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German Township In Line For Rd. 24 Repaving Grant

The German Township Trustees are in the final stages of securing a $150,000 Ohio Public Works Commission grant to repave Co. Rd. 24.

Randy Ruffer, township trustee, said the project has been approved for a $150,000 grant. The final hurdle is approval of the state budget.

Trustees have been working on the grant project for several months. Their application calls for a two-inch layer of asphalt on top of the existing surface from Co. Rd. D to US20A, a distance of over three miles.

Cost of the project is estimated at $300,000, Ruffer said. The trustees will need to provide a $150,0000 matching payment.

Ruffer said if the state legislature approves the budget and the grant comes through, work will start after July 1.

“It will probably be an August project,” he said.

Keith Short

Keith Short, township fiscal officer, was sworn into office at the Monday night meeting. Mari Yoder, who has held the position, turned over the township records to Short.

The trustees also authorized Dan Leininger, township road supervisor, to construct a new driveway at the Johnson cemetery.

They also discussed changing an under-road culvert in Goll Woods. Leininger was directed to investigate the cost of circular and elliptical culvert pipe.

Road Maintenance

Leininger presented a list of roads that need attention to the trustees. The trustees are to drive the roads, then discuss them at their next meeting, Monday, April 14, 7 pm at the German Township Garage.

Roads recommended were
•Co. Rd. 24, from Brush Creek to
•Co. Rd. G, grind intersections of Co.
Rd. 24 and US20A.
•Consider applying coating to Old
Mill Run and streets in Burlington.
Tar and chip:
•Co. Rd. 20, from Co. Rd. A to Co. Rd.
•Co. Rd. 20-2, from Co. Rd. B to Co.
Rd. C.
•Co. Rd. 25, from St. Rt. 2 to the dead
•Co. Rd. 26, from Co. Rd. E to Co. Rd.
•Co. Rd. E-F, from Co. RD. 26 to the
Williams County line.
•Co. Rd. F, from Co. Rd. 19 to new
•Co. Rd. F, from Co. Rd. 22 to Co. Rd.

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