Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Archbold High School will graduate 100 seniors Sunday. Those graduating in the top 10 percent are Debra Armstrong, Erin Buehrer, Lindsay Burnett, Jenna Grime, Bonnie Milligan, Christian Roth, Logan Short, Erin Stopher, Stephen Wachtman, Lance Wyse, Emily Yoder.

Council took no action on a request for a liquor permit transfer from Oasis Car Mart, the former Party Shack, to Archbold Main Stop.

Pat Beck, Archbold, and Christopher Cullis, Bryan, were recognized for service to the Quadco Rehabilitation Center Non-Profit Board.

Rick Schantz, water treatment plant superintendent, said plant workers have the taste and odor problem under control.

Deaths– Georgia M. Rupp, 84, Wauseon; Doretta Tipton, 89, Archbold; Rochelle J. Wyse, 16, Goshen, Ind.

Tanker 106, the newest addition to the Archbold Fire Department fleet, is on the job, ready to carry 2,400 gallons of water directly to a rural fire scene. It cost $167,288, and was ordered last fall.

65th Wedding Anniversary– Kenneth and Mary Jane Juillard, June 12, 1937; 55th Wedding Anniversary– Wayne and Loveda Liechty, June 8, 1947

Jada Sonnenberg and Davis Lammers blow bubbles during the track and field events at Ridgeville Corners, Monday, according to a photograph.

Justin Crites broke his own school record when he won the 3200 at the Div. II district meet.

Headline– Young, King Head To State Track Meet

Council approved reconstruction of Lugbill and Myers Roads. Estimated cost is $559,008. Miller Brothers Construction has the contract.

Cecily Rohrs, founder of Archbold Friendship House, tells Pettisville second grade students how they will spend the money they donated to the house.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 10, 1987

When Bud Hitt and Wes Eash talk about their work in prison and jail ministries, some things are quickly learned. The first lesson is how absolutely committed they are to what they are doing.

William G. Rupp filed a petition for election to the Archbold Area School Board, June 5. William Lovejoy, incumbent mayor, filed a petition for the mayor post, Tuesday morning.

The Archbold Area School Board is continuing to explore alternative sites for a new high school, said Virgil Miller, board president.

Tuition is going up $2 per credit hour at Northwest Technical College and fulltime students will see an increase from $24 to $30 an hour in college expenses.

Deaths– Annabelle Richards, 64, Stryker; Fannie Richardson, 80, Stryker

Ross D. Miller, son of Lawrence and Marjora, graduated in medicine as a special student at the Wright State University School of Medicine, Dayton, June 12.

50th Anniversary– Willard and Marie Short; De- Witt and Dorothy Hartman

Lee Genter, son of Wilfred and Norma, Ridgeville Corners, has been called to Grace Lutheran Church, Fayette, Iowa.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– The day after graduation is the day you stop being taught and start to learn…. Stefan Milenkovic, a 10-year-old Yugoslav child prodigy accompanied by his mother, has given 424 violin recitals and will appear in the US, July 16, at the Newport Music Festival.

Three persons resigned school positions: Michael Walker, high school teacher; Martha Sullivan, elementary teacher, and Ada Schrock, bus driver.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, June 13, 1962

Lucille Roth has been named administrator of Fairlawn Haven, Inc. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Roth, Archbold, and has many years of experience in nursing and hospital administration. She was administrator at Heller Hospital, Napoleon, for the past nine years.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rychener and 22-month-old Tracy Jo, and Mr. and Mrs. Elden Roth, Carl 12, and Rollin 11, left Sunday afternoon to make their home in the Hawaiian Islands.

Marcia Wyse, a former student at AHS, was valedictorian of her 56-member graduating class at Wickenburg High School, Wickenburg, Ariz. She is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvanus Lugbill and Mr. and Mrs. Joe S. Wyse.

The strike instituted by about 25 of Bil-Jax, Inc., employees continues and is now in its third week with no settlement in sight. They are demanding higher wages and other benefits. This is the first strike in Archbold’s long history as an industrial agricultural village.

Two graduate at Taylor University: Patricia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rufenacht; Roger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Roth.

April sales of Ohio retailers were up sharply over the same month in 1961.

Elmira and vicinity was deluged with a three-inch rainfall Monday afternoon. Fields were covered with water.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Remember when some slicker asked “a penny for your thoughts?” Now psychiatrists charge $25 an hour to extract the information…. We have an oversupply of guided missiles. What we need are guided leaders…. Togetherness is encouraged in many families if they own but one vehicle…. Average production of an oil well in the United States is 12 barrels a day.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 2, 1937

The T&I Railroad at Stryker was closed and O.J. Collins, who has been in charge since the office was opened, has been given a 60- day leave of absence.

Lawrence Ringenberg, an AHS grad, is graduating from BGSU and has been appointed graduate assistant for the year beginning Oct, 1, at Ohio State University.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ringenberg, southwest of Archbold.

Terms of township clerks and trustees have been extended from two to four years in Ohio.

Ruihley Park started its busy season over the weekend with several large reunions, as well as evening picnics.

Mrs. E.A. Murbach and Miss Emmagene Vernier will leave Saturday for Culver, Ind., to spend several days with William Murbach at the Culver Military Academy. They will attend the commencement exercises Wednesday when William will graduate from the high school.

Miss Virile Neuhauser was one of 11 girls to graduate from the school of nursing at Flower Hospital, Friday evening in Toledo.

Ralph, son of Mr. P.C. Short, has been attending college at Ohio State University, studying accounting. He is a member of the Beta Alpha Fraternity.

J.L. Weisenfelder is chairman of the 1937 Homecoming Celebration. Other offi cers are John G. Miller, vice president; A.C. Fagley, secretary; mayor Theodore W. Dimke, treasurer.

Vacation Bible School in the Reformed Church opened Tuesday with enrollment of 35. The school will last three weeks. Teachers are Rev. and Mrs. Klaudt, Misses Osee Buehrer and Esther Bock.

100 Years Ago
Tuesday, May 28, 1912

Sam Miller says his dog is not at Jacob Rupp’s farm, east of town, and Mrs. Rupp knows nothing about it.

He says a Mr. Grime boosted the dog on a wagon going east. The dog jumped off near where Mrs. Beech was resting; the woman is walking from New York City to Chicago and eating only raw foods.

Section railroad workers are ready to testify they saw the man put the dog in Mrs. Beech’s auto that is following her. Sam Miller knows they stole Mushie.

Delta council is passing a milk inspection ordinance to protect the public from drinking contaminated milk.

German people like to get their amusement through their mouths and ears. They like to eat, drink, and hear singing and sermons. East Coast Yankees want their amusement through their eyes. Hence the theatre, moving picture shows and travel. The only difference is a matter of choice.

Wauseon newspapers estimate the crowd that came to hear President Taft deliver a speech at 1,000 to 5,000. Some chance there for variation.

Frank Stebbin’s hip roof barn in Chesterfield Township was struck by lightning and would have burned to the ground except for quick help from the neighbors. It had just recently been furnished with lightning rods.

All kinds of tourists and travelers and walkers are now on the road. Some have money and some have none. There was a fresh young man in town Saturday who claimed to be crossing the continent on a bicycle.

It now takes about 15 tubs of ice cream to do Archbold over Sunday. Would it not pay some young, ambitious man to start an ice cream foundry?

Friday, May 31, 1912

Unless there is more interest developed than at present, it is safe to predict Archbold will have no celebrations, homecoming, or street doings this summer.

Businessmen don’t seem to demand any. In some towns such gatherings are considered great trade inducements.

Some citizens think the fire bell cannot be heard from the new Town & Township Hall, but it sounds startling enough from the Opera House corner where this newspaper is produced.

Mrs. Beech walked into the City Hall at Chicago Tuesday, finishing her 1,070-mile walk on raw foods. She lost 104 pounds. Mrs. Beech is said to be the wife of a wealthy New York businessman.

She believes meat is not only unnecessary but harmful to mankind and wishes to demonstrate the fact by her walk.

Frank Rolland put down a new water well for Scott Baltosser last week.

Farmers are busy planting corn in this vicinity.

Unmarried women are being imported from Scotland and Ireland to become wives of western farmers and miners. American girls don’t want to marry poor men.

If all the boys and girls that attended school in Archbold had stayed here to raise their families, our village would be a city by this time.

Leather has taken another jump in price. Expect to pay more for shoes and harnesses.

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