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Giving Thanks

Please Help At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time we gather around the table with beloved family to enjoy a hearty meal and the companionship of one another.

As we gather brothers and sisters, children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren around us, we take stock and give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy. Even if your means are modest, or circumstances difficult, there are many who have less.

There are those who lack such basics as a warm, dry, safe place to sleep, adequate food, or appropriate medical care. We may not see them; or we may see them, but not realize their struggle; we may know their problems, but be unsure of how to help.

There are a number of reputable charities who assist those in need, who need your support.

Just a few include Shepherd’s Circle (22396 St. Rt. 2, Stryker), Friendship House, (P.O. Box 53237, Pettisville), Noah’s House (P.O. Box 53074, Pettisville), FISH Food Pantry (P.O. Box 5, Archbold), and Archbold Tuesday evening community meals (Community Meals, c/o St. John’s Christian Church, 700 South Defiance Street, Archbold).

When you have a moment to count your blessings and give thanks, think of those in need, and please do what you can.