Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Based on complaints by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Fulton County Department of Health, county officials are looking into a sewage problem in the Burlington-Elmira area.

County officials are in the process of applying for grant money to study sewer problems in the Burlington- Elmira area. Complaints of raw sewage in catch basins have been confirmed.

Edward L. Nofziger, rural Pettisville, and David L. Von Deylen, who lives near Ridgeville Corners, were named Northwest Ohio Year 2000 Entrepreneurs, and were honored Monday evening at the Valentine Theatre, Toledo.

Michael Bumb, county juvenile and probate court judge, was among three persons honored by the Four County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Services Board.

Don Spohler, vice president of academic and student services Northwest State Community College, was honored for his service upon retirement at an employee appreciation luncheon.

A five-column old photo taken at the 1938 Archbold Ladder Factory reunion shows most of the work force.

Deaths–Ellen Schrickel, 10 days, Archbold, daughter of Michael and Brigitte (Grime) Schrickel

Earn Degrees–Taryn Roynon, Archbold, magna cum laude, Taylor University; Connie Nofziger, Pettisville, Ashland Theological Seminary; Kyle David Spiess, Archbold, Michigan State University, with honors; Samuel Storrer, Tucson, Ariz., United States Military Academy; Nicholas J. Tule, Archbold, Milligan College, Tenn.; Jason Jones, Archbold, Emanuel Baptist Christian High School, Toledo, with honors

Dean’s List–Rebekah Rychener, Archbold, Anderson University; Jody Renee Grieser, Archbold, Huntington College

Sam Hornish Jr., reached third place when electrical problems forced him to drop to 20th at the finish of the Indy Racing League’s 500- mile race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Good news for home schooling: George Thampy, 12, Maryland Heights, Mo., won the national spelling bee by correctly spelling demarche, which means change of direction or policy. “My mom and dad taught me everything,” he said.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 19, 1985

Pettisville Local School rated favorably in comparison to other schools its size in a staffing analysis conducted by the Department of School Management. The report was presented to school board Tuesday night.

Pettisville per-pupil expenditures was $102.26 above the state average of $2,852. This is a 115% increase over the 1976-77 school expenditures of $1,325 per pupil.

A suggestion to use Park Board funds to help improve and maintain an industrial park, and a question about park board authority, were two major points of discussion at the village council meeting Monday night.

Paint and stain improvements for the facilities in Ruihley and Memorial parks were approved by the Archbold Park Board, June 12.

The board also gave approval to a summer gymnastics clinic, and asked for plans to be made for additional sidewalks in Memorial Park.

Employers contacted by the Buckeye report summer hiring of high school and college students is at the same level or down from a year ago.

Dave Bernath, a college student who works for the Archbold Street Department, applied striping to North Defiance Street Tuesday morning, according to a photograph.

Business and Professional Women officers are Fannie Nofziger, president; Carol Rupp, vice president; Sandy Miller, secretary; Kathy Grieser, treasurer; Frieda Nofziger, corresponding secretary.

William Lovejoy, mayor, appointed Rollin Purdy to the Archbold police force as a full-time patrolman.

Arrow Tru-Line is in the process of adding about 800 square feet of office space to its building.

Two Archbold residents were elected officers of the Sunshine Children’s Home, Maumee: Maynard Sauder, vice president; Luther Gautsche, treasurer.

Deaths–Sylvan V. Leininger, 72, Montpelier; Bernice Pugh, 40, Wauseon; Elaine R. Folger, 49, Gainesville, Ga.; Edgar M. Rice, 86, Hollywood, Fla.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, June 15, 1960

Dianna Nofziger is a contestant in the Fulton County Dairy Princess Contest.

Wilmer Dean Rupp, Jr., graduated cum laude with honors in chemistry from Oberlin College. He was elected to Sigma Xi, an honorary science fraternity. He was a junior counselor and played on the baseball team.

James O. Rice graduated from the University of Kansas in mathematics.

Lugbill Bros., Inc., assumed ownership June 1 of the Putnam Livestock Co-Operative Auction, held weekly at Columbus Grove.

Thomas Mekus graduated from Notre Dame University, June 5.

Larry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Riegsecker, Wauseon, hiked through Archbold Thursday on his way to Bryan. He was walking toward a 50-mile hike award for Explorer Scouts.

Bernard L. Garmire, chief of police of Tucson, Ariz., will address the Commercial Club Monday noon. His wife is the former Elizabeth Rupp.

Robert F. Nofziger shot an owl that had flown at his mother, Mrs. Frank Nofziger, at her home, 205 Park St., Friday evening. The bird, with a wingspread of two feet, swooped at her while on her back steps. The gray-speckled bird flew at Miss Emma Buehrer, a neighbor, a few nights previously. It is believed there are two owls in the neighborhood.

Archbold Ladder Co., C.L. Wyse, owner, has purchased a strip of land 23×125 of the New York Central Railroad.

Peewee printers, Rex Stanforth, Jeff Smith, and Bruce Stanforth, mix elation with type, ink, and paper, to announce “School Is Out.” They printed the sign in the back shop of the Archbold Buckeye.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Men are slow to learn because they seem to enjoy being uncomfortable…. People who talk so much about their sins are still in love with them just a bit…. If you live your life as if it were your last–some day you will be right.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, June 12, 1935

Robert Rupp will graduate from BGSU, June 10, in elementary education. He is a member of the man’s glee club, YMCA, Dehli Fraternity, and track team.

Because of increased demand, the Pet Milk Co., of Delta, has increased its purchases of raw milk to over 219,000 pounds average daily.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fankhauser and Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Fankhauser, who attended the funeral of a sister of Fred, at Humboldt, Neb., said the dust storms were not exaggerated.

Old farmers cannot remember when such crops of wheat, oats, and hay showed such prolific growth at this time of year.

Fulton County rural letter carriers had a meeting in Ruihley Park, Thursday evening.

C.B. Fankhauser has been appointed a member of the school board to succeed H.J. Walter. A.T. Desboeufs has been appointed clerk to complete Walter’s term.

Rich & Sons Oil Co., is the name of the firm now selling and distributing products of the National Refining Co., in this community.

Mr. Rich has installed large supply tanks near the NYC depot in Archbold.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 21, 1910

Archbold frames more pretty pictures than any town in Ohio. The Ohio Art Co., ships out framed pictures in railroad cars. Some citizens who prophesied that the market would soon be flooded forgot to remember that there are over a billion people on earth.

In case E.L. Downer receives a commission as postmaster in Archbold, he will resign the office of mayor, and George H. Britsch, who received the largest number of votes for councilman, will become mayor.

Two white trash men who live near Montpelier had a shotgun duel in the woods. Samuel Paine, 70, is in jail for peppering the face of his father-in-law, Charles Van Mason, 60, with bird shot.

The Van Camp people have been canvassing the territory south of town and have secured the promise of 354 cows, although that is not quite enough to make the 10,000 pounds they need to be profitable. They have decided to take a chance and start a truck pickup route in about two weeks.

A landscape gardener of Buffalo was brought to Wauseon to tell them how to beautify the town. He told how to improve the appearance of the church grounds, and said they should be tastefully decorated.

He said how wrong it is that the grounds are not beautified when the Bible speaks endlessly of beauty.

Friday, June 24, 1910

Seven hundred forty-two persons was the largest crowd recently in the Archbold Opera House. Better build a town hall for the future, and not for the present. Build an audience room to seat 1,200– something that can be heated, lighted, and rented without red tape.

It is now George H. Britsch who is mayor. E.L. Downer resigned the office of mayor Monday evening. Mr. Britsch was appointed to the office. E.L. Downer is arranging his bonds, moving his family to his new residence, and getting ready to receive the postmastership of Archbold.

Will Harper, of Wauseon, went into the ditch west of town, Tuesday, and his two passengers took a sky journey into a neighboring field, where they had plenty of room to pick a soft landing. Neither the automobile nor men were seriously injured.

A. Bailey will move into the Kramaer house. He intends to open a picture show in the Rink Hall. He comes from Wauseon.

Burkholder Bros., of Pandora, bought four head of horses in Archbold and took them away Wednesday.

W.A. Saunders, for many years superintendent of Stryker School, died in the State Hospital at Toledo, Wednesday.

Photographer Drake of Delta was in town Monday looking for a location for a gallery. Archbold probably is the biggest town in the state having no photographer.

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