Archbold, OH

Fulton, Williams Counties Added To Disaster Declaration

Bob Latta, U.S. Congressman (R-Bowling Green) announced Wednesday, July 31, that Fulton and Williams counties were added to a United States Department of Agriculture disaster declaration.

The two counties had been left off the original July 26 declaration, which named 12 counties, including Lucas, Henry, and Defiance counties.

At that time, a spokesman for Latta said Fulton and Williams counties were left off the list because they were on “deferred status,” meaning the USDA needed additional information.

Just five days later, addition of the two counties was announced.

The disaster was declared because frequent rains delayed or prevented some farmers from getting into their fields for planting.

Eric Richer, Fulton County

Agricultural Extension Agent, said about 90,000 acres were planted in the spring of 2019. Normally, county farmers plant 160,000 acres.

Inclusion on the USDA declaration means county farmers could see their crop insurance payments increased. Firm figures have not been announced.

Also, the declaration could make farmers eligible for low-interest loans from the Farm Service Agency.

In a press release, Latta said, “I’ve seen up close the devastation our excessive rainfall has had on Williams and Fulton counties.

“Their inclusion in a disaster declaration was necessary to get resources to our farmers.”

He complimented USDA officials “for the turnaround and their responsiveness to my concerns.”