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Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Stacey Duquette, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Tab Duquette, Wauseon, defendant. Divorce.

Leslie Burkholder, Fayette, plaintiff vs Brian Steckley, Fayette, defendant. Divorce.

The Bankers Guarantee, Medina, plaintiff vs Robert Lopez, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

North Star Bluescope Steel, LLC, Delta, plaintiff vs Steel Tech, LTD, Grand Rapids, Mich., defendant. Foreclosure.

US Bank, NA Trustee, Salt Lake City, Utah, plaintiff vs Joanne Harrison, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Gary Cifra, Liverpool, N.Y., plaintiff vs Markus Chambers, Lake Geneva, Wis., defendant. Other civil.

Joseph Torres, Archbold and Christy Torres, Custar, petitioners. Dissolution.

Brittany Thatcher, Archbold, plaintiff vs Azhuer Wissink, Archbold, defendant. Domestic violence.

Marriage Licenses

Tyler Barnhart, 21, Wauseon, manager, and Jordyn Gillespie, 22, Wauseon, no occupation listed.

Matthew Mendenhall, 26, Wauseon, machine operator, and Alison Long, 25, Wauseon, unemployed.

Robert Cousino, 44, Swanton, driver, and Kimberly Potts, 43, Swanton, customer service.

Austin Short, 26, Archbold, machinist, and Ashley Burkholder, 23, Wauseon, dental assistant.

Derek Aeschliman, 19, Wauseon, farmer, and Cara Foor, 19, Archbold, farmer.

Scott Rogers, 33, Hudson, Mich., plant manager, and Devyn Simmons, 29, Hudson, Mich., prison counselor.

Jason Lemaire, 29, Swanton, financial analyst, and Brandee Mendoza, 30, Swanton, administrative assistant.


Garold (Buck) Sager, 82, Wauseon, May 5, cancer.

Sandra Bialecki, 75, Archbold,

May 12, pulmonary arrest.

Michael Kind, 63, Pioneer, May 15, cancer.

Robert Short, 90, Archbold, May 15, cardiovascular accident.

Real Estate Transfers

Myrna Purdy to Casey Reese, 16260 SH108, Fayette, $165,000.

Michael Bussing to Steve & Tracey Wanner, 14720 Co. Rd. J, Wauseon, $73,000.

Michael Gineman to Brandon Tiffany & Terin Rankin, 236 E. Chestnut, Wauseon, $138,000.

Virginia Liechty, trustee, to Nisha Francis, 1901 S. Defiance, Archbold, $330,000.

Jeffrey & Nancy Figy to Spencer Lester, 22229 Co. Rd. M, Fayette, $75,000.

Thomas & Catherine Brodbeck to Bryant Draggoo, 414 Park St., Archbold, $105,000.

Clark Emmons to Clark Emmons, (EA-easement) 15584 SH108, Fayette, $195,815.

Kimberly Burkholder to Gordon & Margaret Schumacher, 204 S. Defiance St., Archbold, $79,000.

Justin Brown to Raymond & Lauren Martinez, 1110 Old Orchard Dr., Wauseon, $118,000.

Barbara Kazmaier to Elaine Lumbrezer, 18671 SH2, Wauseon, $99,000.

Floyd Elton to Gary W. Elton, 7411 Co. Rd. 12, Wauseon, $99,000.

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