Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Jeremy Varner, Defiance, and Tonia Varner, Archbold, petitioners. Dissolution.

James Fletcher, Whitehouse, and Teresa Fletcher, Swanton, petitioners. Dissolution.

Megan Anderson, Wauseon, plaintiff vs. Steven Anderson, Delta, defendant. Divorce.

State of Ohio ex. rel., Micki Pennington vs. Matthew Randolph, Fayette, obligor. UIFSA.

Ann Shipperbottom, Delta, and Steven Shipperbottom, Grand Rapids, petitioners. Dissolution.

State of Ohio ex. rel., Stacey Dennison vs. Ryan Nuoffer, Bullhead City, Ariz., obligor. UIFSA.

Christopher Norman, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Jennifer Norman, Berkey, defendant. Divorce.

Marriage Licenses

Joseph Thomas, 41, Swanton, welder, and Machelle Marvin, 41, Swanton, administrative assistant.

Aaron Schmidt, 26, Wauseon, teacher, and Marissa Johnston, 25, Wauseon, physical therapist.

David Hill, 31, Metamora, military, and Florence Purrell, 29, Metamora, homemaker.

Jami Greisinger, 33, Delta, self-employed, and Kam Koffenhoper, 32, Delta, student.

Peter Savage, 22, Delta, forklift operator, and Amber Miller, 21, Delta, housewife.

Mark Andre, 24, Wauseon, engineer, and Ellisha Higginbotham, 24, Hillsdale, Mich., nurse.

Matthew Donnelly, 21, Wauseon, machinist, and Sara Leverton, 21, Wauseon, laborer.

Shawn Holmes, 27, Fayette, correction officer, and Jean Locke, 29, Fayette, homemaker.

Jeffrey Aeschliman, 29, Archbold, Granite Industries, and Jesse DeLeon, 26, Archbold, student.

Antonio Watson, 23, Swanton, manager, and Stephanie Kinkaid, 25, Swanton, financial services.

Larry Etts, 38, Delta, laborer, and Wendy Reinhart, 34, Delta, factory.


Doris Winzeler, 84, Archbold, May 29, cancer.

Frieda Rupp, 83, Archbold, June 4, heart disease.

Maribel Santiago, 50, Archbold, June 5, cancer.

Marian Glasgow, 79, Delta, June 9, pneumonia.

Steven Grycza, 44, Delta, June 2, cancer.

Clara Culler, 97, Swanton, June 7, hypertension.

Real Estate Transfers

Amy Seibel, Trustee to Sandra Heising, 701 Burr Rd., #11, Wauseon, $124,000.

Thomas Rupp, Trustee to Eugene Burkholder, trustee, Co. Rd. 17, Wauseon, $171,232.45.

Raymond Cordes and Paula Cordes, Trustees to Matthew Haase, 1337 N. Ottokee St., Wauseon, $115,000.

Sandra Randall to Andrew Lichtenwald, 15955 Co. Rd. 23, Fayette, $155,000.

Virgil Schroeder, trustee and Carol Schroeder, trustee to Keith Schroeder and Patricia Schroeder, 19439 Co. Rd. L, Fayette, $100,000.

Nationstar Mortgage to Stephen Roth and Becky Roth, 13110 Deer Run Rd., Wauseon, $40,000.

Amy Piokowski to The Bank of New York Trust, 11676 Co. Rd., Wauseon, $83,334.

Marjorie Richer, Trustee and Ora Richer, trustee to Tom and Bonnie Stuckey, 24391 Co. Rd. B, Archbold, $453,500.

Dale Lilleholm and Kimberly Lilleholm to Noel Bell and Jill Bell, Trustees, 13155 Deer Run Rd., Wauseon, $282,900.

Edward Leininger, executor, to Thomas Yackee, 2589 Co. Rd. 13, Wauseon, $100,000.

Estella Wilhelm to Phyllis Wilhelm, 117 Jefferson St., Wauseon, $67,200.

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