Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Bernadette Gombash, Swanton, plaintiff vs. John Gombash, Swanton, defendant. Divorce.

Kyle Segrist, Wauseon, and Nicole Segrist, Hamler, petitioners. Dissolution.

Patricia Plott, Metamora, plaintiff vs. Raymond Plott, Albuquerque, N.M., defendant. Divorce.

Christopher Pike, Pettisville, and Jennifer Pike, Wauseon, petitioners. Dissolution.

Amanda Winters, Lyons, plaintiff vs. Eric Winters, Wauseon, defendant. Support enforcement.

Terra Meeker, Wauseon, plaintiff vs. Christopher Meeker, Wauseon, defendant. Divorce.

Frank Schooley, Holgate, plaintiff vs. Lear Corporation, Wauseon, defendant. Administrative appeal.

Annette Merillat, Fayette, plaintiff vs. Nancy Wallen, Waldron, Mich., defendant. Other tort.

Ford Motor Credit Company, Mesa, Ariz., plaintiff vs. Wesley Glines, Wauseon, defendant. Other civil.

Indymac Federal Bank, Pasadena, Calif., plaintiff vs. Ryan Pawlowicz, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank, Ft. Mill, S.C., plaintiff vs. Wayne Pittman, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

TAMMAC Holding Corporation, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., plaintiff vs. Robert McCullough, Delta, defendant. Other civil.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Jacksonville, Fla., plaintiff vs. Howard DeTray, III, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

HSBC Mortgage Services, Brandon, Fla., plaintiff vs. Steven Smout, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Countrywide Home Loans, Plano, Texas, plaintiff vs. Shawn Keesbury, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Marriage Licenses

Aaron LaPoint, 30, Swanton, RSR, and Sarah Emerine, 27, Swanton, student services.

Gerry Nagel, 47, Wauseon, welder, and Mary Jo Bienko, 57, Wauseon, production worker.

Mikheil Taurkan, 25, Delta, scientist, and Sarah Smith, 23, Delta, biologist.

Joel Williams, 23, Delta, factory worker, and Erin Torok, 26, Delta, homemaker.

Danny Meeks, 48, Swanton, laborer, and Tammy Shultz, 39, Swanton, child care.

Daniel Low, 28, Delta, tree trimmer, and Heather May, 26, Delta, supervisor.

Anthony Pelland, 24, Swanton, city worker, and Melinda Keirsey, Swanton, customer service manager.

Jose Flores, 20, Adrian, Mich., disabled, and Maliea Phillips, 18, Adrian, Mich., unemployed.


Robert Meiring, Sr., 73, Oct. 10, Swanton, cancer.

Leola Beck, 90, Wauseon, Oct. 12, cerebral vascular accident.

Anna Schondel, 88, Swanton, Oct. 17, Alzheimer’s.

Socorro Fernandez, 79, Wauseon, Oct. 19, renal failure.

Thelma Karl, 89, Swanton, Oct. 11, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Real Estate Transfers

Colenzo Short and Joy Short to American Transmission Systems, US20A, Fayette, $150,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Jerry Aeschliman, 132 E. Oak St., Wauseon, $26,500.

Paul Greutman, Jr. to Dale Creager and Bonnie Creager, 12588 Co. Rd. E, Wauseon, $151,804.

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