Archbold, OH

Giving The Gift Of Life



With Christmas less than one week away, area residents had the opportunity to give the greatest gift of all– the gift of life.

Almost 1,000 persons had their cheeks swabbed and registered to become potential bone marrow donors in a bone marrow drive called “Match For Maddy,” Saturday, Dec. 15, at Archbold High School.

“Maddy” is nine-year-old Madison “Maddy” Lambert, a fourth grade student at Archbold Elementary School. She has fought leukemia since 2009, and on Nov. 21, discovered she had relapsed for the second time.

Her next step is a bone marrow transplant.

A full-blooded sibling offers the best chance for a match, but Maddy’s sister Julia wasn’t a match. So Jennifer Hurst, Maddy’s fourth grade teacher, took action, and with the help of others organized the Dec. 15 bone marrow drive.

All potential donors had to do was fill out a registration form and have their cheeks swabbed. No needles, no pain– and less than 15 minutes out of one’s life.

Less than 15 minutes to possibly save someone’s life, whether it’s Maddy’s or someone else’s. Donors will stay on the national registry until they turn 61, so even if they don’t match with Maddy, they could be a match with someone else who needs a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

During a week in which the worst was seen, with 27 innocent lives lost at the hands of a gunman in Newtown, Conn., little Maddy Lambert has once again found the love and support of thousands of friends, family, and strangers in her drive to beat cancer.

What more appropriate way is there to celebrate the birth of Jesus than to potentially give the gift of life to others.

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