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Generosity Builds New Fairgrounds Fire Station

The fire trucks and ambulances working at the Fulton County Fairgrounds have a nice, new home.

Constructed by the Fulton County Fireman Association, the building was originally estimated to cost nearly $300,000. Because of donated money, materials, and labor, the building was ready for the fair at a cost of about $120,000.

The building was built without a dime of taxpayer money. That speaks well of the commitment of county firefighters and their desire to provide fire protection and rescue service to fairgoers, without reaching into taxpayer pocketbooks.

It also speaks well of the building suppliers, contractors, and others, who donated materials and labor to build the station. Without their support, the project would never have happened.

The service provided by Fulton County firefighters has earned great public respect to receive such support.

The firefighters are doing their part in raising donations. They’re selling shirts, holding fund-raisers, and raffling a pickup truck to help earn construction money.

For once, the long-suffering taxpayer goes free.

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