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German Twp. Trustees Approve Road Repairs

German Township Trustees will accept road repairs in the Burlington-Elmira area, following last year’s sanitary sewer project.

The trustees met Monday, Aug. 13, with Tom Lingvai, of Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, project contractor, and the Fulton County Commissioners. The meeting included a walkthrough of the roads in Burlington.

Lingvai said workers will reseal some cracks.

Dean Genter, Fulton County commissioner president, said the roads were put back “in as good a shape as they could be.”

“I think they went beyond the call of duty,” said Randy Ruffer, trustee president.

Kenny Cowell, of the Fulton County Sanitary Engineer Office, went through several “punch list” items with Lingvai officials.

There is an issue over penalties the company needs to pay for missing some deadlines. Joe Short, commissioner, said the matter is not resolved.


Trustees held an executive session about ten minutes to discuss personnel.

When the meeting reconvened, Mari Yoder, township fiscal officer, said Marvin Nafziger, township zoning inspector, resigned, effective Sept. 30.

Co. Rd. 24

The trustees have tentatively established $150,000 as the amount they are willing to invest to resurface Co. Rd. 24.

The trustees, with the help of the Fulton County Engineer Office, are seeking grant funding, up to a maximum of $175,000, for the project.

The trustees discussed the balance of the road funds, which Yoder estimates at about $300,000. She said some of the money is earmarked for ongoing projects.

“You probably have up to $200,000 you can allot (to a Co. Rd. 24 project) but you could only do basic maintenance. You couldn’t do any major projects,” she said.

The minimum price for a major project, such as applying tar and stone to roads, is $85,000 to $100,000, Yoder said.

The trustees also discussed the status of a sidewalk project in Pettisville.

Plans call for sidewalk construction on the west side of Co. Rd. 19, in Clinton Township.

At issue is whether trustees can participate in a project built in another township.

No decision was made.

Trustees changed the date and time of the next meeting to Monday, Aug. 27, at 7 pm at the township garage. They will meet with a representative of the Fulton County Engineer Office to discuss the Co. Rd. 24 project.- David Pugh

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