Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Christine Wagner, Delta, and Keith Wagner II, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Ashley McCloskey, Claremore, Ohio, plaintiff vs. Jason McCloskey, Swanton, defendant. Divorce.

Troy Whitaker, Defiance, plaintiff vs. Carl Dickinson, Bryan, defendant. Other tort.

Jason Oliver, Oakwood, plaintiff vs. Sauder Woodworking, Archbold, defendant. Administrative appeal.

Lasalle Bank National Association, Lewisville, Texas, plaintiff vs. Dale Hassenzahl, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Archbold, plaintiff vs. Randy Baughey, Fayette, defendant. Foreclosure.

Cadlerock Joint Venture LP, Newton Falls, plaintiff vs. Chris Williamson, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Financial Ohio, Fort Mill, S.C., plaintiff vs. Heidi Bellner, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Marriage Licenses

Jordan Lambright, 21, Morenci, Mich., CNC machinist, and Victoria Garcia, 21, Morenci, Mich., homemaker.

Timothy Creek, 50, Aldvorton, forklift driver, and Patricia Mazur, 51, Wauseon, assembly.

Christopher Schwartz, 26, Swanton, supervisor, and Lara Franks, 25, Swanton, steel foundry.

Todd Purdy, 28, Waterville, factory, and Debra Chonko, 33, Swanton, line operator.

Curtis MacDonald, 23, Marysville, engineer, and Cassandra Soldenwagner, 22, Wauseon, graphic designer.

Samuel Spurling, 43, Delta, automotive assembler, and Hana Hamade, 45, Delta.


Buster Roth, Aug. 7, 89, Swanton, cancer.

Joanna Walsh, July 31, 78, Swanton, Parkinson.

John Miller, Aug. 1, 61, Montpelier, pending.

Leon Rupp, Aug. 8, 76, Wauseon, cerebral vascular accident.

Lester Mull, Aug. 10, 77, Delta, coronary artery disease.

Eliazar Chapa, Aug. 11, 73, Wauseon, cancer.

Chester Tatkowski, Aug. 15, 81, Delta, pneumonia.

Patsy Furstenberg, Aug. 16, 75, Swanton, cancer.

Margaret Bettinger, Aug. 18, 84, Swanton, pneumonia.

Edwin Santos, Aug. 17, 42, Archbold, pending.

Real Estate Transfers

Fannie Mae to Geraldine Hernandez, 415 Cherry St, Wauseon, $60,000.

Richard Young and Jill Young to Michael Zettell and Wendy Zettell, 1177 Apache Drive, Wauseon, $29,000.

Michael Zettell and Wendy Zettell to William Hanak and Marlo Hanak, 1022 Cherokee Drive, Wauseon, $249,000.

David Liechty and Angela Liechty to Robert Gilbert, 427 Park St, Archbold, $76,000.

William Hanak and Marlo Hanak to Marissa Johnston, 728 Fairway Drive #11, Wauseon, $75,500.

Melvin Borton and Linda Borton to Rob A. Howard, 11761 Co. Rd. 19, Fayette, $83,700.

Carmen Frazer to Dean Frazer, 8561 Co. Rd. 26-2, Archbold, $150,000.

Sherri Aiello to Ruben Lopez and Marin Lopez, 211 Mulberry St, Wauseon, $135,000.

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