Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2000

Officials of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services said temporary layoffs in the auto industry drove the Fulton County unemployment to 6.8%.

Ridgeville Telephone Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, RTEC Communications, Inc., will build a new cable television system in Archbold.

Participating in the Fulton County Fair demolition derby was a bittersweet personal triumph for Jenny Sallows, a mother of four who ran in the derby in remembrance of a friend, Alan Clausen, Sr. She is a hospice nurse from Fayette.

Keith Kern, an investment representative, has opened a new Edward James Investment office in downtown Archbold at 214 North Defi- ance Street.

A house at 610 North Defiance Street, owned by the estate of Lawrence Bernath, sold at public auction to Doug and Sharon Kreiger for $110,000.

Deaths–Lawrence Seigneur, 82, Stryker; Virgil J. Yoder, 77 Searcy, Ark.

Old Photo Corner–An early 1960s Archbold music group entertained at a public event. Known as the Leftovers, they are Max Smith, Paul Lauber, Larry Barger, and Terry Murbach.

Three Archbold High School students were busy painting a demolition derby car to resemble the U.S. flag, Thursday evening at Ignacio and Ann Gracia’s home. In the photo are Chris Baden, Salome Gracia, and Mark Kruse.

The Archbold High School Blue Streak marching band has been invited to perform at the Defiance Band Spectacular, Saturday, Sept. 30.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1985

After intensive interviewing and competition, a construction manager and an architect for the regional jail have been chosen. Gary Pence, director of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, said over 50 firms were interested in working on the project.

In a negotiated plea, James Nicholas Thompson, 36, Altamonte Springs, Fla., entered a guilty plea to a charge of attempted murder and drew a 7- to 25-year sentence.

The Northwest District, Ohio Section of the American Water Works Association met Sept. 19, in Archbold.

Archbold and Pettisville schools topped the statewide attendance rate of 93.6 percent for the 1984-85 school year. Steve Switzer said Pettisville recorded 94.8266% and Archbold had 93.6%.

Eugene Winfield, superintendent of Fulton County schools, was the guest speaker at the September meeting of the Fulton County Farm Bureau.

Honored as a four-generation newspaper, descendants of the W.O. Taylor family were on hand in Minneapolis, Minn., Thursday to receive the award: Orrin R. Taylor, Ross Wm. Taylor, and Brent C. Taylor.

Archbold Jaycees donated a heavy-duty mixer and an electric roaster to the Knights of Columbus at Rebeau Hall. A photograph shows Cheryl Bohner, project chairman, and Andy Dominique, K of C grand knight.

Deaths– Ralph M. Gering, 71, Houston, Texas; Marvel Shaffer, 81, Archbold; Hazel Partee, 82, Defiance; Anna Luty, 84, Archbold

Allen Beck, Newport Beach, Calif., son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Beck, won top honors at the Great American Design contest in San Antonio, Texas, July 23.

New officers of ACT are Nona Liechty, president; Tim Kohart, vice president. Remaining members of the board are Mary Short, Laura Short, and Nona Liechty.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Raymond and Mildred Liechty Graber, Jan. 19.

The Roger Crossgrove family is featured Saturday on Channel 11’s “Agri-Country,” hosted by Ed Johnson.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1960

Headlines–Lugbill Show & Sale Attracts 2,000 Entries; Trainload of Fat Cattle Goes Through Auction Ring; Judging Starts Today

C.W. Waldvogel was honored in the Masonic Hall, at West Unity, and received a 50-year pin.

A new attendance record was set at the 1960 Fulton County Fair when 85,000 people poured through the gates during five days.

H.F. Stotzer, Ora Lauber, and Frank Tanner will attend the Ohio Republican convention this week in Columbus.

Jackson Rychener left Sunday to join the Air Force at San Antonio, Texas.

The Archbold High School Band, under the direction of Charles Winzeler, will perform today at the Lugbill Show & Sale.

Archbold High School is getting a new look. New glass doors are being installed at the main entrance to replace heavy wood doors.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–After the first horseback ride, you feel better off…. There are few traffic jams on the straight and narrow path…. Cuba has been an important exporter of sugar, but only sour notes emanate since Castro has been in charge…. The past is gone. It can never return. This is a jet age. Let us enjoy it, accept the modern tempo of change, as the miracles of a long-predicted space age unfold…. Russia is making a big fuss over two Americans who turned traitor and left our country.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Sept. 18, 1935

Seventeen new streetlights will be installed by Toledo Edison throughout the village.

Bandits raided the Farmers State Savings Bank in Delta, Thursday afternoon, tried to shoot the cashier, then clubbed him with a pistol, fired one shot at a depositor, and escaped with $1,074.01.

There were five men in the gang. Three went into the bank and two remained on the outside. One had a machine gun, one had a sawedoff shotgun, and the other had a pistol.

A new gospel tabernacle is being constructed at Tedrow where W.J. Amstutz, Swanton, is pastor.

From the Class of 1935, the following are enrolled in college: Carl Roth, Donald Stamm, Edwin Winzeler, Evelyn Rupp, Wilma Miller.

About 600 Ohio farmers this year are comparing hybrid corn with the standard varieties.

The Gideons report it takes about 25,000 Bibles annually to replace those stolen from hotel rooms.

Threshers near Paulding killed 11 rattlesnakes in fields in one day.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1910

Arthur D. Weber and Malinda Grime, of Archbold, were united in marriage by justice Leroy Deyo, at the probate office in Wauseon, Thursday morning.

Train No. 9 on the Lake Shore Railroad made a run with two engines from Delta to Wauseon, Saturday morning, at the rate of 96 miles an hour.

Sam Short sold a horse for $195; Jonas Rufenacht sold one for $195; Adolph Grime sold his bay knee actor for $230; Joseph Recklau sold a gray mare for $222.50. The four were bought by Charles Lindau for the Lion store in Toledo.

John Wendt sold a black gelding for $240 and Menno Nofziger sold a black gelding for $200. They were bought by Charles Lindau for Julius Knoch, of Detroit.

Burglars ransacked Fels Shoe Store in Swanton Wednesday night, and took a $4 pair of shoes and $12.50 in money. In Grove’s store they took underwear, socks, and $2.50 in money.

Until further notice, there will be no moving pictures at the Rink Hall Tuesday evenings. Since school started, the Tuesday night patronage has become a loss. The Saturday night performance should be better than ever.

Henry Hirsch has gone on a business trip to Hudson, Mich.

Friday, Sept. 30, 1910

Tools for railroad buildings are being scattered along the surveyed right of way for extension of the Vandalia lines through northern Williams and Fulton counties.

Nearly 20,000 tickets were sold to the Montpelier fair.

The T&I may run its lines through Fulton County. The commissioners granted the franchise last week. The matter had been overlooked.

Archbold is on the line of flight of the 13 airship men who start from the old Garfi eld Park racetrack in Chicago on Saturday of next week. They are to race from Chicago to New York for a prize of $25,000.

Emma Vernier took 60 prizes for fancy work at the Ottokee fair amounting to $50. Ella Winzeler took 30 prizes; Hannah Buehrer took 15 prizes for baked goods.

Wauseon council and county commissioners have made appropriations to assist in reopening the Wauseon Hospital. The opening will be held after the steam heating plant and other improvements can be made.

Jacob Bailey of the county line, four miles south of Pettisville, has been missing since Saturday. So far no trace of him has been found.

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