Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2000

Council approved the last of three scheduled increases in water and sewer rates, Feb. 7.

Council discussed the extension of Lafayette Street from its current western terminus to Co. Rd. 24. Kevin Morton, councilman, said the street extension planning phase is on the schedule for 2001, but there is no definite date for the construction portion of the project.

The AHS mock trial team advances to state competition. Members are Hank Moon, Luke Yoder, Eric Hildreth, Ruth Dinius, Nick Kammeyer, Jacinta Nafziger, Jordan Grime, Barry Walsh.

Total agriculture receipts for Fulton County were $84,832,000 in 1998. Receipts for Ohio were $4.97 billion.

Sauder Village was the subject of an article in the premiere issue of a travel magazine.

Council approved action to speed the bidding process for a third addition to the North Pointe Estates subdivision.

Deaths–Drake Dominique, infant son of Trent and Angelique; Juanita Metzger, 72, Archbold; Jolain S. Kuntz, 65, Wauseon; Freida R. Reiser, 81, Wauseon

A photograph at the Wyse Commons swimming pool shows volleyball participants: Barb Miller, Phyllis Miller, Barb Baden, Wanda Wyse, Tina Thompson, Janet Trejo, Linda Clinger.

Jodi Crossgrove is serving as a student ambassador for Hesston College.

Winners of the Rich Ford Shoot-Out were Andy Beck and Ken Cline.–adv.

Sam Hornish, Jr., was 20th in Indy Racing League action, Saturday, Jan. 29, at Orlando, Fla.

The Mock Trial Team at AHS, coached by Bob Priest, government and history teacher, competed in the Lucas County District competition, Feb. 4.

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 1985

Council approved a street tree commission to look after Archbold street trees. Robert Durbin, councilman, chairs the commission.

Deaths–Jay A. Ziegler, 84, Archbold; Ruth Tanner, 78, Wauseon; Margret C. Perney, 80, Toledo; Stuart Hyatt, 77, Stryker; Bertha Rupp, 81, Archbold

A photograph shows AHS bandsmen revving up the Blue Streaks: Alan Sweinhagen, Scott Nafziger, Brian Horst, Shelly Seiler, Mark Coressel

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–– After a 16-month study, a task force of the American Society of Pediatrics suggests parents curb TV among children and will present the results to Congress…. Regular bricklayer wages in and around Washington, D.C., earn from $13 to $14.50 per hour…. Divers have located 180 50-pound bags of silver and bags of gold dust worth $400 million off the coast of Cape Cod, Wellfleet, Mass. The ship carrying the booty went down April 26, 1717. Her crew of 101 drowned in a nor’easter and deposited a fortune in the sand.

Walter Schoenhals has begun a two-year Mennonite Central Committee assignment at Whitesburg, Ky.

Corinna Goertz, 18, has been selected to compete in the 1985 Toledo Miss Teen Pageant. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Goertz.

Tuyet Nguyen, 10, said in the Kid Talk column she came to the United States from Vietnam with her mother, five brothers, two sisters, grandfather and grandmother, and several relatives when she was two.

A fire hydrant blew which caused a drop in water pressure Feb. 5. Over 200,000 gallons escaped on Beech Street.

Dean Nofziger, rural Wauseon, reported to the county sheriff 20 pigs were stolen sometime between Jan. 2 and Feb. 5.

Fifty-Years Ago
Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1960

Stryker council passed a resolution Jan. 28 and filed a petition with the Williams County Commissioners at Bryan, asking for the improvement of the Tiffin River in Ohio and Michigan as a joint project of six counties in the two-state area.

The 10th Quadri-County Science Fair to be held at Archbold March 25-26 is taking form. George Clark, director of the fair and head of the local science department, has been lining up more awards in the form of educational books, models, and cash.

Robert Fraas, AHS student, won second place in the recent School Press Project sponsored by the Fulton County TB and Health Association, according to David Springer, president of the association.

Wauseon council will issue $250,000 in bonds to extend sewage system lines.

The Joe Cowell home at the corner of West and South streets was seriously damaged by fire Friday evening at about 7 p.m.

Council appointed Gertrude Walters as village clerk to fill the unexpired term of George D. Mignin, deceased.

Ohio population gained 21.37% from Jan. 1, 1950 to July 1, 1959.

James O. Rice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Rice, is among 9,435 attending the University of Kansas. This is his senior year.

A community meeting will be held at the Elmira School Thursday evening at 8 pm. Entertainment will be provided by Marvin Merillat.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor–Sex continues to command a high interest rate…. Someone has defined gossip as letting the chat out of the bag…. At one time motorists placed a blanket over the auto radiator to help thaw it out on a cold morning and then put it on the hood when the car was parked.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1935

Archbold has the lowest tax rate of any incorporated village in Fulton County– 17 mills. Wauseon is a close second with 17.10 mills.

Archbold village was granted two of the four state highway traffic light permits allowed in Fulton County. Only two others, one in Fayette and one at Wauseon, have been officially approved by the state highway department.

Marshal Reed, Edgerton, reports fewer tramps stopping at the village jail over a year ago. Average now is two per night, while 12 were common a year ago.

A branch of The Winoro Canning Co., of Circleville is to be located at Wauseon, an option for the purchase of the old foundry building having been signed.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 1910

Wauseon council has decided to pave Oak Street.

The Broadway Gypsies bought horses in Archbold Thursday.

The Bryan steam laundry burned to the ground Monday morning.

At the regular Sunday evening service at St. John’s Reformed Church, the pastor will speak on divine healing, commonly known as faith cure.

A few good logs still come to Archbold. Two loads of the finest came Tuesday from the Mosher farm, ten miles south of Archbold.

Some improvements are planned for the property of the T&I Railway next summer.

Two little boys got into a fight the other evening because one called the other a Yankee. More than half the people in the United States are proud to be called Yankee.

Soon there will be three tracks on the Lake Shore Railroad, and fewer switches will be needed.

Tuesday the Archbold Buckeye brought the news of the terrible accident that befell Howard Wier at Wauseon 24 hours ahead of the daily newspapers and two days ahead of the county newspapers. Let that soak in.

Friday, Feb. 18, 1910

The Rowe & Rupp Company are livening up a dull season by offering rugs and carpets at a great reduction.– adv.

When burglars broke into the Delta Post Office Monday night, they found a sign in the safe, “This safe is not locked.” They discovered this information for themselves.

Horse buyers are still picking over the lot in this vicinity. It seems the more they pick the more they pay.

Masquerade Ball at the Rink Hall, Tuesday evening, Feb. 22.–adv.

The Opera House was well filled at all three performances Saturday evening.

A box social will be held on Friday evening, Feb. 25, 1910, at School District No. 16, German Township. Everyone welcome. Ladies please bring a box.–adv.

The meetings at Pettisville Union Church continue this week. Much interest is being taken.

In the mix-up near Hicksville, the hay press was no match for the automobile. The driver of the baler was thrown into the ditch and one horse was injured and killed. The auto was not retired.

The Charles Gould farm, east of Wauseon, brought $105 per acre at auction. George Rutz was the auctioneer.

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