Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Dennis Howell, village administrator, returned to FCHC for additional surgery June 27. He initially underwent emergency surgery June 19 for a ruptured appendix. Howell reported Monday he is feeling better.

Looks like all the rain won’t keep Cornelius Carp away from Archbold this year for the 21st festival Friday and Saturday. We’re doing the fireworks in honor of the year 2000, said Mari Yoder, assistant administrator of Archbold Chamber of Commerce.

Gas prices have fluctuated, reaching a high of $2.059 last month. Citizens are not the only ones feeling the bite. Public vehicles are having a tough time, especially the police departments.

Work is being completed to open the Quadco restaurant in Stryker, according to Bruce Abell, executive director.

Direct deposit ensures Social Security beneficiaries that checks get into bank accounts quickly and safely.

Allison Dowell, an area resident who is hiking the Appalachian Trail, is nearing or could be in Pennsylvania.

Deaths–Lawrence Bernath, 81, Archbold

Marilyn T. Gerken, 78, Wauseon, died Friday, after she was struck by a westbound Amtrak train.

Thirty-one Pettisville students and five Defiance students traveled to Spain for 10 days in June with their chaperones.

An editorial appears entitled “Downtown On Death Row.” The last paragraph reads: “It’s time that community leaders step to the line and make downtown Archbold a place of community pride and dignity.”

The Archbold Community Theatre production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” is coming to the air-conditioned Archbold High School Auditorium, July 7-8-13-15-16.

The set is designed by Karen Grieser, Pettisville, and is being built by Mike Short, Stryker. Charlene Barr, Pettisville, designed the costumes; Teresa Van Sickle, Archbold, is the stage manager.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, July 10, 1985

Rodney Nofziger, president, Pettisville Grain Co., says the number of acres planted in wheat is down. William Fricke, Sr., owner of Archbold Elevator, said test weights have run 62 to 64 pounds per bushel, which he called “terrific.”

Installing 911 emergency telephone service in Ohio “will involve cooperation among government agencies if the plan is to be implemented,” said Bernard Byers, of the United Telephone Company.

Harold and Dorothy Johnson have purchased the Archbold Bowling Lanes from Howard and Virginia Freeman, as of July 1. The Freemans owned and operated the lanes for 19 years.

“Northwest Technical College and Defiance College will receive approximately $2.5 million in state subsidies during the next two years,” said Ben Gaeth, state senator.

The Ohio Lottery turned over a record $338 million in profits to the general revenue fund during fiscal year 1985, as reported by Thomas E. Ferguson, state auditor.

Ohio Gas Co., has signed a letter of intent to purchase the natural gas properties of Defiance and Delta, according to J.L. Tuttle, president of Ohio Gas Company.

Deaths–Gladys Vonier, 86, Archbold; William Rettig, Sr., 94, Jenera, Ohio; Rex A. Nofziger, 27, Wauseon

Ned Rupp, Augusta, Ga., received the C.D. Whitaker scholarship at the University of Georgia Medical School. He is a senior and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Rupp.

75th Wedding Anniversary –Samuel and Eva Rupp Brawley, Fayette.

50th Wedding Anniversary –Willard and Clara Short Richer, Archbold

Joseph J. Przybysz, 39, associate pastor of Christ King Parish, Toledo, has been named pastor of the sister parishes of St. Peter Catholic, Archbold, and St. John’s, Stryker, beginning July 1.

Record attendance of 906 visitors was set on a non-festival day, July 6, at Sauder Village.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, June 29, 1960

Brownie Troop No. 4 had a taffy pull at the Robert Wilcox home Wednesday afternoon. Present were Bonnie Yedica, Suzie Heer, Joyce May, Mary Silcox, Linda Beck, Rita Reynolds, Peggy Wilcox, Carla Timmons, Cynthia Walter.

A photograph shows the 1913-14 basketball team: C.W. Waldvogel, coach; C.W. Sankey, Charles L. Gigax, Garold Spoerle, Hazen Ruffer, Russel L. Walter, Ralph O. Rychener.

Lauber Mfg. Co., closed Saturday for a two-week vacation.

Robert Starner, 16, Jonesville, Mich., and Gerald Nofziger, 25, Archbold, collided in their boats on Bawbeese Lake Saturday afternoon. The men were blinded by the sun when they hit.

Ira Buerge, employed by Sauder Mfg., Co., was taken to Wauseon Hospital after having caught his right hand in a saw.

A Fourth of July fireworks display of 40 minutes will be presented at the Fulton County Fairgrounds.

Council needs 15,000 yards of fill at the Sewage Disposal Plant site on Short- Buehrer Road.

Deposits in Archbold banks exceed $10 million, a new record in local financial institutions.

Several meetings have been held recently by members and parents of the Archbold Youth Canteen. Student officers are Robert Lauber, president; Joes. Doering, vice president; Elaine Gearig, secretary-treasurer; Garry Rupp, sergeant-atarms; Sheila Wyse and Connie Wyse, board members; Jerry Collamore and Natalie Wyse, alternate board members; Max Smith, senior advisor.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Old age is a time in a person’s life when he often falls in love with silence… The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not, said George Bernard Shaw…. History proves that every time several armies get through shuffling the cards, some kings are missing from the deck…. We live in a glass bowl and suffer because of it. Uncle Sam’s foreign relations are an open book.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, July 3, 1935

Ordinance No. 332 was passed. It prohibits the use of sidewalks for the display of merchandise, to leave them free for pedestrians. The ordinance was discussed at the last meeting of Community Commercial Club and approved by businessmen after a few changes.

There is a plan to electrify the rural district in Fulton County. Farm Bureau hopes to aid farm homeowners in obtaining service and federal aid.

Prospects for a damaging chinch bug outbreak following the wheat harvest are becoming more certain as the month of June progresses.

The village of Swanton is the third village in the county to ask permission to transfer funds to the general fund for operating expenses.

Archbold recently received permission to divert $1,000 and Wauseon, $2,000, to the general fund to meet expenses.

St. Peter Catholic Church had a special service Sunday, celebrating the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the first church in Fulton County. The first church was built on the site northeast of Archbold, where the Catholic cemetery is located.

Five Fort Wayne, Ind., boys are exploring the depths of Clear Lake, Lake James and other lakes in that section with a diving helmet they made. They expect to find enough lost outboard motors to repay their efforts.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, July 12, 1910

Leon Minnich, 32, Tedrow, appeared in court and agreed to pay $7 a week for the support of his wife and three children, living in Tedrow. He paid one installment and disappeared. He was located in Indianapolis, Ind., where he had married another woman. Judge Scott sent him to Columbus for three years. When he is out he must face a charge of bigamy.

Irvin Grime has become quite a detective since he moved to Wauseon. According to the Detroit (Mich.) Journal, he trailed a man to Detroit but lost him and was slugged and robbed in an alley.

When he came to, he rushed to the end of the alley and held a gun at the first man he saw, who happened to be a drummer that could yell for the police.

At the police station he told a mixed story. The police asked him where the gun was while he was being robbed.

Harry Hirsch succeeds in leasing to the council the old Winzeler Pond as a dump. It will fill a fever-breeding hole, provide the town with what is needed, and make valuable real estate of poor property.

A Defiance physician has invented a device with springs which will be a teeter totter for babies. Some people believe rocking a baby makes it lazy-brained and stupid.

Friday, July 15, 1910

J.H. Snyder of Rhinebeck, N.Y., was the guest of L.W. Gotshall, senator, this week. Mr. Snyder is known as the violet king of Rhinebeck. He is one of the few successful violet growers in the country, and ships the precious flowers to New York and Chicago. In season, shipments reach $1,000 a day.

W.F. Hubbell, of Wauseon, was the only passenger on the T&I car Monday night when it crashed into a car of coal on the night freight. Hubbell was thrown into the smoking room, receiving a broken rib and torn ear. The conductor was bruised. The motorman jumped in time to save himself. It happened just east of Wauseon.

Ten men in Newark are now in jail, charged with helping the anti-saloon league. Zanesville, another town where liquor was openly sold, is closing all drinking places.

Mrs. Fred Planson was taken to the Toledo Asylum from Stryker. She has been in very bad health and tried to destroy herself.

Lambert Grime and Oliver Wally, Wood County, pleaded guilty and was fined $25 and costs for selling bad eggs, which failed to hatch in an incubator.

During warm weather there is so much demand for water that it keeps the street commissioner busy cleaning out town wells and keeping pumps in repair.

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