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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2001

The Norfolk Southern crossing at Co. Rd. 18 will qualify for crossing gates and lights this spring.

Preston Michael Foor is the Archbold Buckeye First Baby of the Year. His parents are Jared Foor and Jessica Balser.

With the help of a voterapproved hike, the village of Archbold municipal income tax topped $4 million in 2000.

Council approved the purchase of 59.99 acres of land along South Defiance Street for a park. It agreed to pay Edwin G. and Alyce Oberhaus $337,970 for the property, or $6,300 per acre.

The Oberhauses will fi- nance the purchase, spreading out payments for the land over four years, at an interest rate of 8%.

Work began Thursday, Jan 4, on Spangler Arena, the new show building at the Fulton County Fairgrounds.

Stephen Buehrer, Delta, representing the 82nd House District in the Ohio Legislature, was elected to serve as assistant majority floor leader.

Deaths– Joseph D. Emch, 21, Archbold; Ada M. Nafziger, 87, Archbold; Earl J. Riegsecker, 61, Archbold; Paul D. Hoover, 68, Bryan

AHS quizzers Colin Roynan, Cole Stringer, Mike Mignin, and Jodi Crossgrove opened the season Jan. 8, according to a photograph.

The ACT Mary Short Award went to Diane Phelps. Theron Short made the presentation.

Justin Austin achieved a perfect bowling score in the Buckeye League at Nu-Arch Lanes, Jan. 2.

Members of the Doug and Roxie Newman family built a 13-foot snowman in North Pointe, Jan. 5.

Chris Rychener was elected president of the Pettisville School Board, Jan. 8.

Ball diamonds in Memorial Park will be available to rent this year on a spaceavailable basis.

Twenty-Five Years Ago Wednesday, Jan. 15, 1986

The Archbold Area School Board discussed alternatives to the proposed addition and remodeling at the Archbold building, including a possible new building. Included was discussing the possible use of the Ridgeville Corners school building.

Five men were arrested and others are being sought in connection with drug charges that resulted from a yearlong undercover investigation conducted by the Fulton County Sheriff Office.

Archbold will have a bed and breakfast business at 504 North Defiance Street in the near future.

Steve Schnitkey was granted a zoning variance by the Board of Zoning Appeals, Jan. 9, for the location, and was approved 3-1 by the board, Jan. 9.

Crossing gates at the Co. Rd. 24 railroad crossing, which the community has fought for since 1984, were operational Jan. 7, a spokesman for Conrail said Monday.

There have been many changes in Archbold in the last 20 years. Two local men who had their hands in the changes are former mayors A.C. Fischer and Lawrence Short.

Fischer served one term as mayor of Archbold during 1962-63. He was the one who coined the letterhead slogan, “A Progressive Village–For Wholesome Living.”

Archbold mayor from 1964 through 1971, Lawrence Short held the position until the present mayor, William Lovejoy, was elected. Short also served on council until 1977.

He said he promoted things that would be good for the town. “I like to see things happen and see the village grow,” Short said.

“The income tax brought out opposition, but it’s the most fair tax,” he said.

Bob Frey and his son, Kevin, were on the run again. While on a business trip to Jacksonville, Fla., the two competed in a marathon.

Bob ran a full 26.2-mile event against 600 entrants and was 158th, and 17th in the 45-49-year-old age group.

Fifty Years Ago Wednesday, Jan. 18, 1961

A Lyons school bus driven by Ronald McBride, with 30 passengers, and three autos collided on St. Rt. 20, two miles east of St. Rt. 108, Thursday morning with only four children shaken up.

The Elmira Community Club is planning its annual pancake and sausage supper at the Elmira school, Saturday.

Dennis Roth will show pictures of artificial insemination of turkeys at the Monday noon luncheon of Commercial Club.

Total resources of Fulton County’s nine banks reached a new all-time record at the close of business, Dec. 31. Resources exceed $40,000,000. Archbold banks lead all banks in the county with $11,567,723.80 in resources.

Ohio farmers can save about $12 a ton by buying fertilizer in bulk rather than in bag form, according to a study by the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station.

German Township Trustees will ask for bids on a new fire truck that will pump 750 gallons per minute, have 1,500 feet of hose, and carry 1,000 gallons of water.

Methodist men will hold a breakfast at the church on Sunday morning at 7:30 am.

Ohio collected $21 million inheritance taxes in 1960, a new record.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–The individual who has nothing to do but work, is twice blessed…. Is there anything opened so much by mistake as the mouth?… The federal government collected a record $91,775,000,000 in taxes during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 1960…. It’s difficult to impress some people unless it affects their pocketbook…. If you’re happy in your work and your mind is active, there is no drudgery.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 8, 1936

Arthur C. Fagley of the Fagley Seed Co., is making preparations to handle an increased volume of seed business in 1936.

He enlarged the warehouse recently and keeps a great stock of seed to supply customers.

Official federal approval of $146,000 for three miles of new road on Route 2 between Wauseon and Delta was made Dec. 20.

New German Township Trustees taking office are Clarence J. Grime and Adam Britsch. The two retiring members are Dale Shaffer and William Miller. Another member is Wid Miller.

Patrons of the Liberty Center municipal electric plant received December service free. The bills were marked paid. It was possible because of a large surplus in the municipal treasury.

The Napoleon Northwest- News last week started its 85th year of continuous service to Napoleon.

Grover Grime was the bidder of the Parney property in Archbold, paying $835. It was sold at sheriff’s sale Tuesday at the courthouse in Wauseon.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Jan. 17, 1911

J.F. Riegsecker, of Shaw, Ore., writes to Archbold Buckeye readers:

“I have lived 16 years in the Paradise of the Pacific Coast. Today we got the first snow; otherwise, we had nice growing weather.

“We are plowing and seeding oats. Grass grows all winter. This is the place to live. No thunder, no storms, no cyclones. Come to Oregon and grow fat and be well, where you won’t freeze your nose off, and make money on 20 acres.

“I sold $2,100 worth of prunes, the healthiest fruit there is.”

D.F. Wyse, of Idabel, Okla., writes to Archbold Buckeye readers:

“I did not like this country at first, but it grows on you after time. The climate is attractive. They begin planting corn and cotton the latter part of February.

“Some raise two crops of corn. Alfalfa is a big paying crop; they cut it four and five times a season. Milk is 10 cents a quart.

“Unimproved land can be bought from $3.25 to $10 an acre. Idabel is only eight years old and is as large as Wauseon.

“A.B. Canfield, of Fulton County, was here and bought nearly 400 acres near Idabel. He plans to move here from Wauseon. Good water wells are 35 feet and never go dry.”

The mayor of Wauseon will not allow moving picture shows in the county seat on Sunday. He wants the young folks to spend their money in Toledo where saloons, picture shows, and dives are open all day Sunday.

You never hear a man tell his tailor to make them fit like mother used to do.

Thirty-five boys aged 4 to 15 years are to be given away by the Miami Children’s Home, in Toledo. Girls go like hot cakes, but boys move slowly. Want a boy?

Revival meetings take place every evening at the Missionary Church.

Emanuel Short and May Gushman were married Sunday at Stryker.

Lowe’s Grist Mill, two miles south of Hudson, Mich., burned to the ground Wednesday night. It was valued at $5,000 with $2,000 worth of wheat.

Friday, Jan. 20, 1911

The population of Archbold is officially 1,082. Ten years ago it was 958, a gain of 124. In 1870 the official population was 373.

Jacob, 38, mute son of J.U. Funkhauser, died at the home of his father in Ridgeville Corners, Sunday.

Walter Motter, 42, was killed near Ridgeville Corners, Wednesday afternoon. His skull was broken by being struck by a pole used as a pry in an old building.

The Henry County grand jury will meet Feb. 21 and take up the Napoleon Bank failure matter and its relation to the Ohio German Insurance Co. They will select a new assistant prosecutor to attend the matter.

Philip Heer, of Stryker, has rented the John Buehrer farm.

A Kendallville man used a monkey wrench to cure his son of cigarettes. He probably tried the Darwinian theory as a last resort.

Some persons have beauty, a few have health, occasionally one is endowed with wisdom, and some have wealth, but the person gifted with all would probably be a grouch.

HOUSE FOR RENT– Eight large rooms, newly papered, cistern, garden, some fruit, hardwood floors.–See Taylor at the Buckeye–adv.

NOTICE– I need the money I have earned.–August Fraas.–adv.

The Supreme Court is now wrestling with the Standard Oil Co., investigations, but somehow the public feels that the result will be highly satisfactory to the Standard Oil Company.

Mrs. Henry Brandt, of near Ridgeville Corners, underwent an operation but grew worse. She called all her loved ones about her, bade them goodbye and died.

The Red Cross Drug Store received a carload shipment of the finest and latest patterns of wallpaper.–adv.

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