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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 25, 1997

In a featured Christmas article, four local ministers recall memorable Christmases: Wayne Pipkin, Central Mennonite Church, Archbold; John Horning, Pettisville Missionary Church; Steve Schick, St. Martin ‘s Lutheran Church, Archbold; Bert Gaines, Kingdom Life Christian Center, Stryker.

Archie D. Stamm was named vice president and senior credit officer of Central Bank, N.A., Sylvania.

Michael Gaines has joined Bil-Jax, Inc., as vice-president of manufacturing.

Stephen Buehrer, Delta, grandson of Herb and Lucille Buehrer, completed requirements for admission to the Ohio Bar.

Michelle Kinsey, middle school teacher, was granted maternity leave.

Deaths- Esta E. Eicher, 93, Stryker; Arthur Klopfenstein, 91, Wauseon; Judy L. Singer, 54, Defiance; Philip E. Wyse, 40, Stryker

50th Anniversary- Stanley and Marthella Frey, Dec. 25

Margaret Nofziger celebrated her 100th birthday, Thursday, Dec. 18, at Fairlawn Haven.

New National Honor Society Members at Archbold High School are Sarah Lawrence, Kacy Stevens, Mindy Rupp, Laura Krauss, Sarah Timmes, Kristi Bloomer, Betsy Case, Tricia Short, Angela Wyse, Beth Yoder, Amy Meyer, Jennifer Short, Tad Aschliman, Brian Rufenacht, John Wachtmann, Mitchell Gerig, Eric Rohrs, Ryan Hoverman, and Tim Armstrong.

Michael Nehls, former pastor of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church for several years, visited the Archbold Buckeye with Zeno Miller the afternoon of Dec. 17. Nehls and his wife, Ivy, make their home in west Toledo. He is director of a Lutheran Foundation for retirement facilities and nursing homes.

Chuck Rychener, mayor, supports a council plan to aid the village retail sector with streetscape and beautification in the business district.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1982

The Archbold employment picture was good, with 2,500 employed. This was far better than the county, state, or national figures. Archbold has 3,300 citizens and over twothirds were employed by local industry.

Sterling King published

The Toledo and Indiana Railway,” and Carol Storrer and Vicki Hesterman co-authored

Walking Home,” the story of Carol’s illness and recovery.

Fulton Co. Rd. 24 between Co. Rds. J and H was closed yesterday morning due to flooding of the Tiffin River.

Headline- Orval (Jay) Beck Elected First National Bank Director, Dale Rufenacht Retires

Billy Sunday, the world-famous evangelist, preached his last sermon Oct. 27, 1935, and died Nov. 4, 1935.

Reserve team cheerleaders are Carol Thieroff, Liz Crossgrove, Marsha Lantz, Anita Stuckey, Kris Bostleman, and April Trejo.

Raynaldo J. De Leon, Jr., has been promoted in the Army to specialist four.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- Count your blessings. In ancient Rome only half the population lived to the age of 22…. If major diseases of advanced life were curable, the average person would live to about 90, according to some scientists…. It’s comforting to know that “home is where you can scratch anything that itches.”

Deaths- Mabel E. Foor, 77, Evansport; Lloyd B. Tuckerman, 71, Delta

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 25, 1957

Headlines: Evangelical Mennonite Churches Open New Office in Archbold; Spend Over Million For New Construction In Archbold Village; Village Spends Over $400,000 On Waterworks Expansion And Swimming Pool; Industries Enlarge Facilities; New Business Buildings

Harold Schroeder, Ridgeville Corners, member of Andy’s Place bowling team and rolling in the Greenhorn League at Archbold Bowling, Inc., almost rolled 300, a perfect score, Wednesday evening.

The Blue Streaks dropped an exciting overtime game to the Swanton Bulldogs by a score of 70 to 67 at the Archbold gym, Friday evening.

Front page picture caption- Lugbill Bros. Present Service Awards: In the above picture are recipients of service pins at Lugbill Bros., Inc., annual Christmas dinner, held Tuesday evening in the State Dining Room. Standing, left to right: Raymond Myers, Herman Short, Dale Short, Richard Ringenberg. Seated: Denver Stuckey and Sylvanus Lugbill.

Ridgeville Corners High School won from Stryker High at Ridgeville, Friday evening, 72 to 63. This was Stryker’s second basketball defeat this year. Friday evening, Dec. 13, Ridgeville defeated Pettisville at Ridgeville, 81 to 41.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Dec. 28, 1932

H. E. Nofziger, Elmira, has been chosen to fill the term of Emil D. Rupp as trustee of German Township. Emil was elected to the board of Fulton County Commissioners.

The Village of Stryker plans to start operating its new municipal power plant Jan.2.

Henry Lovejoy has purchased the poolroom from Max Scanlon, taking possession Dec. 24. Mr. Scanlon operated the poolroom in the Gype building a short time and plans to return to Toledo to reside.

John P. Rupp was appointed clerk by the trustees of Franklin Township.

The hours that William Beck is on duty at the Archbold NYC crossing were changed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In Hicksville, a sign of business improvement is noted in the recent large orders received by the Crook & Son and Miller Manufacturing Co., makers of implement handles. Both have enough orders to keep them busy fulltime for several weeks.

Miss Margaret Le Hand, having been confidential secretary to Franklin D. Roosevelt during his term as governor of New York and his presidential campaign, knows a lot of secrets and inside stories. But like all good secretaries, she does not tell them.

If a “Buy At Home” policy is good for us to adopt as a nation, all of us might profit by applying it to our own community.

It would be impossible to misrepresent the horrors of the chain gang as practiced in some of the Southern states, which is just a scheme to get around the anti-slavery clause in the U.S. Constitution.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 1907

The Boyer Bridge across Bean Creek floated away Saturday. Bean Creek has burst its banks and over-flooded neighboring fields.

POULTRY WANTED, Tuesday and Wednesday. Bring in forenoon if possible.- Peter Eicher- adv.

When tired out, go home. When you want fun, go home. When you want to show others that you have reformed, go home and let your family get acquainted with the fact. When you want to show yourself at your best, go home and practice on your wife and children. When you want to shine with extra brilliancy go home and light up the whole household.

When you take cold easily it is a sure sign of a catarrhal condition of the lungs, mouth, and nose. The only medicine known that is guaranteed to drive catarrhal poison from the system is Po-te-qua.- Red Cross Drug Store- adv.

Charles Grime, Jr., bought the south end of the old Hotel Vernier building, at present owned by the Farmers & Merchants State Bank, for $1,700. He will occupy it as a barbershop when the bank moves in March.

The holiday trade has been a surprise to Archbold merchants. The amount of valuable goods sold went far beyond the expectations of the businessmen.

The steam dredge that has been over a year digging the Bean Creek improvement has completed its labors.

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