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Mostly sunny

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, June 19, 2002

More than 50 churches in Northwest Ohio and Central Ohio have worked together to bring the first-ever Black Swamp Bazaar to Fulton County Fairgrounds, Friday and Saturday.

Luther Gautsche, chairman, said, “This is an unusual and unique event. It is meeting the local needs of Sunshine, Inc.”

Debbie Sauder David watches the unveiling of the historical marker honoring Erie J. Sauder, her grandfather, in a photo. Removing the marker cover is Myrl Sauder, one of Erie’s three sons, and Harold Plassman, longtime friend.

Brad Grime, councilman and chairman of the streets and sidewalks committee, said, “The village must go ahead with sidewalks from Short-Buehrer Road to Memorial Park on one side of Buehrer Street. We can’t go by the survey. The sidewalk is needed for the safety of those going to the park.”

Council agreed the downtown business area and North Defiance Street to Lutz Road cannot be done at the same time.

For Chad Nofziger, AHS ‘99, arm wrestling is a hobby, pasttime and way of life.

Jennifer Kidder, parks and recreation director, told park board, “It’s been hectic, but softball and baseball have started.”

The Ivan Weber Trust sold bare land, Saturday, June 8, along Co. Rd. 24 at public auction. Dale F. Rupp bought 46 acres for $3,400 per acre; Stuckey Bros. Construction bought 62 acres for $2,900 per acre; Douglas D. Rupp bought 41 acres for $1,850 per acre; parcels four and five, 79 acres, were sold to Smucker Family Farms for $475 per acre. Total selling price was $449,575.

Charles “Til” Schnitkey, a WWII veteran, was awarded a high school diploma. He was drafted into the Navy as a high school junior on June 30, 1943, in the midst of WWII.

Deaths–Cora J. Beaverson, 70, Wauseon; Lydia M. Bok, 80, Defiance; Marjorie H. Buehrer, 95, Archbold; Bernard D. Fether, 82, Fayette; Terry L. Nofziger, 56, Paoli, Ind.; Georgia C. Wyse, 93, West Unity

50th Wedding Anniversary– Harold and Phyllis Burkholder, July 4, 1952; Allen and Donna Gnagey, June 21, 1952

Luke Yoder, son of Tim and Sarah, is participating in the Goshen College Ministry Inquiry Program this summer.

Cool weather and windy conditions reduced attendance and lower gross receipts at the Pettisville Friendship Days Festival.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 24, 1987

The Village of Archbold projected budget for 1988 is over $6 million, about 4.7 percent over last year, according to Nolan Tuckerman, administrator.

The Northwest Technical College Association, representing the NWT faculty in negotiations with the college board of trustees, has broken off salary negotiations and requested a mediator.

Roger Harper, chairman of the association’s bargaining team, said at a June 17 meeting the college bargaining unit would not offer more than a cost-of-living increase.

Four 1987 Archbold High School graduates received scholarships from the Archbold Area Foundation: Mike Childs, Julie Kinsey, Kathy Krieger, Brad Roth.

Deaths–Irene I. Nofziger, 75, Wauseon; Russell M. Goebel, 69, Stryker; Louys Boucher, 79, Bryan; Ruby Neuenschwander, 86, York Township

Record levels of season ticket sales at Ruihley Park swimming pool attest to high June temperatures.

The 100th anniversary of Tedrow United Methodist Church is being celebrated with year-long festivities beginning this summer.

A 50th anniversary banquet was held Saturday evening, June 20, for the Buckeye Boys State alumni of Robinson-Gibbs Legion Post 265, Wauseon.

60th Anniversary– Ralph and Wilma Rupp; 50th Anniversary– Seymour and Marie Kuney; 40th Anniversary– Floyd and Verna Miller

Tom Collins, Ohio Division of Forestry, Department of Natural Resources, placed 10 traps outside Archbold to monitor gypsy moth movement, according to a photograph.

Chris Sauder, Stryker, was cited by Archbold police for traveling on a motorcycle at 104 mph in a 55 mph zone on South Defiance Street at Miller Ave.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, June 27, 1962

In spite of what the calendar says, school isn’t out for 270 youngsters. They are showing up at the classrooms of the Archbold schools each day, from Monday through Friday. Fifty-nine students are coming from outside the district.

Archbold summer school offers 15 high school and nine elementary courses. Seventeen teachers are on the summer faculty.

Gail, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gail McDaniel, earned a curved bar, the highest rank in girl scouting.

Hilltop Trailer Company, of Wauseon, has leased the Pet Milk building on Shoop Ave. The industry employs 18 persons making boat trailers and transports.

Neil, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Spengler, earned a Master’s in Education at the University of Indiana.

St. John’s Church of Christ, North Defiance Street, will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the dedication of its new church building with a note-burning ceremony, Sunday, July 1.

William G. Rupp, 403 Buckeye Street, underwent appendectomy surgery at Toledo Hospital, Tuesday morning. His wife, Melinda, is staying with her parents in Toledo while William is hospitalized.

Lynda Lee Mead, Miss America 1960, will crown Miss Top of Ohio, July 3 in Bryan. The beauty pageant at the high school is part of the Bryan Jubilee.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– If you want to get scorched, try to iron out family differences….Government has its hands in every pocket and fingers in every pie.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 16, 1937

G.Q. Morgan came to Archbold from Hicksville in March 1909, and was pharmacist for the C.W. Waldvogel Drug Store. He later bought the store on May 1, 1913.

County clerk Onweller reports during May, 184 new cars, 19 new trucks, and 315 used cars changed ownership in Fulton County.

Albert Schmucker, of Elmira, reports the loss of nine sheep killed and 12 sheep damaged by dogs on Friday night.

Recently, a dog killed 28 of Lavern Fankhauser’s chickens. Lavern saw the dog and shot at it. Although the dog fled, it was found dead in a country ditch.

Jimmy Raschel has been booked to bring his popular dance band to the Archbold Homecoming celebration, Aug. 11-12.

Two parties of about 14 persons used the two cook ovens at the east end of Ruihley Park over Memorial Day weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter DeVries are moving from Lansing to Washington, D.C., where he will work under Secretary Wallace.

They called at the G.Q. Morgan home to visit his brother, William DeVries and family, Sunday afternoon.

A.C. Fagley and E.W. Bernath had good luck fishing at Six Mile Creek near Defi- ance last Tuesday.

Guy Mignin has just completed remodeling his cottage at Cold Springs, Hamilton Lake, Ind.

A night lamp in the Stotzer building exploded and burned a sack as well as part of a bench board. Citizens happened to see it in time to prevent a serious fire.

Torturing his 700 wives was the favorite indoor sport of the Sultan of Morocco, who has just died.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, June 11, 1912

The Boxwell commencement exercises of German Township are Friday evening. There are five graduates: Sylvester Grime, Louis Britsch, Amelia Gerig, Emma Rueger, Herma Wyse.

Archbold could get up a doings as well as any other place if the businessmen thought it would pay.

Attractions are for hire all the way from Punch and Judy to an airship. Money and a promoter are needed.

Archbold is looking nicer right now than ever, and we are not ashamed to get people here.

One sees many ladies driving automobiles in the cities and in cross country tours. Yet, Archbold has but one lady often in evidence handling her own car with skill and ease.

Miss Anna Flory always has her car under perfect control, and anyone who sees her at the wheel feels confident she is able to handle the machine with ease and grace.

No doubt other Archbold ladies will take up the fad and enjoy the great outdoors.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Short, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Short and son Forest, and Miss Elsie Short took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Peter Short, near Pettisville.

George R. Whitehorne ran his automobile into some moving trucks in the street Friday evening. His machine will need repairs.

Jacob S. Buehrer is thinking of applying for a patent on his foolproof growlers bench. He has run a border of galvanized iron around the bench. If anyone whittles on his bench they will need a file.

Barney Oldfield passed through Archbold, Saturday on his way to Wauseon. He was driving his Benz automobile.

Friday, June 14, 1912

Waterworks is not such an impossible or expensive thing. There are plenty of towns smaller and poorer than Archbold that have satisfactory systems of waterworks and drainage that cost less than $20,000. There are several plants that are in successful operation. All we need is education upon the subject.

A man went into an Archbold harness shop and asked for a whip cracker. The harness maker left his work and spent five minutes showing the goods. The man finally selected a cracker and asked how much. He was told two for 5 cents or 3 cents each. The man said he would give only two cents and went away mad because he could not buy at his price. Being so small is a bad habit. Lost three times as much in time to both buyer and seller as the difference in price would amount to.

Fifteen businessmen have contributed $45 to the organization of a town band. We have the leaders, men, instruments and everything but uniforms and more money.

Mr. Weiderkehr, a member of the Stryker council, was inquiring how we go about getting streets paved in Archbold. They are thinking of giving Stryker an invigorator.

Getting married looks like lots of fun to those who have never tried it.

The Mission Festival of the Lutheran Church will be held in Klopfenstein’s Grove, Sunday, June 16. Several visiting clergymen are expected.

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