial arts instructor at Stryker High School. He will succeed William Follas, who has accepted a position at Paulding.

Buehrer is attending University of Illinois and will receive a master’s degree in physical education this summer. He has taught at McComb, West Unity, and Archbold.

Joyce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grieser, graduated June 7 with a degree of civil engineering at the University of Toledo. She was the only woman to graduate in the class of 96 students.

Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Stotzer returned July 4 from a fourweek trip of the Northwest.

Jack Miller has been employed to teach English at Montpelier High School. He has been teaching and coaching at Summerfield High School, Petersburg, Mich., for two years.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Reaching for the stars is easy if you can match ambition with ability…. Hawaiians believe this about rain: When the heavens cry, the earth lives.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 30, 1937

H.F. Stotzer will give an address before the National Retail Hardware Assn., at the annual national convention in Los Angeles, July 12-15.

John Munro and Albert Rupp have been named by county auditor M.E. Mattern to reappraise real estate and buildings in Archbold. Emil D. Rupp and Clarence J. Grime have been selected to have charge of the same work in German Township.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam. Miller have sold the Cafe on the west side of North Defiance Street to Benjamin F. Coin. The new owners took possession Tuesday. The place is to be managed for the owner by S.E. Grime. Mr. and Mrs. Miller hope the public will continue patronage to the new firm. Mr. Miller has not decided what he will do.

Forty-five men assisted at the barn raising, Tuesday, on the Harvey Grieser farm, northeast of Archbold.

Otto Vonier has completed the foundation for his new home on North Defiance Street, on the lot he recently purchased from Ed. Rebeau. The home will be of modern design and a valuable improvement to this fine residential Archbold street.

Dr. L.W. Fraas has released a number of Fox squirrels and they are making dens in shade trees near the Archbold schools and along residential streets. Citizens are hereby notified that the squirrels are citizens’ pets and wards of the village and will be protected.–Theodore W. Dimke, mayor.–adv.

Robert E. Lee Inn announces its opening at 300 North Defiance Street, featuring extra large hamburgs at 5¢.–adv.

American men and money are being dumped into the gold refining industry in the Philippines. In all ages men have enjoyed a gold rush.

Weakening the last shrine of justice, the Supreme Court will not stabilize the public respect for the national government.

Social Security talk by the government has a long way to go to reach popularity.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, June 25, 1912

The Elmira and Burlington Band will give an ice cream social Thursday evening.

Some fellow tried to get even with the Bruns Bank at Stryker by breaking the big plate glass window.

Mr. Baer is building a 260- foot addition to the Archbold Greenhouse on Walnut Street. He cannot supply the demand for carnation flowers.

Someone has been throwing stones at houses and annoying old people living south of the Lake Shore Depot. They are watching for the mischief-maker.

The post office at Stryker was blown sometime Thursday night. About $100 cash, $50 in stamps, and $50 in postal savings stamps were stolen.

The robbery was not discovered until postmaster Louis came down in the morning.

No one heard the explosion. The robbers entered the building by the back window. Blankets were used to cover the safe when it exploded.

Local electric light wires were used to explode the charge.

The Bean Creek levee petition hearing by Eli Wyse and others is June 20.

If the levee is built 8 or 10 feet high across Section 33 of Franklin Township, the public roads must be graded to the same grade line as the dike.

The bridge past Menno Trout’s must be raised at least 10 feet higher than present as floods of this spring hit the bridge.

German Township is preparing to repair the Stryker road to meet the new Stryker Street proposed pavement at the corporation line.

Friday, June 28, 1912

Someone did considerable damage to Ernest Seifert’s property Wednesday night. Potato vines were pulled up, fruit trees broken, flowerbeds destroyed and the porch was smeared with filth.

There have been a number of complaints of crazy annoyances in that vicinity. It may be that some demented person is at large.

Miss Mattie Stuckey, a teacher at Hiram College, near Cleveland, is visiting friends around Archbold. Miss Mattie was the second of a family of 17 children of Peter Stuckey, formerly an Archbold cooper.

She helped raise the smaller children until she was 20, then began to earn her own education.

She has made two trips to Europe, taught school in Switzerland, and helped her younger brothers and sisters to an education. Mattie will attend college at Ann Arbor, Mich., this summer.

Ona Lantz received the best grade on the examination for rural mail carriers and is to be appointed to fill the vacancy made by the death of Peter Biery. Ona has been doing a lot of studying since he is mangrown and is able to write and converse intelligently upon many topics.

Hereafter, higher positions under the government are to be filled from the lower ranks, and passing an examination under the civil service is no small matter.

Jeff Rupp told the sheep buyer that his lambs had broken off their upper teeth eating corn.

The art of punctuation is lost. It was of use when public reading was considered an accomplishment. Now each person reads for himself, and excessive punctuation is a burden.

Emil Shibler has about $60 raised for the community band, but believes he has not the support and enthusiasm of other businessmen and dislikes to shoulder the whole matter himself.

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