Archbold, OH
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Adam Opdycke, Fayette, and Kara Opdycke, petitioners. Dissolution.

Capital One Bank, Columbus, plaintiff vs Abbigail Rodriquez, Archbold, defendant. Other civil.

Matthew Graham, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Lacey Graham, Wauseon, defendant. Divorce.

Cathy DeKnight, Archbold, plaintiff vs Rodney Mellon, Toledo, defendant. Other civil.

Kristin Orns, Metamora, plaintiff vs Diana Miller, Metamora, defendant. Other civil.

Kristin Orns, Metamora, plaintiff vs Michael Miller, Mansfield, defendant. Other civil.

Jacob Sloan, Lyons, plaintiff vs Melissa Sloan, Spencerville, defendant. Divorce.

Capital One Bank, Columbus, plaintiff vs Tracy Rivera, Archbold, defendant. Other civil.

Cavalry SPV I LLC, Columbus, plaintiff vs Jessica Flores, Napoleon, defendant. Other civil.

Gerri Spiess, Bryan, and Phillip Spiess, Archbold, petitioners. Dissolution.

Marriage Licenses

Robert Temple, Jr., 38, Wauseon, tool maker, and Josette McCowan, 42, Wauseon, cashier.

Brandon Rhodes, 44, Wauseon, plumber, and Becky Coopshaw, 37, Wauseon, business manager.

Ryan Borer, 29, Fayette, machinist, and Tiffany Hall, 29, Fayette, eligibility specialist.

Jay-Jay Merritt, 23, Liberty Center, mechanic, and Raellen Stacey, 22, Swanton, student.

Cory Tilton, 30, Tecumseh,

Mich., Lenawee County road commission, and Kaitlin Stack, 26, Lyons, manicurist.

Charles McCaw, 21, Swanton, software support, and Emily Maier, 22, Mooresville, Ind., preschool teacher.

Malcolm Mayfield, 27, Wauseon, correctional officer, and Britany Waidelich, 28, Wauseon, customer service representative.

Joseph Fraker, 35, Swanton, second assistant, and Rayna Reynolds, 34, Swanton, strategic purchaser.


Kenneth Hartman, 76, Archbold, Sept. 22, chronic pulmonary disease.

Tom Hall, 64, Wauseon, Sept. 29, cerebral artery disease.

Larry Ruffer, 81, Archbold, Sept. 29, myocardial infarction.

Alma Morton, 71, Archbold, Oct. 1, chronic pulmonary disease.

Real Estate Transfers

Kimberly Johnston to Daniel & Dimare Dunlap, 19891 Co. Rd. HJ, Wauseon, $160,000.

Luke & Lindsey Boyers to Richard & Amy Shaw, 16567 Co. Rd. C, Wauseon, $243,000.

Brandon Nation to NWOH Apartments, LLC, 527 Cherry St., $57,000.

Christopher & Jennifer King to Joshua & Stacy Vernon, 23649 Co. Rd. F, Archbold, $232,000.

Colaz, LLC to BAC Real Estate Enterprises, LLC, 311 W. Holland St., Archbold, $110,000.

Mid American National Bank & Trust to Thomas & Lucille Molitierno, 103 W. Spring St., Fayette, $25,500.

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