Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 1997

Headlines- Seven Trying For School Board Seats; Four Running In Pettisville Race… Former Archbold Resident Zapien Dedicated To Service.

Jim Wyse, president of Rotary Club, presents a check for $1,270 to Jennifer Kidder, Parks and Recreation director, to buy a tire swing for Ruihley Park.

A conservative appraisal prepared by Short Agency, says the village-owned building at the north intersection of St. Rts. 2 and 66 is worth about $190,000.

Sephora Kline, Napoleon, was hired Oct. 20 by the Quadco administrative board, as a full-time job developer.

Deaths- Virginia Aschliman, 67, Wauseon; Thelma Ball, 79, Ewing, Va.; Viola Hernandez, 72, Napoleon; Mabel E. Kinsman, 93, Archbold; Lovella Malone, 82, West Unity.

Adam Lauber grew up in a family of fire fighters. Today, Lauber is starting his fifth season as a fire fighter with the National Forest Service.

Thomas McLennan, Jr., has joined the staff at the Evangelical Mennonite Church as director of Christian Education.

Headlines- Top-Ranked Streaks Win NWOAL Again, Advance To District… Volleyball Blackbirds Win Sectional Title… BBC Left Birdwatching As Leatherman, Cordes Crowned CC Champions… AHS Girls, Buehrer On To Regionals… Council Passes Snow Ordinance…. No One Attends Hearings.

AHS Class of 1957 met at the Heritage Inn for its 40th class reunion.

Members of Park Board are considering purchasing a small diesel-powered tractor, instead of a small utility truck.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 1982

Isabel Crossgrove was elected to fill a vacancy on the Northwest Ohio Hemophilia board of directors.

A total of $1,900 was cleared by Post 311 at an auction Oct. 16 from a morning bake sale. About 75 bidders made their way to the Legion Hall to bid on numerous items supplied by Archbold businesses, industries, and individuals.

Ohio Gas Company will close its office in Wauseon effective in January.

Deaths- Elmer G. Leu, 82; Beulah Grimm, 69; Anthony W. Taylor, 13; Glen L. Rychener, 66; Vernon H. Lerch, 74.

An EMS run Oct. 20 started as a routine call. The EMS was called to Sauder Woodworking where Mrs. Terry Brubaker, Napoleon, suddenly went into labor a month early. Bruce Bernath and Bruce Bly assisted in the breech birth, which is not the standard EMS call. Mother and baby were in good condition when examined by a physician at Archbold Medical Group.

Todd Rupp played Alberic of Rheims in “Abelard and Heloise,” Oct. 20-23, at Otterbein College.

Mutterings, by Orrin R. Taylor- A movement toward a four-day school week started in sparsely settled western states…. Ford Cullis of the Bryan Times writes, “It’s hard to have fun in old age. In real old age it’s hard to remember having fun.”… Does it intrigue you that the Shakers were the first to use metal pen points, those items so necessary for us who tried to become proficient in Spencerian penmanship…. In searching for truth, is it a fact that the private U.S. economy is a $3-trillion enterprise?

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 23, 1957

Giant potatoes are among the garden giants in the Buckeye window this week. A Katadin potato, 3 1/4 lbs., was raised by Donald Bernath & Sons, and a sweet potato weighing 3 1/2 lbs., by Mrs. Walter Riegsecker.

Headlines: United Community Fund Drive Is Half Completed; Aid Thirteen Charities…. National Science Fair Goes To Flint In 1958…. School Closes Friday For Teacher’s Meeting…. Streaks Lose to Delta

Archbold High School Alpha roll, grade twelve: Bernadine Beck, Nadine Gisel, Ruth Ann Miller, Susie Murbach, John Rich, Betty Lou Roth, John Rupp, Bonnie Short, Bud Stuckey, Burdell Stuckey, Kriss Stutzman, Shirley Wyse. Grade eleven: Leotus Amstutz, Doris Miller, Elaine Kauffman, Roger Roth, Patty Rufenacht, Byrdalene Wyse. Grade ten: Valetta Aschliman, James Fiser, Bob Fraas, Sally Huffman, Cara Lou Schrock, Betty Schultz, Linda Short. Grade nine: Lois Hall, Janice Harper, Christiana Haubold, Karen Peters, Dee Ann Rupp, Larry Rupp, Jo Ann Schrock. Grade eight: Bonnie Fraas, Mary Jimenez, David King, Sharon Schantz, Joyce Short, Rachel Sigg, Louise Stuckey, Roberta Taylor, Richard Weires, Connie Wyse. Grade seven: Jerry Collamore, Gene Grime, Larry Holland, Judith Sauder, Shiela Schmucker, Karleen Springer, Pamela Taylor, Tamara Taylor, Elaine Weyandt.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1932

C.F. Murbach, M.D., Archbold, received a fellowship in the American College of Surgeons, at the Hotel Jefferson, in St. Louis Friday evening.

Hundreds of people attended the Zone corn husking competition Wednesday morning. After a thirty-six hour rain, weather conditions became favorable for Fulton County’s great Corn Field Day.

Dedication of the new high school building in Metamora is Nov. 3. The building was completed in time for the fall school year.

Maynard Rufenacht fell down at school Tuesday and broke his right arm. He is getting along well at this time.

M.A. McCone, evangelist of McComb, Ill., is the featured speaker at the Defenseless Mennonite Church beginning Oct. 30.

Nelson H. Rupp discovered his Model A Ford stolen from the streets in Archbold Saturday evening while he was shopping. Mr. Rupp parked the car just south of the Stotzer Hardware Co., at about 8 pm. No trace of the auto has been found.

Next year’s automobile license plates will be orange with black letters.

The leader that gets too far ahead of the procession becomes merely a one-man parade.

If times will be just half as good as politicians promise us, won’t we be happy to see the silver lining after Nov. 8.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1907

It is not sufficient for saloons to display signs, “No Minor Allowed.” The saloonkeeper may have the youths arrested for loitering.

The medicine show troupe that came to the opera house Wednesday night to stay two weeks disappeared Friday morning. Five people with hall rent, hotel bills, railroad fare, and salaries to pay could not make enough profit and pay bills with the $1.50 taken at the door.

David Rupp, minister, who is missionary-bound for West Africa, left England Oct. 11, on a British vessel bound for Serra Leone.

The Lyons Exponent has ceased publication for the great American reason. “It doesn’t pay.” It was in its fifth year.

The new Depot Street pavement will be open for traffic next week.

Don’t cry when your friends leave for California. Since we have rapid transportation it is no farther from Archbold to California than it was from Archbold to the grist-mill at Maumee, and not nearly as dangerous. It took four days to go to the Maumee mill. It now takes four days to go to California by railroad.

The state of Texas is bigger than the entire German Empire. It is as long as from New York to Chicago and as wide as from Archbold to the Gulf of Mexico. It is bigger than the combined states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

100 Years Ago

Friday, Nov. 1, 1907

For the first time in history the Ottokee Fair made a profit of $800. Total receipts were $6,200.

Tuesday is Election Day. The vote is the most powerful weapon Americans possess. Don’t brood about the sins of government if you fail to vote.

The old gentleman who continually sneers at the logs brought to the Archbold Mill, which he calls “poles,” got his answer the other day. A bystander informed him that the poles are worth four times more as were the finest logs of twenty-five years ago.

The Lake Shore Railroad is eighteen cars behind its orders for Archbold. This is more than usual. Shippers have been taxing the loading track and some teamsters have become very impatient.

Many bohemian beet weeders have been named by their employers. Their names are foreign and unpronounceable to Archbold people. The farm bosses call them what they like and they accept the name with honor.

There will be no shortage of the sauerkraut crop. Cabbage is solid, comes in big heads and promises to have the proper smell. German Township soil grows cabbages in abundance.

The T&I Railroad is building a siding in Archbold near the Gotshall Pond.

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