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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 13, 1997

Headlines- Short Won’t Seek Reelection To Archbold School Board; Administrator Wage Hikes Were Inappropriate, Short Says… Zieglers Attend National Scout Event In Virginia; Donovan Shakes President’s Hand

Administrators in the Pettisville Local School District will receive four percent wage increases.

Don Buehrer shows giant toadstools in the west side yard at Fairlawn Haven in a photograph.

There wasn’t really a leak at the water treatment plant. But there was a problem, said Dennis Howell, plant superintendent.

Jodi Stuckey will move her insurance office to 224 North Defiance Street and East Holland Street.

Deaths- Jerry E. Fitch, 34, Napoleon; Donald I. Potter, 55, Fayette; Eugene Ruffer, 71, Stryker

A portable toilet stolen from the new elementary school construction site turned up at a residence on Co. Rd. E.

50th Anniversary- Robert and Rutheda Short, Aug. 24

Scott T. Rupp has joined Investment Management & Research, Inc.

Headline- Baden, Forward Win State Titles

Kathy Link, Pettisville High School principal, and Nancy Roth, elementary school principal, say their areas of the school are nearly ready for classes to begin Aug. 25.

Bill Boyer, who lives on Henry Co. Rd. U, has an erosion problem on his property and he doesn’t think mother nature is totally to blame.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 18, 1982

Basketball tickets for Archbold home games are as valuable as gold. Some fans consider them more valuable.

If the village chooses to administer its own health and life insurance program, it could possibly save the town $9,000 per year.

Richard Purdy, new police chief, keeps in contact with his men in the field by police radio. Purdy has been with the department 15 years.

Nicole Aschliman prepares to start a swim race, according to a photograph.

David, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Baumgartner, is working in Syria since March 1 on permanent assignment as an accountant for Mobil Oil Corporation.

Graduates- Cheryl Ann Clair and David Garland Mann, BGSU.

Tom Nofziger, formerly of Archbold, recently joined the ministry staff of Christian Retreat, Bradenton, Fla.

James Kunkle and Lila stepped into the winner’s circle at the Ohio State Fair Saturday with a first place in showmanship.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor – A farmer came into the Buckeye office recently and said it has gotten so quiet around his place that all he can do is sit and listen to his notes come due…. Nero, emperor of Rome, fiddled while Rome burned. He was a redhead…. The U.S. has a national debt of about $1 trillion.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 14, 1957

Forty goldfish were placed in Archbold Swimming Pool just before 4 pm Saturday and hundreds of youngsters 7 to 15 years old aerated the water in a mad scramble to catch the darting fish. It appeared the finny tribe wouldn’t have a chance against goggles and snorkles, but others are holding up their catches for a picture.

E. Forrest Ruihley, Toledo, son of the founder of Ruihley Park, delivered the dedication address at the entrance to the new swimming pool. The bathhouse had just been completed for use that night, Aug. 10. Behind Ruihley in a front page photograph is J. H. Spengler, member of the swimming pool committee, who acted as master of ceremonies.

The Fulton County Centennial Fair, which starts Aug. 31, is planned to eclipse any of the previous 99 exhibits. Of the old standbys, there will be more horses, more cattle, more crafts, more rabbits and poultry, more flowers, more everything- and a bigger and better Junior Fair. Five days of harness racing are planned rather than the usual four.

Kenneth E. Stamm and family entertained at their Devils Lake cottage Thursday Mrs. Don Stamm and Ann and Mr. Vincent W. Taylor and family in honor of Mr. Taylor’s birthday.

Mrs. Nelson Rupp and Mrs. Sam Miller and Roger spent Wednesday in Toledo. Thursday guests in the Miller home were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Keim, Mr. and Mrs. Orin Keim, West Unity, and Mrs. Ben Keim.

Thanks- on behalf of the Archbold Community Commercial Club I wish to extend sincere thanks in appreciation of the excellent cooperation received in promoting a successful Swimming Pool Dedication Program and Chicken Barbecue- Ralph Jones.

The Gottlieb-Beck Family Reunion will be held at Elmira School Aug. 18. Basket dinner at noon- Florence Miller, secretary

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1932

Seventeen veterans of the Civil War gathered at Memorial Hall in Wauseon, yesterday, at what was expected to be the last reunion of the 67th, 86th, 100th, 111th, and 182nd volunteer regiments of the late unpleasantness.

The Fulton County Fair scheduled this year for four days, Sept. 6-7-8-9, will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Society in Fulton County.

Beverly Hills, Calif., July 27- We have a great bunch out here prowling around. (W.O. Taylor and the Archbold Buckeye) It’s the National Editorial Association, composed of editors in smaller towns and weekly publications. They are just eating their way around the country, having a good time, and getting a lot of pleasure from it. And giving everyone who meets them a close-up of just about as representative a gang of Americans as would be possible to band together: intelligent, well-read, and no national advertising controls their pages.

They are not conceited enough to think they mold public opinion. They just go along and serve their community with the most indispensable articles that it has. And yet, their real power is greater than all metropolitan dailies combined.

Any person who doesn’t read at least one well-written country newspaper is not truly informed.- Will Rogers

Let’s look on the bright side of the Old Depression. Freight trains are shorter and do not hold us up at the crossing as in other days before the depression.

Henry Ford says we are not going backward. He says we are merely getting our second industrial wind. He believes we still are in a primitive stage of development and that we are still pioneers.

100 Years Ago

Friday, Aug. 16, 1907

Ed Grime was knocked unconscious and was severely cut on the face and head. George Towns is in bed and Ed. Senn has a badly bruised leg. It happened in Wauseon Wednesday when three railroad handcars; two from Archbold and one from Pettisville, were racing to dinner.

Fred Culbertson, Bryan, has rented the Julius Dimke building and will start a moving picture show. He hopes to open Friday. It will be called a Theotorium and will have two changes of shows a week: Admission 5¢.

Now that all the enemies are dead or moved away, it is probable the railroad crossing on the first street west of the main street will be opened so people may cross the tracks without coming to main street.

The present council is composed of young men who are willing to give the people what they want. Adam Miller intends to present a petition to the council to have the street opened. He says he counted fifteen people crawling through the fence in one day.

Should a freight be standing on main street at the time of a fire, the fire engine could not be taken across and the fire could gain headway. All persons on the south side want the crossing opened. If properly presented to the council it probably will be done.

No man fears death until he has been taught to fear it. The Japanese, Mohammedans, Indians, and many other peoples have no fear of death. In fact some races court death in the belief it will greatly reward them in some future state of existence.

The panic in Wall Street does not scare anyone outside of New York. What is worrying the money gamblers is that the country does not need them or their money. The rule of Wall Street is at an end.

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