Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2000

The Fulton County Heart Radiothon board has set a goal of $40,500 for the 2000 event. It is the largest goal ever.

Donna Eureste, Archbold, was elected president of the Quadco Rehabilitation Administration Board, Jan. 25. Eureste is the Archbold assistant village administrator.

Gene Metz, rural Fayette, and Elaine Prentiss, rural Delta, were elected supervisors of the County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Sandra Johnson Meier, Wauseon, is the new director of the Fulton County United Way.

Eight juniors and seniors from AHS took part in All State Choir, Jan. 27-29, in Cleveland: Josh Voll, Chad Grooms, Emily Nafziger, Jackie Cartwright, Nick Kammeyer, seniors; Josh Storrer, Lucas Yedica, Amanda Richer, juniors.

Deaths–Dinah Goldsmith, 101, Delta; Andrew Blosser, 5, rural Stryker; Heaven Lee Boger, infant daughter of Josh and Heather (Rychener) Boger, Grand Forks, N.D.; Celia Buehrer, 97, Archbold

Tiffany Litwiller, AHS senior, who plays flute in the AHS symphonic band, was selected a member of the Ohio New Band Music Reading Clinic at BGSU.

Ron Stevens was the winner in the Rich Ford Shoot- Out, Jan. 25. Dave Rohrs was runner-up. Joe Wanemacher was the winner Jan. 18, and Rick Kauzlick was the runner-up.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1985

A vision test is required when renewing a driver license.

Winter wheat does not appear damaged and livestock survived the recent extremely cold weather, said Dave Reed, county extension agent.

Dale J. Nafziger was elected president of the Ohio Dairy Products Association.

The legal firm of Rice, Plassman, Rupp & Hensal is interested in purchasing the alley on the north side of the Village Municipal Building, to enlarge its building.

The Fulton County Community Improvement Corporation has put forth a proposal calling for hiring a full-time industrial development specialist rather than employing the Mid-America Council for Economic Development.

Deaths–Gertrude Mae Clark, 96, former Stryker resident; Lula Miley, 91, Wauseon; Bertha Stotz, 87, Edgerton

Wendy Riegsecker and Fred Baer, AHS seniors, will play in the All-Ohio Band at BGSU in January.

Kevin Sauder, a sophomore at Duke University, has been selected a Fuqua Scholar.

Efrain Canales battled his way to runner-up in the Silver Gloves National Championship, in Peoria, Ill.

Michelle Laub has been nominated the Outstanding High School Junior at AHS.

According to Henry Kaiser, automobile manufacturer,

“Problems are nothing more than opportunities in work clothes.”

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 1960

In one of the most important sessions of council in the history of the village, council accepted bids for $365,000 in mortgage revenue bonds for the sewage treatment plant and lines.

Fulton County ranks first in the state of Ohio in cattle feeding. It ranks second in the 88 counties in poultry; third in truck crops, and sixth in corn.

For readers who like weather history, the Maumee River was frozen for the first time this winter, Jan. 24.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lindley and children; Mrs. Jonas Roth, and Lester Gericke attended the capping ceremony Friday of Sharon Lindley, who was among 45 graduates at Riverside Auditorium, Toledo.

Elias H. Frey bowled the highest three-game series in league competition at Archbold Bowling, Saturday evening, Jan. 30.

Burglars escaped with an estimated $20,000 from the Wauseon post office sometime Saturday night. The loss was discovered by Robert Ham, custodian, when he entered the office at 8 am Sunday morning, and notifi ed officials.

George D. Mignin, 72, village clerk, died suddenly Sunday morning in his home.

Sharyn Mekus and Maretta Britsch have been selected from the AHS band to play in a select All State Band at BGSU, Feb. 26-27.

Elmer Bechtel, Sr., found an enormous night crawler in the driveway of Leininger Home Supply, Jan. 27.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1935

Carl Eaiss shot his wife and Martin Switzer, then turned the gun and killed himself near Swanton, Wednesday morning.

Harley Loveland, Fulton County sheriff, is waging a campaign against one-headlight vehicles.

Firemen were called to the Buehrer residence southeast of town, where flames were discovered on the roof Wednesday evening. R.E. Chase owns the house.

The Lauber Merchantile Company has decided to continue in business. If such a grand department store building had become idle, or had turned into a factory, it would have taken from the value of each and every holding in the village.

Ore E. Lauber has spent a lifetime in the business, and has carried on to the second and third generation.

Paul Short, son of Mr. and Mrs. P.C. Short, West Unity, formerly of Archbold, is a page at the Democratic state headquarters in Columbus.

Paul has many duties, chief of which is carrying messages to the governor’s office and to newspaper offices.

A manager’s sale was held last week at the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., grocery store, in Archbold. It is under the management of Charles Bourquin and his brother Gladwin. They won first prize in the district.–adv.

Section 939 of the postal law says mail carriers shall not accept money to pay postage on letters tendered to them for mailing.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Feb. 8, 1910

School District No. 8 was entertained by their teacher, Miss Ethel Spaulding, Friday evening. The evening was spent with music and games. Light refreshments were served, and everyone had a fine sleigh ride.

It is burglary to break into a wire-fenced pen and steal corn. Boyd Fitzimmans must pay a $1 fine and spend five months in the Toledo Workhouse for the crime against George Clifton, near Wauseon.

William Mohr was awarded first prize for the best six ears of corn in competition with 57 Fulton County best corn raisers. Mohr’s six ears weighed 5 pounds and 5 ounces. They sold at auction for $1.10.

Marshal Snyder was imposed upon by several tramps Sunday morning. He told them he was going away Sunday and told them to move out Sunday morning, but they had a good time in the calaboose about all day. Hereafter, tramps will be locked in at night and put out during the day.

Thousands of farmers will attend the third annual Cement Show in Chicago, Feb. 18-26.

Forty-five years ago this month, the Federal army with victory written on the banners, marched into Richmond, Va. The city was evacuated by general Robert E. Lee.

Friday, Feb. 11, 1910

You may travel a long way until you find a larger or brighter moving picture than in Archbold. The local plant has 220 voltages instead of the usual 110. It makes twice as bright a picture as others.

West Unity had a fire Thursday that looked like the old-time firebug brand. Fire was discovered in the Petit building adjoining the hardware store of Leon Charpiot.

Race fans propose that businessmen in Fulton County subscribe a purse of $1,000 to stimulate horse racing at the Ottokee County Fair.

There are no idle farms around Archbold. There are many in eastern Ohio and thousands abandoned in the East.

August Ruihley has been studying libel law with a view of beginning suits against those who he believes circulated untruthful stories about him before the recent election.

The railroad commission has ordered the Wabash Railroad to take cans of milk from all its stations for farmers and that the railroad company must load and unload the cans.

Fayette’s new electric lights were turned on last Wednesday. The Fayette Review says the town doesn’t look like the same old place.

There is no foundation to the rumor that the Archbold Telephone Co., intends to increase present rates.

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