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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2001

A total of $128,258.90 in contributions to the Ohio House Republican Campaign Committee took a large number of dollars from the reelection campaign of Stephen Buehrer.

Two old-time businesses, Vernier True Value Hardware and City Drug, closed their doors after over a century of community service, and Dave’s IGA announced it will go out of business.

One major chain store, Pamida, opened on the south side, while the Archbold Main Stop gasoline opened on the west side of town. Site preparation began for Video Connection on the south side of the Norfolk Southern tracks. Brush Creek Sales & Rental is operating in the former Liechty Motors-Terry Henricks Chrysler-Plymouth Dodge-Jeep building.

Peter D. Short, who has completed the first year of his first term as Archbold mayor, said he has no expertise in the retail sector, and therefore, no opinion as to the health of the retail community.

While he cannot promise direct help to village retail businesses, “the village will be committed to maintaining the integrity of the downtown landscape. That means there won’t be any shuttered buildings or a boarded-up look, and that is the commitment that I think we, as a council, can make,” he said.

Late in the first quarter of 2001, Mid Am Bank and The Ohio Bank will officially change their names to Sky Bank, Sky Financial Group, Inc.

Deaths– Betty L. Cheney, 69, Archbold; Harold G. Juillard, 88, Stryker; Eva Sturdavant, 98, Napoleon

Stan Tipton and Matt Wyse were winners in the Rich-Ford Shoot-Out at the Archbold/Ottawa-Glandorf game Saturday.

Work on the traffic signal at the St. Rt. 66/St. Rt. 34 intersection began Wednesday, Dec. 27, and should be completed by Jan. 17, weather permitting.

Neighbors living near the Cornerstone Inn gathered last week for a holiday block party.

Twenty-Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 8, 1986

The First Baby Of The Year in Archbold came to Mark and Lisa Klopfenstein. He was named Brandon Alan.

E. Dean Short and Conrad L. Beck have moved their insurance office from the corner of Ditto and West Holland Streets to 100 Depot Street.

County commissioners have asked the Board of Mental Retardation to turn back its appropriation request for 1986.

Schoolchildren had a twoweek holiday vacation and they wish they had more.

Council cut about $335,000 from the Park Board’s 1986 budget at its Monday night meeting.

Additional room is needed in the Municipal Building, so council wants the street department and fire department to find other locations from which to operate. Wm. Lovejoy, mayor, named a committee to find a site for a new fire station. Dick Weires, a councilman, was appointed committee chairman.

Revenues from the village income tax set a record and topped $1 million for the third time.

Deaths–Marilyn Lee, 75, Archbold; Beatrice Grime, 80, Wauseon; Kenneth A. McCrory, 88, Toledo; Charles W. Lovejoy, 84, Bryan; Estel F. Caulkins, 85, West Unity

Duane Layman set the county record for blood donation: 12 gallons.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Forecasting the weather was a crime punishable by burning at the stake for 300 years in Great Britain…. Ohio was officially honored after the Civil War by Washington because it sent more soldiers to the cause than any other state.

Fifty Years Ago Wednesday, Jan. 11, 1961

Galen Gault, Delta, has been hired by the Board of Public Affairs as superintendent of the water and sewage departments. Gault has been the superintendent of the Delta facility for six years.

Over 365 tractors were sold Monday at the first 1961 farm machinery auction at Yoder & Frey, Inc.

Water in Archbold’s 100- million-gallon storage reservoir now stands at 6 1/2 feet, with little prospects of an increased flow in Brush Creek to raise the level.

The winter of 1960-61 has been marked by a severe lack of rain and snowfall, which is reflected in the short supply of Archbold water. Farmers find fields dry, and water levels low in wells.

Harry E. Schwall, Wauseon, a state senator, has been placed on four committees of Ohio’s 104th general assembly.

Nelson E. Rupp has been elected president of the Fulton County Commissioners. R.C. Howard is vice president.

Thomas Gallaway is ranked in the top ten percent of his military science class at OSU, and is recommended for selection in the National Honor Society of Pershing Rifles.

Ohio now has 100 municipalities which have adopted a charter form of government.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–U.S. farmers in 1960 paid the biggest farm real estate tax bill on record…. Ohio has more cities over 100,000 population than any other state…. Most people know we should avoid excesses of all kinds, but we don’t want to miss anything…. Don’t condemn the younger generation. Look where they came from…. One thing is certain. All the dishonest votes cast in the last election were counted.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 1, 1936

Christmas Day in Northwestern Ohio was made unusually happy because of an old-fashioned winter snowstorm that reached its peak on Christmas Day.

One of the greatest revivals of ancient village customs in Archbold is upon us. There is a park for winter sports, ice skating, and coasting on the village property two blocks south of the railroad at the corner of West and South streets.

There are now about 400 aged persons in Fulton County obtaining pension checks from the state. Altogether 484 applications have been sent to Columbus, all have not been approved.

Some citizens have the idea that old-age pensioners are to receive their checks directly from the federal government. Such is not the case, however, as the government at Washington reimburses the state, matching each $15 the state allows for old-age pensions with $15 of federal money.

Not all pensioners will receive the maximum amount, however, as the needs and allowances of individuals vary.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1911

The Addison Flour Mill Company wants to drain water from Devil’s Lake for power purposes. The result is that an injunction suit is going on between those that have property on the lake and the company.

Ervin Grime dislocated his shoulder while shoeing a horse Saturday afternoon.

Joseph Grime had hardly taken the oath of office as health officer of German Township until he was called upon to take charge of four smallpox cases. Grime is doing his duty for the protection of the patients and the public.

Revival meetings at the Archbold Missionary Church have started with a large attendance and a good interest.

It is against the law to sell tobacco to minors or to allow them in poolrooms.

It was among the Egyptians that the first maps appear. They were wood tablets that showed land, sea, roads, and rivers.

Archbold won the basketball game against West Unity 23-7 at the Rink Hall, Wednesday evening.

The ladies of the Methodist Evangelical Aid Society will give a Valentine supper at the Town Hall, Wednesday, Feb. 15.

Friday, Jan 13, 1911

Sam VanNess, Paul Mohr, Lloyd Mohr, Harry Brace, and Jacob Letherman worked all afternoon last Tuesday trying to catch a coon, but when they reached the top of the giant tree there was no coon to be seen.

The agricultural school will be held at Wauseon, Jan. 30 to Feb. 3. The speakers’ salaries and expenses are paid by the state.

The young folks of the neighborhood gave Mrs. Jacob Erbskorn a kitchen shower last Thursday.

Jonothan Wiederkehr was standing on the manure sled, trotting the team, when he fell, struck his head and burst a blood vessel. He bled from the ear. He does not know how long he lay unconscious. He was abed three days before he could move his head.

A smallpox scare is really worse than the disease. One man is so afraid of the pest that he will not telephone to a family that has been exposed to the disease.

The Bible conference of the Amish-Mennonite churches will be held Jan 16 to 20 with meetings at the Central, Clinton, and Lockport churches. The speakers will be S.H. Miller and Samuel Garber.

This is Friday the 13th, said to be the anniversary of the day that Jonah swallowed the whale.

An advertisement says that every home should have a talking machine. Evidently the man who said it is not married.

No new cases of smallpox. Persons exposed show no symptoms of the disease. Enforce the quarantine and don’t get scared. The scare is usually worse than the disease.

Miss Maggie Buehrer will entertain the Thimble Club this afternoon.

Many German Township farmers attended the horse sale at Bryan, Wednesday.

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