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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2000

Stephen Buehrer, Delta, incumbent member of the Ohio House of Representatives, and Marcy Kapter, Toledo, incumbent member of US House of Representatives, are challenged by newcomers in the Nov. 7 General Election.

Brad Grime, councilman, called cable television service in the village, particularly on the north side, “horrendous” and “terrible.”

Deaths–LaMar L. Miller, 62, Archbold; Orville Rupp, 84, Wauseon

Allison Dowell, Fayette, manager of 4-H Camp Palmer, completed hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Justin Crites and Lindy Sauder, AHS, are advancing to state cross country competition after stellar finishes over the weekend in regional action.

Shannon Liechty, a 2000 PHS grad, was named freshman attendant during Homecoming festivities at Defiance College, Saturday, Oct. 28.

In week nine, the Blue Streaks played a game filled with emotion and desire, handing Wauseon, their league rivals, a 24-23 loss.

Danielle Rupp, a PHS sophomore, and the boys cross country team advanced to the regional meet, Oct. 21.

AHS Student Council offi cers are Allison Lange, president; Dana Vajen, secretary; Jen Pape, treasurer.

Council passed an ordinance designed to curtail allowing railroad locomotives to idle engines in residential areas.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Nov. 6, 1985

Without a recommendation from the Street Committee, council authorized the design of traffic signals along South Defiance Street.

Park Board has approved changes in plans to remodel the Ruihley Park bathhouse. To save costs the board agreed to eliminate one storage room.

The three-mill operating levy for the Archbold Area School Board and the oneeighth percent Park Board income tax reduction were approved by voters at the Tuesday election.

Officers of the Archbold Area Foundation– Marvin D. Miller, president, and Robert Aschliman, treasurer– signed 38 founder’s certifi cates last week.

The certificates acknowledged individuals and organizations who contributed $1,000 or more to the Foundation’s first fiscal year, June 30, 1985.

Deaths–Richard Palmer, 82, Wauseon

Northwestern Ohio Family Planning holds a support group for couples where one or both persons have been sexually abused. The group will meet the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month from 7:30 to 9 pm. at the Family Planning Clinic, 424 Wayne Ave., Defiance.

David Oyer is the assistant chairman of technical activities for the College Activities Board at Anderson (Ind.) College.

Joetta and Jennifer Riegsecker are featured in the Buckeye “Kid Talk” column.

Tim Kohart, Mark Nafziger, and Bill Phelps star in the ACT play, “Charley’s Aunt,” an English comedy.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Jesse and Leona Myers, Fayette

Richard Schlueter provided the program at the Commercial Club meeting, Monday noon.

Michelle Laub and Gregory Todd are 1985 Century III Leaders at the local school.

Nancy Zehr finished her cross country season at state competition Saturday.

Archbold seniors named First Team All-NWOAL in football were Matt Wyse, Bobby Rodriguez, Paul Thatcher.

Shari Coressel, AHS ‘85, runs cross country at Ashland College.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1960

Richard M. Nixon, vice president of the United States and Republican candidate for president, will make train stop appearances in Deshler and Toledo, Wednesday, Oct. 26.

A self-propelled airplane passenger ramp, the 127th ramp made by Bil-Jax, Inc., was put on an end-loading boxcar yesterday to be shipped to the government’s Air Force Base in Honolulu. It will go by boat from San Francisco, Calif.

Pettisville seniors will present “The Diary Of Anne Frank.” Cast members are Judith Baer, as Anne Frank; Steve Rupp, James Haskell, Lynn Weber, Duane Rychener, Rachel Porter, Judith King, Elaine Merillat, Linda Baer, Nancy Ruetz, LaMar Yoder.

The average husband is concerned about what the government spends and what his wife spends–the difference being that he’s not afraid to criticize the government.–Earl Wilson

Edward Muldoon, general manager of La Choy Food Products, hosted 70 students from Michigan State University, Monday, Oct. 17.

Mutterings–by Orrin R. Taylor–Modern girls are interested in spinning wheels if they are in a flashy convertible…. From 1949 to 1959, advertisers spent $8.8 billion on TV, compared to $30.4 billion in newspapers…. Are people underprivileged if they do not have remote controls on their television sets?

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Oct. 30, 1935

Byron Hartsell and Raymond Bernath won first place in the two events of the Fulton County Corn Husking Contest, Friday, Oct. 25, at the Clarence J. Grime farm, west of Archbold.

Gas consumers in Archbold and nearby towns welcome the news that a highpressure natural gas line will cross Fulton County, bringing millions of feet of natural gas from the Texas fields.

Sam H. Nofziger took a truckload of fruit, vegetables, and apple butter to the Salem Orphanage, near Flanagan, Ill., Friday.

Motorists in Archbold have been viewing the display of new models of Ford, Chevrolet, and Pontiac automobiles for 1936.

Stryker must try again for a water supply. The excellent test well recently located on the Stuckey farm is not acceptable to the federal engineer.

A new test well will be drilled on the Schmucker farm, north of town.

Walter Batdorf, Wauseon, farmer and stock buyer, was convicted last week of cow rustling by a Williams County jury and sentenced to 30 days in jail and $100 fine.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 1910

The Hub, Bailey & Yedica’s enterprise, is hustling for business. In this issue they offer some rare bargains.

This is Election Day. Mark a cross in front of the name of each man for whom you wish to vote. Do it carefully. It means more than money to you.

A troupe of 40 automobiles passed through Archbold on their way to Chicago, Tuesday. When they struck the raised track on the T&I there was fun.

Each machine took a jump that nearly threw the occupants out. About all of them ran past Stryker Street and were obliged to turn around. The little machines made a lot of noise and amused the natives.

When you know any news items call the Buckeye office at telephone 171. We’ll be glad to write them for you, put them in type and print them in the Buckeye, where they may be read by a larger audience than was ever assembled in Archbold at one time.

Archbold has the lowest tax rate of any incorporated village in Fulton County, 40.6 mills.

The Home Savings Bank was robbed at Metamora at about 2 am, Monday. Between $3,000 and $4,000 was stolen.

The safe was blown with nitroglycerine and completely ruined. The robbers only had 20 minutes in pursuit, and they may be caught.

It is probable that building a loan association will soon be placed under the same restrictions as banks and be subjected to a corporation tax.

Even an editor can’t answer all the questions his children ask. “Why does a cat say meow instead of bow-wow?”

The dances at the opera house on Saturday evening are attended by well-behaved young folks.

Eicher’s new corn husker will do Adam Mull’s husking.

Friday, Nov. 11, 1910

Schoolteachers must attend the quarterly institute of the Fulton County Teachers Association at Wauseon High School, Nov. 12. Each teacher in the county is expected to answer the roll call. The attendance will be an indication of the teacher’s interest in schoolwork and the fitness and qualifi- cations of an applicant for teaching.

When the branches of maple trees are allowed to grow too long they are likely to split off, spoiling the appearance of the tree and perhaps injuring someone. Many trees in town should have the attention of a man with a saw.

Two men named Arnold and Zigler got into a fight, one with a chair, the other with a knife, at West Unity Election Day. The men had previous trouble about hiring a schoolteacher.

It is rumored among railroad men that the Lake Shore is making plans for still greater improvements of its properties next summer.

If you knew what a woman was doing all the time, you wouldn’t worry so much, or you would worry more. Settle that with your conscience.

Preparations are being made at the Archbold schools to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. There will be turkeys, Puritans, Indians and other appropriate characters in the celebration.

Archbold Cemetery is one of the beauty spots of the neighborhood. The trustees have spent much of their valuable time and money adding to its appearance.

What a lot of money our farmers could have made this summer if they had sprayed their trees. Here’s a chance for someone with $1,200 to invest in a spraying machine and make extra money. Farmers claim they have no time to bother with hand sprayers, as it is too slow.

The electric light people have been making efforts to try and find out why the lights blink continuously. An expert has been in town to make a report, but the proper remedy seems lacking. Anyway, the lights still blink, wink, and sputter. It’s still a mystery.

Squire Ruihley wishes someone would construct an office building in Archbold. He doesn’t like to climb the stairs in the Town & Township Hall any longer.

The screen doors have been taken from the Archbold post office for the season, one more thing for which to be thankful.

A New Jersey judge rules that only sober men can get marriage licenses. It’s getting harder and harder.

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