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Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago
Wednesday, May 10, 2000

The Pettisville School Board declined to renew the supplemental coaching contract of Charles Nafziger, veteran PHS boys basketball coach.

The renewal of Nafziger’s contract was recommended by school district administrators. One board member put a motion before the group to renew the contract, but the motion died for lack of a second. Nafziger has been coach of the PHS varsity squad for more than 17 years, said Steve Switzer, school district superintendent.

Cara Yoder, Lindsay Miller, Teresa Eicher, Lana K. Nofziger, Heather Beck, and Ben Grime, AHS seniors, appear in photographs at the Friday night junior-senior prom.

Mosser Construction, Toledo, and Rupp-Rosebrock, Liberty Center, were the winning bidders for construction of the new Fulton County Administration Building in Wauseon.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, will be an extra special day for Keith and Heather Seiler, of Archbold. A miracle baby, Garret Alan, was brought into the world Oct. 31 via c-section, two and a half months early, after distressing medical complications.

A ribbon-cutting was held Friday, May 5, at Bil-Jax Rental & Wholesale Welding & Construction on Lugbill Rd.

The annual county big tree program is again being sponsored by the Fulton Soil and Water Conservation District and ODNR Division of Forestry. It runs through Sept. 1, 2000.

Work is continuing on the $1 million Vine Street reconstruction project, according to a photograph.

The home built by Four County Career Center students is on display May 21. It was built for Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Leaders, 1/2 mile south of US 24 outside of Napoleon on Henry Co. Rd. 16. It is the 60th new home built by the carpentry program.

Deaths–Brent A. Nicely, 35, Archbold

A motorist waits while Lila Myers, a crossing guard, helps a mother and children across Lafayette Street at the Pleasant Street intersection. In the photograph is one of the two new portable speed bumps purchased by the Archbold Police Department as a method of slowing traffic on Lafayette.

Drivers turn on Franklin Street to make a turn onto Stryker Street, obeying the new traffic signal which became operational May 8, according to a photograph.

Wayne Harris, formerly of Defiance, a CCNO inmate who walked away from his community service work site almost a year ago, was recaptured in Jacksonville, Fla., March 17.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, May 15, 1985

Architects showed plans of a model and plans for renovation, remodeling, and building an addition to the Archbold school building to School Board.

German Township Trustees took bids on rebuilding six miles of township roads. They also heard a request from the Archbold Fire Department for over $20,000 worth of additional equipment.

The Knights of Columbus Rebeau Hall on West Lutz Road is framed and roofed. The $185,000 project was started early in April with completion by late 1985.

Tim Dominique, a councilman, said the first term on council is a learning period, which takes time. After that, “You get out of it what you put into it.”

No election petitions for Archbold School Board or Village Council are in circulation, according to Pat Hallett, Fulton County Election Board official.

Wind blew clouds of dust while Bruce Rupp worked his father’s field west of Archbold, according to a photograph. The tool he used would be the envy of all his Amish Rupp ancestors.

David Rupp Sr., and Herman Britsch received Paul Harris Fellowship awards at the Archbold Rotary banquet in the Ruihley Park Pavilion, Tuesday evening.

Deaths–Alberta Croninger, 74, Wauseon

Mike Dominique, Bryan, and Joan and Bob Corkle have reopened the Archbold Laundromat on Stryker Street, under the name of C&D Fabricare.

Johann Sabastian Bach is impersonated by Charles A. Winzeler at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, Sunday morning. It’s the 300th anniversary of Bach’s birth.–adv.

Beth Wyse, AHS ‘82, has completed the American Trans Air training and will be employed full-time as a flight attendant. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wyse.

Bradley Miller, a freshman, received a dean’s award from Ohio Northern University.

School board accepted the resignation of Joe Furko, junior high track coach, and named him wrestling aide; Mike Kennedy becomes junior high track coach; Marlyn Krueger, junior high track coach; Junior Uribes, twoyear contract custodian; Tom Walker and Cuong Nguyen, custodial summer aides.

Fifty Years Ago
Wednesday, May 11, 1960

Peter Rupp, 71, an Archbold businessman for 48 years, has sold his interest in the Rupp Furniture Company to his son William G. Rupp, 25, who took possession Jan. 1, in corporate partnership with David P. Rupp.

A carload of beer on the NYC caught fire Friday at 7:30 am and Archbold firemen responded. A hot journal box was discovered by the train crew, who notified the Archbold telephone office, and local firemen were on the job awaiting sidetracking of the train. The blaze was extinguished shortly by water, and contents of the car were not touched.

A similar fire occurred the morning of April 10 during time of local church services. The hot box was extinguished at the depot yards in the same manner. This was a car of solid merchandise.

Fulton County is one of 32 counties in Ohio that are debt-free. Total debt of local governments in Ohio increased more than $177 million in 1959 to hit an alltime high of more than two billion dollars, the state auditor reports.

The Archbold Buckeye
was awarded honorable mention in general excellence by the National Editorial Association.

Robert B. Harris, 61, a night club operator at Napoleon, was found dead in his room above the club, Monday, May 2, by his son, Richard. The body was slumped on the floor with six bullets fired in it.

Farmland prices in the United States advanced to a new high last year, but the rate of advance was not so rapid as in other recent years, according to Ohio State University Extension economists.

The Zone girls softball team, coached by Don Hoblet, captured the league trophy for the fourth time.

Jim Fiser is a three-time record-breaker of the 440- yard dash. He formerly held the record at 55.6 seconds, established in 1958. His new record time is 53.4.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–We have a grandson who believes in a balanced diet–a hamburger in each hand….Not too long ago, politicians threw their hats in the ring. Now many of them talk though their hats.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, May 8, 1935

Archbold High School students who competed in scholarship tests and placed are Kathryn Hinderer, 3rd, algebra; Clifford Heer, 5th, general science; Kathryn Wyse, 6th, freshman English; Florence Fraas, 4th, sophomore English; Sarabelle Aungst, 3rd, junior English; Blanche Wyse, 4th, senior English; Martha Jane Bourquin, 11th, French; Naoma Fagley, 12th, junior English; Velma Stuckey 15th, Latin.

Bank deposits in Ohio gained over eight million dollars in the quarter.

Members of the Archbold Alumni Association will plan the 1935 reunion. Offi cers are Melvin Winzeler, president; Earl Bernath, secretary-treasurer.

Publication of the highest ranking students in the recent eighth grade tests of Ohio indicates Clifford Lauber of East Franklin school, RFD No. 1, Archbold, ranks 15th in the state.

Elizabeth Rupp graduated from nursing at Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, Ind., May 15.

L.F. Hellman, a mechanic, Sherwood, has completed a diesel motor and mounted it in an auto chassis that will do 45 miles on a gallon of gas and develop high speeds.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, May 17, 1910

The largest pay crowd ever assembled in the Archbold Opera House came Saturday evening to witness the play “Brookdale Farm,” put on by pupils of the Archbold High School.

All previous records were declared broken when $62.45 was counted as receipts at the door.

Editor Spaulding of the Stryker Advance
is in trouble. There was a mad dog at large Thursday. Spaulding and a lad of 14 were injured by the animal. The head of the beast was sent to Columbus and it was declared with rabies.

The 100 feet of new hose and the other repairs for the fire engine have arrived, and the Archbold fire department is now in first-class firefighting trim.

Eighteen auto cars are owned in Archbold.

They are making a ditch along the Lake Shore that is almost a young river. It ought to help drainage.

Tonight is the night when the earth goes through the tail of Halley’s Comet. Probably nothing unusual will happen. The comet will appear in the west in the near future.

Archbold High School held regular rhetorical exercises Wednesday afternoon. The program consisted of readings, recitation, songs and dialogues, which were well received.

Friday, May 20, 1910

Just as the Buckeye
prophesied, nothing happened when the earth went through the tail of Halley’s Comet Wednesday night. The comet will be worth looking for in the western sky just after sunset for a few evenings, and will grow dim as it travels away from the earth.

The tile ditcher is now at Carl Mohr’s. The machine has plenty of work promised for this spring.

Henry Nofzinger has invented a double-seal envelope that has some unusual features. It is one that cannot be opened by steaming and will show whether or not it has been tampered with. He is having his invention patented.

The Ohio Art Co., is moving into its new office building across the street. This growing institution is still crowded for floor space.

All teachers for the Ridgeville Corners schools have been rehired for the coming year.

The village schools close this week and the worries of the town mothers will begin.

Many citizens stayed up Wednesday night to see the Halley’s Comet. They saw little of it. The earth was passing through its tail, so it was invisible. Astronomers have about decided that its tail is no more than light.

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