Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2002

By consensus, the Archbold School Board decided to remain closed to students from outside the school district.

Members of the AHS Chapter of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America brought special goggles to the school board meeting to demonstrate how the goggles simulate a state of intoxication. “Everyone ought to experience that,” said Ken Cline, superintendent.

Tim Yoder, a board member, successfully dribbled and passed a basketball, but had difficulty picking up a set of car keys from the floor.

High winds over the weekend, with gusts reportedly as high as 75 miles per hour, were responsible for water damage at the Archbold Middle School.

Archbold municipal income tax collection topped $1 million at the end of February. That’s up 3.76% over a year ago.

Deaths– Leola M. Suter, 95, Archbold; Wayne B. Shaffer, 77, Bryan; Charlene M. Lantz, 70, Archbold; Anna M. Wyse, 97, Archbold; Everett P. Crawford, 35, Napoleon; Ivan J. Weber, 88, Archbold

Travis Leatherman is part of the Goshen College Chamber Choir.

Stephen Switzer, Pettisville superintendent, and Jason Waldvogel, elementary principal, took part in the Harvard Seminar on Public Engagement at Cambridge, Mass., March 7-8.

Ruth Dinius represented Ohio 4-H at a National Conversation on Youth Development in the 21st Century, in Washington, D.C., Feb. 27 to March 3.

A Fulton County tradition that has lasted 38 years offi cially comes to a close Monday, April 1, when Ben Reed county coroner, retires.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Mar. 18, 1987

Council received a resolution from West Unity Council opposing the Tiffin River project.

Kevin Kreiner took second place at the state wrestling tournament last weekend.

Evelyn Nafziger binds the Starburst quilt made by the Fairlawn Auxiliary women for the 22nd auction the first weekend in April.

McDonald’s Corp., has received a building permit for construction of a new commercial building at 1600 South Defiance Street.

Deaths– Bertha Grieser, 83, Archbold; Mary G. Schrock, 68, Archbold; Cleva Jesse, 60, Ney; Walter Meyer, 55, Napoleon

Orrin R. Taylor gave the history of Commercial Club to members Monday noon.

Top math honors of the Maumee Valley Chapter of Society of Professional Engineers are Kathy Beck, Joyce Geiger, Matt Stamm, Brian Koczor.

Mike Childs, Katrina Merillat, Emily Rupp, and Jill Schnitkey were named NWOAL scholar athletes.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Mar. 21, 1962

Pete Seiler and Larry Holland received special recognition by the Athletic Booster Club for being members of the all-state football team. Also in the photograph are E.R. Murbach, Chalmers Bump Elliot, Michael Walker.

Richard L. Olden and Edwin Gerken have acquired the “2NL Soft Water Service” business owned by Maurice Frey, Wauseon.

Ellyn G. Lauber received a doctorate of philosophy degree at Ohio State University, Friday. She is a teacher at Wisconsin University, Eau Claire.

Thirty whistling swan landed in the flood zone on the Glen A. Roth farm west of Darby’s Corner, Friday morning.

Nearly 400 exhibitors will display science projects at the Greater Ohio Science Fair in Archbold, March 30-31.

One of three nationwide conferences for the training of summer Bible school teachers will be held at the Central Mennonite Church near Archbold, March 31-April 1.

Frank Swisher, a lapidarist, spoke at Rotary Club, Friday noon.

Fayette Manufacturing Company recently received a $641,815.44 contract to build 1/4-ton two-wheel cargo trailers for the U.S. Army Ordinance Tank Automotive Command, Detroit.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Robert M. Taft, U.S. senator, had a simple, but complete, solution for too much government: cut everything…. People who think only of security should consider there is always free cheese in a mousetrap…. People living today who worried about Haley’s Comet, that appeared in 1910, will not be here to care what happens when it makes its next appearance in 1986.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Mar. 10, 1937

Bids were opened March 5 for the new Franklin Township centralized school building at Zone. It is estimated to cost about $50,000. Members of the school board are John Winzeler, president; Roux Stemen, vice president; L.A. Stevens, clerk; Charles Bretthauer, and Cecil Frank. There were ten bids for general construction.

Everett Miller, Pettisville, donated a pair of trousers to the stricken flood victims in Southern Ohio. He put his name and address in a pocket. Recently he received notice his donation was given to a boy named Everett Miller, living at Miller, Ohio.

Earthquake tremors were felt in Archbold early Tuesday morning, and were felt all the way to Canada. It awakened citizens about 12:45 am and lasted five minutes.

Lloyd Myers sold a steer at Lugbill Livestock Auction Thursday. Myers said he fed the steer for 140 days and it gained 500 pounds.

Williams County officers have ordered all pinball machines and gambling devices removed.

Two young men in Uniontown, Pa., are working on a new kind of steel rail, which can be joined to eliminate the clatter of train wheels passing over the rails.

A meeting in the Town & Township Hall will begin planning of the 1937 Homecoming celebration. It’s desirable to start plans early so they don’t conflict with neighboring town celebrations.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, March 12, 1912

According to the census report, one fourth of the farms in Fulton County are rented, or 24.8 percent. In Williams County, 27 percent are rented, and in Henry County, 28.9 percent.

The Fulton County soldiers relief fund is overdrawn $700.

Mr. Rodenhuis, of the electric light plant, is willing to go into partnership with the village on a proposition to erect a large tank for the use of the plant and the use of the corporation for fire protection. Such a tank will be a salvation in case of a big fire in the wintertime. Talk it over.

J.A. Weiderkehr bought 11 acres of R. Kutzli, 1 1/2 miles north of Pettisville for $2,500. He intends to move there next year.

Ezra Short and Mary Wyse were married at the residence of C.J. Wyse, Tuesday afternoon, March 5.

Archbold relatives received a telegram stating that Franklin Gigax, son of Ed., is very ill at Phoenix, Ariz.

It is reported that captain Scott, an Englishman, reached the South Pole on Christmas Day.

Swanton has neither a hotel nor a lockup and does not miss either.

The merchant who says, “These goods are cheaper because they are not advertised,” will spoil his sale nine times out of ten. The customer will at once think there is something wrong with the goods if they are not worth advertising.

Friday, March 15, 1912

The streetlights are out at Van Wert. The company’s franchise expired and the council refused to pay for the last two month’s service. So the citizens carry lanterns.

President Taft went through Archbold about six o’clock Saturday morning on the Twentieth Century Limited. He was on his way from Toledo to Chicago.

While Sam Schlatter was away Monday, the straw stack on his farm tipped over on a critter and a hog. Neighbors came and helped uncover both animals, which were alive.

The Bulgarian named Mike Gacni was found guilty of murdering Charles Heer, of Stryker, by a jury at Hamilton, Mont. Heer was murdered for his money near Missouli, Mont., on Aug. 27, 1911.

While making a coupling on the T&I freight, near Archbold, Tuesday, conductor George Murray, of Stryker, crushed his left hand between the bumpers.

Buffalo Bill is preparing to make one more farewell tour of the country next summer. It may be his last.

Archbold has seven churches and only six church bells. When asked about the odd church, a member said they don’t need to put a bell on his church as they are not afraid it will get lost.

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