Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2002

School board discussed opening the schools to students from outside the district through an open enrollment plan. Ken Cline, district superintendent, said Archbold is the only district in the four-county area that does not accept open enrollment students.

For the first time in the history of Northwest State Community College, spring enrollment is larger than that of the fall. Enrollment is up 26 percent over the fall of 2001.

School board approved a three-payment plan for the district’s share of a new fi- ber-optic communications system.

Losing Fulton County was a little like giving up a child, Marcy Kaptur, U.S. representative (D-Toledo) said Jan. 31.

The Tiffin River Scenic and Historic Association contributed $500 to the Friends of Goll Homestead. Their ultimate goal is saving the house and barn that make up the original Goll Family homestead.

Deaths– Lester J. Frey, 73, Archbold; Hilda Peterson, 87, Archbold; Claude L. Flory, 83, Pioneer; Russell Wyse, 79, Archbold

The ice storm of Jan. 31 weighed down power lines, broke tree branches, and, in some cases, brought down entire old trees.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Leonard and Lorna Miller, Jan. 27, 1952; 60th Wedding Anniversary– Dale and Vieanna Fielitz, Feb. 22, 1942

Brian Geringer, son of David and LaVerne, Pettisville, won second place in the Tri- State University mathematics competition, Jan. 30.

Melissa Beck, daughter of Neal and Julie, will tour with the Eastern Mennonite University music group in early March. They will perform in six states.

Headline– AHS Wrestlers Finish Runner-Up In League Championship

Mitchel Bucholz and Dylan Lantz stand beside the tower of building blocks they constructed during the 100-day school celebration, according to a photograph

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 1987

The Jaycees received the approval of the village council to hold a five-kilometer race, to be staged on the streets of Archbold.

Fulton County Radiothon surpassed the goal for the 13th annual fundraiser by $1,000. It collected $20,715.85.

It will be a while longer before Woodland Oaks II residents will get streetlights, whether the lights are underground or above ground.

Council is ready to try an experiment that will hopefully solve the flooding problem in the Miller-DeGroff subdivision area.

The demolition of an old building in Ridgeville Corners and the possibility of sending out a school questionnaire were discussed at a meeting in Ridgeville Corners, Feb. 11.

Rob Tobe, Ft. Jennings, is the new owner of Rod’s Auto Pro, 107 North Defi- ance Street. The business is operating under the name Archbold Auto Supply.

Deaths– Emilie Kohv, 83, Archbold; Susie Roth, 80, Wauseon; R. Lorne Fiser, 77, Fayette; Herman Basselman, 86, Deshler

Doug Short, son of Verle and Marie, will compete in the Knights of Columbus Regional Free Throw Competition in Fostoria, Feb. 28.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor– Would Burgville be a good name for a village or hamlet?… Do you believe that seat belt requirements challenge your freedom?… The definition of the word epistemology means the

study or theory of the origin of methods, and limits of knowledge.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1962

Approximately 150 committeemen braved the Monday night ice storm to attend the second report meeting of the current $300,000 campaign to construct Fairlawn Haven.

Leaders of the campaign appear in a photograph: Harry W. Stein, campaign director; John L. Short, chairman of planning committee; P.L. Frey, pastor, Zion Mennonite; Robert G. Diller, pastor, Upper Sandusky; Olen L. Britsch, cochairman; Erie J. Sauder, chairman; A.C. Fischer, mayor; Alvin J. Stamm, C.F. Murbach, Owen Rice, Orrin R. Taylor, Ellis B. Croyle, assistant pastor, Zion Mennonite.

The Business and Professional Women’s Club sponsored a variety program at the high school auditorium to raise funds for Fairlawn Haven. They netted $945.84 toward the campaign.

William Day, state editor, Toledo Blade, will be guest speaker at the Monday Noontide Luncheon of the Community Commercial Club. Gordon Swaney arranged the program.

Each year the Quadri- County Science Fair, at Archbold, serves an exotic food to exhibitors and guests. This year the delicacy is sea urchin paste on a cracker.

The Archbold Athletic Booster Club will show a full-length movie of an Ohio State basketball game in the Club Room above the Peoples State Bank Co., according to Dale Leu, president.

William Flory, Archbold, was named migrant missionary and William Tijerina, Stryker, assistant, at a meeting of the Fulton County Migrant Association, Feb. 13, at the Evangelical Mennonite Church.

Michael Desmond, Archbold, was named a trustee of the Ohio Highway and Turnpike Association for two years.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1937

Foster Woodruff and Frank Rosendaul were sentenced to 30 days in the Bryan jail for having loco weed in their possession.

The weed is a narcotic that is smoked like tobacco and makes men temporarily insane.

George Nolan, of Lyons, thought he would run away from home and see the wide, wide world. The marshal questioned him among the hoboes in the catacombs below the Archbold Town & Township Hall, and Mr. C. F. Grime thought it best to have such a young lad in the care of county officers.

The sheriff returned him to his parents. The lad was hungry and cold and glad to have someone take an interest in him.

Collections were taken Sunday for flood victims along the Ohio River at the Central, Clinton, and Lockport Mennonite churches. Besides bedding and clothing, the collection from the three congregations summed $855, which was passed to the victims of the great disaster.

Pettisville schools collected $67 in cash and a truckload of supplies, which have been forwarded through the Red Cross.

Orrin R. Taylor was elected president of the Buckeye Press Association at the annual meeting in Columbus, Friday.

The quilt of Mrs. Peter Kluepfel was given first prize at the Farmers’ Institute display at Perrysburg. Nearly 1,000 persons attended.

Because of the thousands of workers idled by the General Motors strike, retail trade at Flint, Mich., is at a standstill. The loss to workmen and tradesmen is beyond estimation.

After researching records at the office of Probate Judge A.M. Barber, in Wauseon, discovered 174 marriage licenses

were issued in 1936, exactly the same number as in 1935.

Clyde Onweller, county clerk, reports 142 new cars were sold by Fulton County dealers in January, compared to 126 a year ago.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1912

They are taking out the big steam engine at the electric light plant and putting in an oil engine.

Several parties have driven from near Wauseon to get butter from an Archbold cow. Considering the fancy prices people are so anxious to pay for clean butter made from healthy, scientificallyfed cows, it is a wonder more do not study the art.

George A. Leu, of Franklin Township, was transacting business in Archbold last Friday.

They are organizing and electing officers to take charge of the agricultural extension school to be held at Delta. The College of Agriculture, of Columbus, will furnish the teachers. The state will pay most of the bill.

One of the first things William Wyse did in Fayette was to get into public debate about the parcel post system.

Why do Rexall medicines lead? Because they cure or else the Red Cross Drug Store refunds your money. And don’t be backward about telling it.–adv.

The following were guests of Gustave Stamm, Sunday evening: T.N. Yedica and family, Solomon Short and family, Peter Stuckey and family.

A man who will accept a county office more than two terms certainly is not overly modest. If a county office is a good thing pass it around. There is such a thing as holding an office too long.

Raspberries, strawberries, and cherries were unknown in England until the time of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth.

Friday, Feb. 16, 1912

Remember the administrator’s sale by August Ruihley, tomorrow at 1 pm, at the Brewery Building in Archbold. Lot 35 is the brewery lot and building. Lot 36 is the Walder residence. Here is a chance to buy valuable property.

G.J. Vernier and George Roedell have purchased the stock and business of Dimke & Roether to take possession March 1.

A good number of young people attended a Leap Year Dance at Stryker, Wednesday evening.

Fayette’s dream of being a college town is over. The old normal school building is being torn down. Several new cottages are to be erected from the old ingredients.

After a long, hard winter comes a season of good health and big crops, say the old settlers.

Candidates for county offi ces are practicing their sweetest smiles.

Good time to buy furniture at big discount,–Rowe & Rupp Co.–adv.

An operation was performed upon a chicken to recover a $300 diamond, which it swallowed. The operation was a failure from the chicken’s viewpoint.

In spite of the weatherman, we refuse to believe that winter really has arrived, until we read about the chump who skated on thin ice.

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