Archbold, OH

Fulton Sheriff Dept. Calls For Help; APD Responds

Fulton County Sheriff Deputies called for assistance from area police departments, including Archbold, after they encountered a subject who had access to high-powered firearms.

Darrell Merillat, Fulton County Sheriff, said early Friday evening, July 25, a deputy responded to a domestic incident on Co. Rd. T in the Fayette area. Upon arrival, the deputy believed he saw the suspect with a weapon. Merillat said the suspect was known to have access to high-powered firearms.

Guns of any type in the hands of a suspect are a concern to law enforcement, but some guns, particularly rifles, can penetrate an officer’s bullet resistant vests.

The deputy called for assistance, and Merillat said some area police departments sent officers toward the area.

An Archbold police officer started north. ALS-1, the Fulton County paramedic unit based at Archbold, along with Fayette Rescue, also went to the scene, stopping or staging nearby in case they were needed.

Merillat said the suspect was taken into custody without a shot being fired, and all officers were released to return to their own jurisdictions.

Over the Fulton County sheriff radio frequency, an FCSD dispatcher thanked all of the police officers for their assistance.

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