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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Pettisville School Board interviewed three persons for the position of varsity boys basketball coach. Greg Nofziger received the contract.

In spite of rainy weather and humidity, festival guests flocked to the 21st annual Carp Festival over the weekend. The addition of fireworks was an exciting way to end the weekend. “I think they were a really huge success,” said Jennifer Kidder.

School board delayed a vote on the proposed bond issue, because Ken Cline, superintendent, said required paperwork wasn’t ready by meeting time.

Archbold Downtown Development Committee will host a meeting July 25 in the Legion Hall to gather input for a street and sidewalk rebuilding project.

Every year, the Archbold Rotary Club somehow loses its symbolic bell. And every year it turns up at the Archbold Lions Club auction, for Rotary to buy back. This year, Kevin Eicher received the bell from Lion Allan Kinsman, for a $250 donation to the auction.

The older, small gym at the Archbold Middle School has a new floor, but the cramped, old theatre-style seats will remain.

Patricia A. Shawberry, 1999 graduate of Wauseon High School, was elected chief resident-elect of the psychiatry department at Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, for a one-year term beginning July 1, 2000.

The following year she will take over the duties of chief resident of the department. She is the daughter of Vernon and Sharon Evers, Wauseon.

Officials at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio have discontinued outdoor recreation in one area of the facility.

Jared Kidder, 14 months old, shows off a balloon hat during Carp Festival, according to a photograph.

Deaths–Mary Ann King, 75, Stryker; Sherri Rae Netcher, 17, Archbold; Donna Mae Sheffer, 68, Wauseon; Marjorie S. Ruffer, 86, Archbold

Ryan Hoverman, AHS ‘99, was inducted in The National Society of Collegiate Scholars at OSU.

Dean’s List–Joslyn M. Roth, Wright State University; Mark Allison, Tara Schnitkey Brodbeck, Jeffrey Cooper, Bonnie Dominique Curry, Lavon Herschberger, Tara Stamm, Owens Community College

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, July 24, 1985

It looks like Archbold will be the overall winner in the 1985 version of the Carp Festival.

While many participated in events and activities, money made by the Lions and other clubs in the village will go back to Archbold.

George Jelen, Lions Club treasurer, said the club made about $2,800.

Wind and threatening rain brought a quick end to excitement about hot air balloon rides at Carp Festival.

The balloon was taken down about 20 minutes after it was test-raised. Pat Kennedy rushed to join balloonists to keep it from lifting off the ground.

Excitement mounts among Archbold High School band members as they get ready to don newly-arrived uniforms and march in the prestigious Michigan Thanksgiving Parade, at Detroit.

Current amended preliminary budget for the Fulton County Board of Mental Retardation is set at $1,242,559, up from a preliminary $1,198,753.

New equipment to improve a German Township fire truck is being purchased for over $6,500 less than trustees expected.

Doug Krauss grimaces as he enters the dunk tank during Carp Festival activities. Krauss was one of several who took the plunge, according to a photograph.

50th Wedding Anniversary– Lester and Letha Short Richer, Aug. 6, 1935

Mr. and Mrs. Arden Grime, Archbold, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hurst, Ridgeville Corners, spent three weeks in Europe and England.

Paul J. Grime, son of Arden and Mary, is living in Frankfurt, Germany, where he is completing one year of a vicarage assignment.

Aaron Babcock hurled the Little League baseball team to a 6-5 thriller over Pettisville in the league finals last week.

Breading delicious cod at the Carp Festival fell to Lions Club members. Filets are breaded by Jack Lugbill and John Short. Overseeing from the sidelines are Don Nofziger and Maurice Zaerr, according to a photograph.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–The best plans of politicians are often upset by four horsemen such as bribery, apathy, corruption, and decay…. You’re lucky if you can remember when, on hot July days, you had the pleasure of going to any one of three soda fountains in downtown Archbold and ordering a delightful chocolate soda or a banana split.

Dawn Burkholder, 12, was invited to appear and sing with Loretta Lynn’s show at the Delaware County Fair, Muncie, Ind.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, July 13, 1960

Archbold has a state champion. When Gertrude Hitt returned home from the two-day Ohio State Target Archery Tournament in Vandalia, she brought home the women’s championship crown. The tourney was held Friday and Saturday.

In the National Field Tournament at Grayling, Mich., June 27-30, Mrs. Hitt came in tenth in the nation, just one place short of the money.

Steven Pape, David Layman, Michael Grime, Robert and Bruce Lauber, members of Troop 63, will leave Monday for the National Boy Scout Jamboree at Colorado Springs, Colo.

Firemen were called to a roof fire on a chicken coop on the Harold Burkholder farm southeast of Archbold.

Norman Carlyle, Napoleon, reports the meanest thief. His 12-foot aluminum boat was chained to a tree. The thief cut down the tree and stole the boat.

Lawrence D. Blush bid $4,500 for the Charles Byroads home sold at auction in Stryker Saturday.

James E. Crowley, 32, Napoleon, lost his left arm in an accident Saturday when his auto was sideswiped by a truck on U.S. 24, in Florida.

Military address appears for Eugene Winfield.

A good crowd was on hand Tuesday evening to witness a comeback of girls softball to Archbold.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–One nice thing about retirement is that it makes laziness a virtue rather than a sin…. The Westbury, Long Island lad who refused a scholarship because he disagreed with the policies of the donor proved that freedom is a precious possession to a few of our modern boys…. Many from the Archbold community attend the annual Ohio Swiss Cheese Festival at Sugarcreek each year.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, July 17, 1935

Firemen went to the home of Clifford Leininger on Walnut Street Friday evening to extinguish the flames of an oil stove.

German Township has no indigent on the old-age pension list. The largest taxpaying township in the county has no applications for oldage pensions.

Council is still studying the pending rate agreements with The Toledo Edison Co., following a meeting last week.

Two hundred and sixtynine persons were killed on state highways during the first five months of 1935.

Swimming at Independence Dam, Defiance, is prohibited following the drowning of Ray Miller.

A 50-year average of weather reports from Columbus revealed that the second week in July is the wettest of the year.

Germany undertakes to establish a “family tree” for each of its 66,000,000 inhabitants, which means asking, answering, and writing down 10,000 questions.

Vincent W. Taylor returned from a month trip through the West.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, July 26, 1910

Beginning Aug. 1, the rate to telephone Toledo is 30¢ a minute. Every additional minute is 10¢.

In the United States there are 12,144,000 children who attend public school.

Wauseon has a new street sweeping machine. Horses pull it, officers ride it, and citizens cough and sneeze and call it bad names.

There is a new counterfeit $10 bill in circulation, which is made somewhere in the mountains of Kentucky. Look yours over carefully.

The Van Camp people would like to start a milk pickup car, but it will cost them about $7 a day to run it. They need to get enough milk from Archbold to make it pay. So let all farmers meet with Mr. Kennedy, the Van Camp representative, Saturday, and make a bargain that will leave more money in this neighborhood.

People who went to Western Canada to farm this season have been discouraged because of lack of rain. They say the spring wheat crop is mostly a failure and winter wheat promises little.

Tuesday, Aug. 2, 1910

After a successful tour of England, Amielia Bingham, the actress, is spending her vacation with her mother in Hicksville. She says the honesty and common sense life of a country town beats any kind of city living.

The German Township trustees will go to Toledo Thursday to deal for 1,000 tons of stone for the new Short road to connect with the Brady Township road.

German scientists have agreed that Mother Earth is about 70 million years old, and that man has been on earth for at least three million years. And each year some fanatics set a date for the world to come to an end.

The Fayette post office was moved to the new room in the Lyon building Sunday, where it will be dressed up with a new set of fixtures throughout.

Commencing Aug. 8, all Archbold dry goods and clothing stores will close at 6 pm., sun time, excepting Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.–adv.

When all the churches are united and all Christians can get along here on earth, and can peacefully travel the same road to the same heaven, perhaps the journey will be so pleasant here below that all need not wait until they are dead to be agreeable and happy.

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