Archbold, OH

Giving Cardiac Arrest, Other Victims Their Best Chance

When a person suffers sudden cardiac arrest, the clock starts ticking.

When a person is choking, the clock starts ticking.

When a heart goes into the rapid, irregular contractions of fibrillation, the clock starts ticking.

As the clock ticks, the chances of a full recovery diminish. As the clock ticks, life slips away.

What is needed is immediate intervention. Not when the ambulance arrives, not when the person gets to the hospital; intervention must be instant, by bystanders, people on the scene when the crisis happens.

In Fulton County, there are now more than 3,000 people with the little bit of training necessary to know what do when sudden cardiac arrest, choking, or fibrillation occur.

That didn’t just happen. It’s the result of a lot of effort on the part of many people, including Archbold’s own Rod Cheney, who has been teaching simple courses in lifesaving skills for several years.

Cheney, a paramedic and director of the county Emergency Medical Service, is personally driven to teach as many people as possible how to save a life. His commitment to that goal was recognized recently as he received a “Healthcare Hero” award.

In Fulton County, when the clock starts ticking, those 3,000 trained individuals can give a person their best chance to survive.

Those 3,000 people can stop the clock.

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