Archbold, OH

Fulton County Sales Tax Revenue

Oct., 2011 $534,261.92
Oct., 2012 $502,758.00
Difference ($) -$31,261.92
Difference (%) -5.9%
Year-to- date,
2011 $5,145,097.92
Year-to- date,
2012 $5,422,224.67
Difference ($) +$277,126.75
Difference (%) +5.4%

Information provided by Fulton County Commissioners office. Figures rep- resent sales tax revenue received by Fulton County from the Ohio Department of Taxation, for Fulton County’s 1.5% share of revenue generated by sales taxes on goods and services in Fulton County. Monthly figure rep- resents money received that month; year-to-date money received from Jan. 1 of that year through the month indicated. Archbold Buckeye chart.

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