Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2000

Without an academic wing addition to the Archbold High School, “education is not as top notch as what we would like.” That’s what Jim Wyse, co-chairman of the campaign to pass a bond issue to fund the classroom addition, said last week.

Harold Plassman, Archbold Citizen of the Year, said, “Life is satisfying.” A photograph shows him poring over notes of his acceptance speech. Behind him are Kristyn Koy, Jane Stuckey, and Sharon Evers.

George Voinovich, US senator, spoke at Northwest State Community College during an appearance Friday. As governor, Voinovich diverted funds from the Toledo Valentine Theatre restoration project to NSCC for building and program expansion. He called the decision one of the state’s best investments.

Jayma Gobrogge, Ridgeville Corners, recently completed a sales training academy presented by the Inland Press Foundation. She is an advertising representative for the Archbold Buckeye.

It is estimated that Allison Dowell, Fayette, has less than 150 miles of hiking to complete Appalachian Trail.

Deaths–Mary B. Peters, 96, Wauseon; Alfred Replogle, 81, Stryker; Magdalene Dietrick, 87, Holgate; Walter Treadway, 76, Montgomery, Ala.

Stacy Burkholder, Pettisville, and Austin Wolf, Archbold, plan to show animals in the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Ky., Nov. 4-17.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Oct. 30, 1985

It is believed that when next Tuesday comes around, at least half of the 20,353 registered voters will cast election ballots.

Four Archbold residents are vying for three township trustee positions: Willard De- Groff, Stephen Lange, Paul R. Short, Russell Watson.

Four candidates running for council are Robert Ludy, David Skinner, Curtis Spotts, Fred Witte.

Franklin Township Trustee candidates are Clair Borton, Jack Lawrence, Joe Traut, Clarence Bruner.

Deaths– Guy B. Lumbardo, 51, and wife Carolyn Lumbardo, 48, Morenci, Mich.; Michael Lumbardo, 23, and wife Julie Lumbardo, 23, Fayette

Earns Degree–Kathleen Gnagey Short, Ph.D, Indiana University

Commercial Club honored four businesses for service to the community. Brent Taylor presented the plaques and gave a brief history of Archbold Insurance Agency; Rice, Passman, Rupp & Hensal law firm; Sterling’s; Yoder Compost, Inc.

Gareth Short continues to improve the lighting system he built for the Archbold Community Theatre, according to a photograph.

Todd A. Parnell was promoted to the rank of sergeant in the United States Air Force.

Michelle Laub and Eric Miller, AHS seniors, are among the students in the final round of the Ohio University history competition.

Headline–Varsity Girls In Regional Saturday, Face St. Henry

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, Oct. 19, 1960

Dedication services for Good Shepherd Mennonite Church on Co. Rd. F, north of Archbold, is Sunday afternoon, Oct. 23. William Flory, pastor, is one of the founders of the church. Services will be conducted in Spanish and English.

The building is 30×54 with seating for 110 persons. Jesse J. Short and Dale Wyse, pastors, will give the benediction.

Ross Wyse, 15, an AHS sophomore, broke his right arm Tuesday in gym class in the park. While throwing a football, his arm hit the head of another, breaking the arm.

James Kleck, an AHS student, was the guest of officers and sailors on the aircraft carrier USS Valley Forge for a week in the Atlantic Ocean. Kleck was the guest through the Navy Science Cruiser Program.

Firemen battled a stubborn blaze in the top of the ancient elevator at Archbold Seed & Grain Co. Fire started from an overheated bearing in the equipment that lifts grain to the top of the elevator.

Many Archbold citizens have donated time and labor to build the Happi- Time School on St. Rt. 108, Wauseon, near the hospital.

Samuel Miller, of Eastern Mennonite Church, will speak at North Clinton Mennonite Church, Sunday.

Heavy equipment of Miller Bros., Inc., swarms over the 77-acre site as they work a 24-hour schedule to construct the new 200-million gallon reservoir south of the present one, according to a photograph.

The famous Blackwood Brothers Quartet gospel singers, of Memphis, Tenn., will appear in Northwest Ohio for three big nights.

Jesse Storrer and his crew of workmen are completing connections and catch basins for the sewers at the intersection of North Defiance and Stryker streets.

Presiding at the Homecoming festivities Friday night are five young AHS girls: Natalie Wyse, queen, a senior; Linda King, a freshman; Phyllis Schrock, a sophomore; Connie Wyse, a junior; JoAnne Schrock, a senior.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Speak when you’re angry and you will likely make the best speech you will ever regret…. Here’s a rule for success: Market a product that costs a dime, sells for a dollar and is habit forming…. There are no warning labels on the opportunity of a lifetime. They blossom, fade quickly and are seldom plucked…. Many towns fail to progress because of a “let someone else do it” attitude by businessmen who are too busy appeasing their own selfish desire to make as much money as possible with as little community effort as possible.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Oct. 23, 1935

Unless trees are planted the time will come when hickory trees will be a curiosity in this area, where the hickory was once so plentiful. Wet bottomlands are best for hickory trees.

The Pettisville State Bank is the name chosen for the new institution to open for business in Pettisville in the near future. Named to the board of directors are D.W. Nofziger, Ralph W. Meister, Earl Murphy, G.D. Wyse, Sam. H. Nofziger, George Baum, A.K. Weber, George McGuffin, W.H. Rychener, J.E. Plettner.

The new bank is expected to become liquidating agent to adjust the tangled affairs of the old Pettisville Savings Bank, which has been closed.

The Wauseon Homecoming reported a profit of $425.

R.L. Walter, J.D. Polite, and Earl Amstutz left Tuesday for Harve Wilson’s camp at Batchewan Bay, on Lake Superior, to hunt deer. They will be gone about two weeks.

Teofilo Chavez was arrested by Williams County offi- cials when his farmhouse, north of Cooney, was raided and a two-acre marijuana weed crop was destroyed. He pleaded guilty of a narcotic charge and fined $400..

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1910

It is estimated that 5,000 persons may hear Theodore Roosevelt speak at Toledo, Saturday, Nov. 5. A platform will be erected at the Union Station where he can step from his car to the platform and not be compelled to fight his way through the crowd.

Joe Boudry, known as Hotel De Tree, has made a home in a shanty on the Bear property back of the grist mill. He seems to get a lot of happiness out of his lonesome life.

Deer season in Michigan opens Nov. 10. Hunters must get a license from the clerk of the county where they intend to hunt and cannot kill more than two deer.

Now that the automobile is losing its novelty as a pleasure vehicle, its usefulness is destined to far exceed the bicycle. With the gasoline machine, farmers in the far west can make homes in waste places 20 or more miles from the railroad and still be in daily touch with the rest of the world.

Countrymen may come to town for machinery repairs or necessities and be back home while the farm team rests.

With the ever-increasing good roads, the farmer may hunt a better market for his product. In these days of quick market changes the machine will be a necessity. The physician can make himself as useful.

Schools may borrow a library of 50 volumes from the State Librarian at Columbus and keep them for eight months for the cost of transportation. School boards must pay the freight.

Jacob Kleck advertises in a Phoenix, Ariz., newspaper, a choice building lot for sale in his addition to the city of Phoenix.

The Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist Evangelical Church will serve supper at the Town Hall on Election Day, Nov. 8. All are invited.–adv.

When everybody is too busy to get into trouble, it is an awful job to get interesting local news.

Friday, Nov. 4, 1910

Halloween pranks were few in Archbold and limited to such as small boys could do. Corn throwing is also growing in disfavor and was only indulged in by small youngsters. There were several very enjoyable parties in the village and were attended by well-behaved young folks who had a good time.

About 50 young people were present at a Halloween party in the vacant store of W.F. Meister, Saturday night. Popcorn, cider, apples and doughnuts were served for refreshments. All report a fine time.

While returning from Sunday School the seven-yearold daughter of D.I. Linhack was dragged to a cornfield near Napoleon and assaulted by Peter Rothman, 19. Rothman is in jail.

Toledo wholesale merchants, who number 40 have been making trips to villages in Northwest Ohio boosting business in the city. They visited Montpelier last week.

Professor T.S. Orr will fill the pulpit at the Methodist Evangelical Church Sunday evening, while Rev. Wm. Turner begins a service of revival meetings at Fountain Chapel.

Man now rides out of Archbold in an automobile to doctor sick horses. And they said the machine would be the death of the useful animal.

Miss Emma Vernier gave a Halloween party to a number of friends Monday evening.

Lou Rupp has bought land in Phoenix, Ariz. They can build houses and lots there faster than they anywhere. A brand new house brings a big price.

Burglars got very little from the store and post office at Melburn. The crooks who have been working Northwestern Ohio have obtained small pay for their labor and time.

Little Edward Lehman still has his run of bad luck. His latest feat was that of falling and cutting a long gash on the right cheek.

The fire bell aroused citizens Sunday evening, but the engine did not make a run as the fire was soon out. At Fred Grime’s a jack-o-lantern had been made of a paper box and left with a candle burning, which burned the window shade and made some excitement.

An American promoter is about to build an amusement park in Rome. The ancient ruins will need to put in vaudeville attractions to hold the audience.

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