Archbold, OH
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Mostly clear

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Franklin Witt, Metamora, plaintiff vs Debra Witt, Swanton, defendant. Divorce.

State Bank & Trust, Defiance, plaintiff vs Jon Bissonnette, Toledo, defendant. Foreclosure.

Heather Snyder, Tecumseh, Mich., vs Mark Estel, Wauseon, obligor. URESA.

CACH, Denver, Colo., plaintiff vs James Smith, Delta, defendant. Other civil.

Aimee Meads, Swanton, plaintiff vs James Meads, Holland, defendant. Divorce.

KeyBank, Cleveland, plaintiff vs Paul Habel, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Marriage Licenses

James Eitniear, 45, Swanton, iron worker, and Sandra Fontana, 35, Swanton, photographer.

Jeffery Collins, 29, West Jefferson, N.C., sales, and Megan Eicher, 33, West Jefferson, N.C., manager.

Bradley Nyquist, 23, Delta, assembly worker, and Brittany Scott, 22, Delta, bank teller.

Dillon Gansmiller, 22, Archbold, electrician, and Brooke Hancock, 23, Archbold, medical assistant.

Kalil Bejaige, 44, Swanton, electrician, and Wendy Turner, 36, Swanton, director.

Stephen Pontious, 26, Wauseon, factory worker, and Tasha Cook, 26, Wauseon, cashier.

Todd Wesche, 39, route driver, and Lacey Corl, 32, Swanton, social worker.


Rosemary Krall, 89, Walbridge,

Aug. 14, failure to thrive.

Elizabeth Miller, 96, Defi- ance, Aug. 14, vascular accident.

Todd Jones, 51, Delta, Aug. 18, lung cancer.

Real Estate Transfers

Diana Colon to Lee & Donna Andre, trustees, Co. Rd. M, Wauseon, $12,000.

Midwest Hospitality Corp. to AWT Hospitality LLC, 8135 SH 108, Wauseon, $3,667,500.

Andre Farms to Lee & Donna Andre, trustees, 11795 SH 108, Wauseon, $62,000.

Lee Randall to Marie & Rose LLC, 3889 Co. Rd. 24, Archbold, $230,000.

Joshua Reckner to Dennis Shock, 183 Dame St., Pettisville, $93,000.

The Murbach Street LLC to Tara & Kyle Brodbeck, 103 Murbach, Archbold, $140,000.

Carma Rittichier & Jane Martin to Ronald & Esther Borton, 206 North Pointe, Archbold, $165,000.

Jane Culler to Kyle White, 5540 Co. Rd. 16, Wauseon, $86,000.

Janice Miller, trustee, to Richard Noonan, III, 218 Chestnut St., Wauseon, $92,500.

Grace Colon to Lee & Donna Andre, trustee, 17 acres, 11000 block SH 108 Wauseon, $70,000.

Joan Fretz to Chaz & Erica Rash, 225 S. Oakwood St., Wauseon, $84,000.

Tyler Downing to Christopher Kramer, 427 E. Main St., Fayette, $45,000.

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