Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Elizabeth Carroll, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Odene Carroll, Toledo, defendant. Divorce.

SFJV 2005, plaintiff vs. Jeremy Huffman, Lyons, defendant. Foreclosure.

Beverly Schlosser, treasurer of Fulton County, Ohio, Wauseon, plaintiff vs. Donald Smith, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Household Realty Corporation, Elmhurst, Ill., plaintiff vs. Don Felker, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

First Federal Bank, Defiance, plaintiff vs. Gay Borton, executor, estate of Tina Mattin, Monclova, defendant. Foreclosure.

U.S. Bank National Association, Simi Valley, Calif., plaintiff vs. Shannon Knott, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Margarito Melendez, Wauseon, plaintiff vs. Janice Hofbauer, Toledo, defendant. Other civil.

Marriage Licenses

Matthew Margaret, 26, Hudson, Mich., farmer, and Kimberly Emens, 22, Waldron, Mich., engineer.

Howard Yunker, 61, Swanton, construction, and Joan Vandeneynde, 52, Findlay, factory worker.

Marshall Harbour, 19, Wauseon, car wash manager, and Brenna Simpson, 22, Billings, Mont., secretary.

Jonathan Monk, 24, Perrysburg, television production, and Carey Zsembik, 22, Archbold, dental hygienist.

Paul Rade, 56, Swanton, painter, and Robin Spaulding, 40, Swanton, factory.

Parker Meyer, 22, Wauseon, laborer, and Jodelynn Stiriz, 24, Wauseon, cleaning technician.

Terry Russell, Jr., 37, Swanton, technician, and Lori Gibson, 37, Swanton, nurse.

Jack Case, 85, Inverness, Fla., retired, and Margaret Myers, 84, Inverness, Fla., retired.

Alan Bennett, 34, Fayette, truck management, and Kerri Reamsnyder, 33, Fayette, teacher.

Wayne Ailiff, 53, Wauseon, core room supervisor, and Irene Silkey, 49, Wauseon, factory laborer.


John Glandoroff, 39, Wauseon, June 11, suicide.

Caroline Wesche, 89, Wauseon, June 23, cerebral vascular disease.

Bertha Fenton, 91, Delta, June 19, cerebral vascular accident.

Clarence Patterson, 81, Delta, June 23, cancer.

Marjorie Taylor, 88, Wauseon, May 18, cerebral vascular accident.

Real Estate Transfers

Lou Ann Barnes to Shirley Hamilton, 12232 Co. Rd. 11-2, Wauseon, $125,000.

Sauder Woodworking to Lamar Eby, 401 Union St., Archbold, $60,000.

Wayne Spiess, trustee to Neil Buehrer and Nanette Buehrer, 24055 Co. Rd. B, Archbold, $5000.

Richard Guise and Shirley Guise to Kenneth Panico and Gwendolyn Panico, 251 W. Chestnut St., Waueon, $104,000.

John VanHavel, trustee to Scott Brown and Lori Brown, 25039 US Hwy 20, Fayette, $90,000.

Sidney Beatty to Gary Beatty and Elvia Beatty, 14083 Co. Rd. 14, Wauseon, $55,000.

Star Wauseon to O’Reilly Automotive, 1060 N. Shoop Ave, Wauseon, $237,650.

Sharon Lantz, trustee to Juliana Dougherty, 20422 State Hwy. 2, Archbold, $6356.

Estate of Anna Flory, Frederick Semelka, executor to Carolyn Stutzman, 807 Burr Rd., Wauseon, $127,500.

William Sigg and Donna Grieser, trustees to Dale Creager, trustee and Bonnie Creager, trustee, 12588 Co. Rd. E, Wauseon, $132,837.68.

William Sigg and Donna Grieser, trustees to Donna Grieser, 24474 Co. Rd. V, Archbold, $32,000.

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