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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2000

Jamie Blank, public affairs manager of Adelphia Communications, said the final cutover to the new village cable system is scheduled for Tuesday.

With the new hybrid fiberoptic cable system, Archbold customers are getting 52 new channels.

With nearly 90-degree temperatures and high humidity with some showers, the Fulton County Fair has seen a variety of weather.

Fog plagued opening day at Pettisville school, but other than that, “no major problems” were reported, said Steve Switzer, superintendent.

The Paulette Spotts home at 710 North Defiance Street sold at public auction Aug. 29 for $89,100 to Greg Bowman and Nichole Nester.

A cannon, the same model as the one in the Archbold Cemetery, stands on the lawn at the Fulton County Courthouse. However, official U.S. Navy documents show it’s supposed to be in Archbold. Will anyone ever know how the mix-up occurred?

Deaths–Kathleen Brokaw, Stryker

The ninth annual Special Olympics Ohio State Golf Tournament begins Sept. 12 in Cincinnati.

Thursday was a beautiful day for a horse and buggy ride at Fairlawn Haven. Henry zumFelde gave residents a ride at a pretty good clip around the Fairlawn streets.

Because of the support of area residents and the Archbold community, residents of Fairlawn Haven have a chapel they can call their own. Steve Ringenberg, executive director, expects about 1,000 people to attend the dedication service and open house Sunday.

The Pettisville school board passed a resolution of intent to participate in the State of Ohio School Building Assistance Program.

Pettisville will apply for a new assessment to determine the classroom facility needs and develop a master plan for the district.

Electrical service for about 100 TE customers was out for about an hour and a half, Tuesday morning.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Sept. 11, 1985

One-third of the estate of Charles Winzeler will be used to send AHS students to summer music camp.

Gross receipts of the Fulton County Junior Fair were $125,882.35, down $30,749.22. Last year the sale grossed $156,631.57.

The 128th county fair set an attendance record of 121,458.

A new trotting record of 2:03 was set by RU Running, owned by Max Shaw, Lyons. The winner was Fulton County-bred, -trained, and -owned.

Scott Port-A-Fold was evacuated because of smoke and fire and fear of toxic fumes, at 4:51 am, Sept. 6. The fire department was on the scene and estimated damage was $10,000.

Pettisville voters won’t need to vote on a school levy in November. Steve Switzer, superintendent, said five of seven county schools are on the ballot with levies this fall, which puts Pettisville in the minority.

Bill Rupp, an Archbold resident, was told Monday night at the school board meeting further consideration of expansion and remodeling plans for the Archbold school buildings has been tabled until after Jan. 1, 1986.

Virgil Miller, president, said the matter was postponed “given the current economic condition in the community.”

German Township Trustees learned Monday night the new fire department pumper truck should be in service next week.

Deaths–Orlen Burkholder, 81, Archbold; Mathew F. Elling, 14, Continental; Louise Short, 80, Syracuse, N.Y.

Michelle Laub and Gregg Skinner are qualifying AHS seniors in National Merit Scholarship competition.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–The government can’t balance its budget with the right to manufacture all the money. How do you expect to balance yours?… Ted Turner, Atlanta TV and cable network owner, claims, “Excessive television viewing can be detrimental to your mental health.”

Denver Stuckey was inducted into the Agriculture Hall of Fame at the Fulton County Fair, Aug. 31. Stuckey has contributed over 50 years of active service to agriculture in Fulton County.

Nolan Tuckerman, village administrator, said paving on the Walnut Street storm sewer project should start this week. Rain has held up progress.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1960

The Elmira Community Club dahlia and flower show Sunday attracted 50 entries made by 59 participants and several hundred guests registered to inspect the displays and exhibits.

Lugbill Bros., Inc., is planning the 23rd annual 4-H and FFA Show and Sale, Sept. 13-15. It is one of the greatest cattle events held in the Midwest.

Businessmen and industries in Archbold and nearby communities support the sale to encourage young people in raising and producing better livestock.

Archbold-German Township school boards will ask for renewal of a three-mill levy, plus an increase of two mills for current expenses.

The swimming pool in Ruihley Park will close at 6 pm, Sunday Sept. 5, for the season. Hot August days and ideal summer weather have contributed to many extra days of operation of the pool.

Leslie J. Nafziger has begun a three-year Pax assignment in Paraguay, South America, as an alternative to military service.

W. Dean Rupp was elected to Sigma XI. He will study pharmacology at Yale University under a U.S. Public Health Institute fellowship.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Schmucker, Toledo, returned Aug. 25 from a motor tour to Alaska. They also visited the Arctic Circle.

Roger Lauber, a member of the Junior Fair Board, will be responsible for the junior swine projects.

Paul Nofziger has three acres of tomatoes and will exhibit them at the Fulton County Fair. Ted Smucker will exhibit part of his corn project; Steve Grime will enter his ducks; Lowell Leu, his Hawkeye soybeans.

Jack Miller starts his first year coaching at Summerfi eld High School, Petersburg, Mich. Roger Schantz is head coach at Columbus Grove High School and an assistant in football and baseball. Schantz recently graduated from BGSU.

One man moving out of the coaching field is Phillip Buehrer. It is temporary, he claims. DeRoyce Hornish becomes head coach of wrestling and track and assistant football coach at Wauseon High School.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Sept. 4, 1935

All German Township schools begin Monday. German Township Board of Education members are George Rupp, Edwin Buehrer, John Leupp, Mrs. Joseph Short, and Mrs. J.E. Schlatter.

German Township school teachers are Ruth Winzeler, district No. 3; Wilma Stamm, district No. 5; Elzina Rupp, No. 7; Violet Spiess, No. 9; Lodema Spiess, No. 10; Grace Short, No. 12; Mary Winzeler, No. 13; Mary Stuckey, No. 15; Lodema Short, No. 16.

When aviators come down in fields near town to get a meal and warm-up, that sounds like present day automobile travel.

George Chard, a Chicago aviator, and his passenger, George Stetuk, Chicago, were on their way to the Cleveland Air Races and landed in a field on the Lloyd Myers farm at the south edge of town, Friday noon.

Oscar Gerken happened along in his auto. He gave the two young men a lift to town where they ate, warmed up and continued on their journey to Cleveland, where they thought they might enter the air races.

Elmer Rychener, living southwest of Archbold, is in the hospital at St. Catherines, Ontario, suffering with a fractured skull and other injuries received in an auto accident, Aug. 31.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 1910

Fayette is putting up 22,000 cans of corn each day. If frost stays away long enough, the tomato crop will keep them busy for some time.

Burglars are having poor luck. They carted away the safe of a Napoleon elevator and exploded it with nitroglycerine. They got very little money and left some valuable papers.

A group from here went west Friday night to attend the Mennonite conference at Flanagan, Ill.

When returning from the last meeting of the Veterans of the Mexican War at Fort Wayne, Ind., Conrad Gasche, 85, stepped off the No. 16 moving train at the Brunell crossing west of Wauseon, Wednesday evening, fell between the cars and was cut in two at the hips.

Only 28 attended the reunion at Fort Wayne. The youngest was 79 years old. They shed tears and decided it was their last reunion.

Helen, the two-year-old daughter of Albert Ruffer, who lives on the Stotzer farm, south of Archbold, fell in the stock tank and drowned Sunday evening.

A fast train struck two handcars west of Edgerton Monday morning in a heavy rainstorm. The 25 men on the handcars had barely enough time to escape with their lives. The smoke was thick and heavy in the morning.

Friday, Sept. 16, 1910

Young men thinking of establishing homes of their own complain of the scarcity of attractive rental houses in Archbold.

When the population of Archbold is published, we can see if the town has not grown more in wealth than in population.

After 18 years of service, Godfried Stuckey has quit his job as teamster at the grist mill.

Archbold schoolteachers want a more equal division of the work or more money. Some rooms are overcrowded.

All kinds of peaches are rotting on the ground on Catwaba Island, near Toledo. Boys are offered $1.25 to $1.50 a day to pick, but few are interested.

There will be no preaching services at St. John’s Reformed Church, Sept. 11 and 18. The pastor will be out of town.

Kerosene by the barrel 7 1/2¢, or 8 1/2¢ by the gallon.– Vernier, McLaughlin & Co.–adv.

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