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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, June 21, 2000

School board continued the necessary steps to put a bond issue for an addition to the Archbold High School on the Fall 2000 ballot.

After reaching third place, electrical problems forced Sam Hornish Jr., to drop to 20th at the finish in the Indy Racing League’s 500-mile race at Texas Motor Speedway, Sunday, June 11.

Mike Overmier swept all three races in the stock light class at Toledo, Sunday, June 11.

Dennis Howell, village administrator, is a patient at FCHC for emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix. He will be hospitalized several days.

Amber Gerig and Ben Frey took part in the fishing derby Saturday morning at Pettisville Friendship Days, according to a photograph. The pond was stocked with some big bass.

Fund-raising for a new sports complex at the Archbold High School is in the home stretch, said David Lersch, co-chairman of the Archbold Sports Complex Team.

For the past 50 consecutive years, two non-profit organizations, the Ridgeville Township volunteer fire department and American Legion Post 454, have cosponsored the Schuetzenfest in Ridgeville Corners.

“There’s so much that has stayed the same, It’s an absolute milestone. The glory really belongs to those two organizations,” said Eileen Stough, festival volunteer.

The downtown tornado warning siren wailed three times June 13, sounding the no-longer-used tone calling firefighters to their station to answer a call.

For the past 11 years, the Sunshine Benefit meal has raised over $120,000 in support of the expansion of Spiritual Life services and programs.

Carrying large, colorful banners and flags, about 200 adults and youths took part in Archbold’s March for Jesus on Saturday morning, according to a photograph.

Village officials estimate that the more than $1,000,000 Vine Street improvement is approximately one month ahead of schedule.

Average monthly Social Security benefit for a retired worker is $804.

Deaths–Gladys L. Morr, 80, Delta; Larry A. Short, 54, Archbold; Nadene L. Smith, 77, Stryker

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 26, 1985

Council learned two of its insurance policies have been canceled, but replacements have been found at a higher cost, according to Nolan Tuckerman, administrator.

Archbold Area Foundation completes its first fiscal year Sunday. During the last 12 months the Foundation has taken giant strides to become an important part of the community. A total of $43,459 has been received, according to Marvin Miller, president.

Archbold Industrial Park had its beginning about two years ago but its roots go deeper than that. A development committee was formed about four or five years ago, said William Lovejoy, mayor.

The first task of the group was to take an inventory of what sites were available for business and industry in the village.

Members of the Eldred Buehrer family are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Buehrer Welding Supply this week.

Bil-Jax, Inc., was granted variances to construct a warehouse on East Lugbill Road.

Eileen Baus, spokesman for Sauder Woodworking, Inc., said the company will construct 20,000 square feet on two levels for corporate offices. The addition is being built to the north of the present facility, and is expected to be finished by January 1966.

Deaths–Mary A. Short, 90, Archbold

Jim Frey canoed about 250 miles into the heart of Maine recently with an organization that provides wilderness experiences.

Earns Degree–Ann Grieser, AHS ‘62, St. Vincent Medical Center School of Nursing.

Natalie Rath was named second runner-up in the 1985 Toledo Miss Teen pageant.

Marlin P. Rupp was installed as pastor of Pine Grove Mennonite Church, Sunday, June 16.

Mark Chow and Jim Merillat have completed their second year of study at Asbury Seminary, Wilmore, Ky.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Near collisions of aircraft increased to a record 592 last year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration…. Most recent estimate of the world population is 4.8 billion, about 85 million more than one year ago…. People wearing black t-shirts are best targets for hungry mosquitoes.

Efrain Canales, Jr., was a semifinalist placing fifth in the Olympic National Finals Boxing Assn., at Peoria, Ill., over the weekend.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, June 22, 1960

Although delayed last week by flood conditions due to heavy rains, Archbold’s $995,000 sewage disposal plant is on its production schedule.

Betty Jo Scott received a master’s degree in music at Florida State University, June 4. She also received a music degree from the University of Arizona, June 1.

Wauseon’s hand-operated railroad gates were replaced by automatic ones. The old ones served the community 60 years.

Building plans for a proposed school for mentally handicapped children by the Fulton-Henry County Association for Retarded Children will be submitted to the Wauseon Zoning Commission within a few days.

The 86th annual convention of the Northwestern Volunteer Firemen’s Association at Defiance Saturday attracted 50,000 persons to see the parade.

Edwin Andrew Murbach, formerly of Archbold and now residing in Adrian, Mich., accepted a position as assistant instructor on the staff of Adrian College. He will teach freshman English.

Janis E. Peters enrolled in Columbus Business University for a private secretarial course.

Mrs. Donald Socie will speak at the Telephone Service Convention Friday.

Military addresses appear for Roger Miller and Gary D. Salisbury.

James Rice is on the honor roll at the University of Kansas.

Tennis lessons begin Thursday in Ruihley Park.

Fulton County has the largest number of animals killed by stray dogs.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–It may not be long before the cost of living will be priced out of the market…. Many old timers remember when the board of education was a shingle…. Most business clubs and organizations are like a sweater. You get out of them just what you put in them.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 19, 1935

The Archbold Buckeye newspaper and printing offi ce will move to its new location at 207 North Defiance St., in the heart of the business district, after 30 years over The City Drug store.

After many hard years of stair climbing and lugging everything up and down the steep, long stairs such as water, coal, ashes, machinery, paper, merchandise, etc., we are coming down to earth, or street level. And it’s a pleasure beyond words.

Because of the move, the Archbold Buckeye may be one day late next week, but it will be published.

Water was drilled for the new Fayette waterworks system. It promises to be a strong producer. Water was struck at 48 feet, and delivers 250 gallons a minute.

Commercial Club elected officers: E.A. Murbach, president; O.P. Kluepfel, vice president; Theodore Dimke, secretary-treasurer.

Archbold was put in the dark three hours last week, when a Toledo Edison hightension line was broken.

R.E. Chase found a stalk of wheat on the Gotshall farm that measured 5 1/2 feet.

Victor Merillat broke his left arm when he jumped off a truck, Friday, while working at the home of his cousin, Orville Short.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 28, 1910

The Agricultural Department of the State of Ohio has written the Buckeye asking if we want to make application for a Farmers’ Institute.

A 23-year-old brakeman fell from the top of a boxcar in the Lake Shore yards in Archbold, Sunday noon. One car passed over but did not touch him as he fell between and lay flat on the ground. His back was severely injured. He was taken to a Toledo hospital on No. 4 Sunday.

In a farmer’s lifetime he walks about 37,000 miles between the handles of a plow, but nowadays the only exercising he gets is pitching horseshoes during the noon hour and after supper.

The second section of eastbound freight 94, on the Wabash Railroad, was wrecked near the Bean Creek Bridge Sunday. Six cars were off the track and one derailed.

The state inspector told Archbold Council that a watchman is better protection at the crossing than a gate. The watchman will watch the people while the gate man would only watch the gates.

Gypsies do not stay long in Archbold. How people with good common sense can believe that such dirty, ignorant, trash can foretell the future is beyond understanding. People are smarter now than they were at any time in the history of the world, and yet none can tell what will happen tomorrow.

Friday, July 1 1910

Joseph H. Sell, a farmer living near Bluffton, lost a valuable hog. A dynamite cartridge accidentally became mixed in the feed and was discharged by the animal while chewing. It blew off its jaw.

According to the annual report of State Insurance Commissioner C.C. Lemmert, life insurance companies took out of Ohio nearly $20,000,000 more than they paid into it last year.

The new Presbyterian Church in Defiance has a smoking room, gymnasium, bathroom, ladies restroom and other attractive features.

There was much excitement in Ridgeville Corners when Mr. Conway, while riding his bicycle, was struck and run over by an automobile. Mr. Conway was put to bed.

Garrett, Ind., is about bankrupt. Citizens are subscribing to keep up the credit of the town.

Pasture sheep and cows separately. They don’t like to follow each other.

One turn across the field and back with the harrow may be the means of bringing you a crop that will make you rich. It is a good day’s work that counts.

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