Archbold, OH

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2000

Peter D. Short, sworn in Monday night, Jan. 3, as Archbold mayor, appeared poised, comfortable and confident. He said, “I think I will be a little reserved in my public comments, simply because I’m not interested, and my wife is not interested, and I suspect the public is not interested, in what Mr. Short has to say every week.

“I see my biggest function as the visionary person of the village. Thinking of those issues that should be addressed, and coming up with some proposed solutions before we go to the meeting.”

The Archbold Area School District had the best results of any in the county in the State of Ohio school district rating system.

A photograph shows New Year’s Eve revelers at the home of Bob DeVries, watching the ball drop on the flag pole.

Fred Witte and Mari Yoder now serve as co-administrators of the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce. The new positions were announced by AACC earlier this week.

Hit Archery is featured in the winter edition of Instinctive Archer magazine.

Dave Hancock was named chairman of the board of the Ridgeville Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Scott Miller, rural Ridgeville Corners, was appointed to the board of directors of the German Mutual Insurance Company, Napoleon.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1985

Archbold income tax collection for 1984 reached a new all-time high of $1,285,141.63. The 1983 total collected was $997,640.47.

It cost $10,163,672,87 to run Archbold last year. Council approved a sewage rate increase of about 7.5 percent and approved the sidewalk ordinance after three readings. The new ordinance allows a maximum elevation of three-quarters of an inch between sections of sidewalk.

A.C. Fischer resigned from his position on the Archbold Cemetery Board.

“Unlike many other villages,” mayor Lovejoy said, “Archbold’s finances are in good condition, and that’s today’s good news.”

Fulton County Commissioners approved a $15.2 million budget Monday afternoon.

Local school districts have received their share of over $45.7 million in Ohio Lottery funds from the state.

Water, mud and cold were part of the first annual Archbold Mud Bowl played New Year’s Day in Ruihley Park. Two former Blue Streak athletes, Kevin Morton and Tom Walker, slipped, slid, and splashed their way through the contest, according to a photograph by Kent Schrock.

The first unit in the Fairlawn independent living duplex group is open to the public Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 1 to 5 pm.

The Phoebe M. Schrock farm, northwest of Wauseon, was sold at estate auction for $174,170.50 to Wayne Schrock.

Fifty Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 1960

Ernest C. Mohr, Sr., new Archbold mayor, members of the council, solicitor, clerk and treasurer met Monday evening and organized for the New Year.

Merchants are holding their January Clearance Sale this week.

Eleven members of the Christian Youth Club at Archbold attended the threeday Capitol Teen Convention at Washington, D.C., Dec. 28-30. Attending were Sally Short, Marlene Rupp, Judy Aeschliman, Joyce Kingsburg, Dee Ann Rupp, Sam and Virgil Roth, Wayne and Arnold Mast, Denton Wyse, and Peter Nofziger.

The Ohio public school system has entailed an expenditure of nearly two and one-half billion dollars in state funds during the last 40 years.

By a vote of 6-1 to suspend rules for adoption, the Defi- ance council passed a one percent income tax for five years as a means of raising money to meet city expenses.

Liechty Farm Equipment will hold its annual John Deere Day next Wednesday.

Swanton recently organized the Industrial Corporation, which sold $20,000 of its $25,000 stock issue, and has acquired land outside the village to attract industry.

Janet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Myers, left Dec. 28 for Mexico City, where she will study Spanish. She will return in March.

Randy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kauffman, broke his left leg just above the ankle. He fell Thursday while climbing a fence.

Orrin R. Taylor, of the Archbold Buckeye, was speaker at the meeting of Edgerton Rotary Club, Wednesday.

Seventy-Five Years Ago

Wednesday, Jan. 2, 1935

Starting date for the new 3% Ohio sales tax is Saturday, Jan. 21.

The sudden sleet storm Friday noon coated streets and sidewalks with ice and caused two residents broken bones. Sarah Levy broke her right arm at the elbow when she fell on the ice-covered porch on Stryker Street. J.S. Fenstermaker fell on icy steps leading from the rear porch on Holland Street, and broke his left arm above the elbow.

At the community Christmas program, members of the American Legion presented 300 treats to children and adults.

The Toledo & Indiana Railway Company will replace old rails and ties next spring. New trolley wire will be replaced.

Three hundred and five students and 35 from nearby counties received Bible school instruction at the Central Amish-Mennonite Church, north of Archbold, during the Bible conference just ended.

The Community Chorus gave a Christmas candlelighting service at the Stryker High School auditorium, Tuesday evening.

Boards of trade and chambers of commerce in surrounding towns are weeding out the non-advertising merchants. They claim that those who do not advertise to bring trade to town, have no moral right to stay in business by grafting what business it can from the efforts of the merchants who spend hard-earned money on advertising to attract trade.

100 Years Ago

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1910

John Munro was called to Wauseon to testify in the case of William Ruihley and his family troubles, which is being handled by attorney Fowler.

Ruihley is in a peculiar position. It appears his wife and children have turned against him, and by means of litigation are about to ruin him financially.

The issue of sprinkling streets with oil prepared for the purpose is creating considerable interest throughout the country and has been successfully tried in several cities. Representatives of the Standard Oil Company are visiting different localities endeavoring to interest those in authority to give the matter consideration.

Watch for the Archbold rural route mailmen in their new blue-gray uniforms.

The cement tile factory at Wauseon has been purchased from John F. Dimke by a group of Archbold men consisting of W.H. Saunders, Ora and Jesse Saunders, and Elmer Lauber.

The sexton of the Morenci Cemetery was found dead near a grave he was digging. Daniel Sweet had been dead two hours when found.

Toledo grocers are buying and selling eggs, potatoes, and all things by the pound. It is really the only proper way to do business.

Friday, Jan. 14, 1910

John Sechwover, better known as “Hotel de Tree,” died of exposure at the Wood County infirmary last week. He got his name in Archbold when he made his home in the park.

He was afflicted with bronchial trouble and found an outdoor life beneficial, so he lived in the open, tinkering and trading horses. He originally came from Tiffin, and has children in Sandusky.

He drew a pension for services during the rebellion. He left an estate of $20,000 consisting of bonds, money in the bank, and 160 acres of land in Huron County. One of his daughters is the wife of a prominent New York politician.

Mr. and Mrs. David Kleck entertained a party of young sleigh riders Sunday evening.

A Visit to Yellowstone
is the feature attraction at the Lincoln Theatre Saturday evening. See it as if you were there.

While lifting a car at Stryker, the handle of a hydraulic jack attacked him and broke three ribs for Paul Peugeot.

Weston the walker intends to make another attempt to cross the continent in one hundred days. He thinks his failure was due to hot weather, so he will take another chance in the early spring. He intends to leave Los Angeles, Feb. 1.

F.E. Grime sold his barbershop to Clarence Fankhauser.

This is the kind of winter grandfather talked about. A foot of snow has fallen and continues building.

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