Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, plaintiff vs Amy Jo Tanner, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Discover Bank, New Albany, plaintiff vs Lucille Smith, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Brenda Carpenter, Napoleon, plaintiff vs Seth Myers, Alvordton, defendant. Other civil.

PNC Bank, Miamisburg, plaintiff vs Laurine Pfaffenberger, Metamora, defendant. Foreclosure.

Brian Stack, Delta, and Janet Stack, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Cecilia Lavia, Archbold, and Andre Lavia, Archbold, petitioners. Dissolution.

Lauren Griffis, Fayette, plaintiff vs James Griffis, Adrian, Mich., defendant. Divorce.

Heriberto Chavez, Archbold, plaintiff vs Angelica Chavez, Swanton, defendant. Divorce.

Nicole Wireman, Swanton, plaintiff vs Nathan Wireman, Defiance, defendant. Divorce.

Marriage Licenses

Anthony Giovarelli, 24, Columbus, customer service, and Kayla Pelok, 23, Wauseon, dental hygienist.

Travis Schroeder, 19, Wauseon, mechanic, and Tara Lulfs, 17, Swanton, Marco’s Pizza.

Daniel Marinez, 38, Wauseon, unemployed, and Patricia Perez, 38, Wauseon, unemployed.

Daniel Vison, 25, Marion, Ind., therapist, and Allyson Mahan, 22, Wauseon, cashier.

Larry Asbury, Jr., 30, Adrian, Mich., truck driver, and Sarah Lichtenwald, 26, Fayette, manager.

Christopher Avery, 30, Wauseon, CI manager, and Rachel Burton, 29, Wauseon, vet. tech.

Wayne Schmitz, Jr, 36, Wauseon, recycling, and Robin Addouz, 44, Wauseon, disabled.

Mark Francis, 41, Wauseon, truck driver, and Denise Linder, 42, Wauseon, disabled.

Brian Bowen, 40, Wauseon, engineer, and Jennifer John 39, Wauseon, laborer.

Aaron Hoff, 30, Wauseon, factory, and Rebecca Burkholder, 32, Wauseon, teacher.

Joseph Hiler, 29, Fayette, CNC machinist, and Kristen Sallows, 27, Fayette, homemaker.

David Zuver, 56, Archbold, factory worker, and Cheryl Richards, 53, Archbold, production scheduler.

Ruben Yoder, 52, Archbold, service advisor, and Eileen Rufenacht, 50, Pettisville, barber.


Arthur Higgins, 90, Whitehouse, June 25, GI bleeding.

Nola Buehrer, 84, Wauseon, June 15, coronary artery disease.

Charles Matthews, 89, Archbold, June 18, asphyxia.

Joan McWatters, 83, Wauseon, June 25, coronary artery disease.

Barbara Miller, 88, Metamora, June 23, failure to thrive.

Howard Meck, 93, Wauseon, June 25, chronic heart failure.

Mildred Smith, 97, Archbold, June 26, gastric volvulus.

Delmar Gasche, 74, Wauseon, June 26, lung disease.

Harold Schultz, 76, Pettisville, June 28, cardiac death.

Allan Seigneur, 76, Wauseon, July 1, congestive artery disease.

Real Estate Transfers

Sheriff of Fulton County to CCCS Insurance, 165 Darlene Dr., Wauseon, $63,334.

Benny & Janice Westfall to Jason Crisen, 14015 Co. Rd. L, Wauseon, $129,900.

DLJ Mortgage to C&J Capital, 555 Wood St., Wauseon, $70,000.

Alan Stechschulte and Jill Stechschulte to Cecil Buehrer and Carolyn Buehrer, 621 Parkview, Wauseon, $136,500.

Granite Ridge Builders to Lee Esquibel, 3 Eicher Ave., Archbold, $148,000.

Grime Enterprises to Craig Pflager, 200 Pleasant St., Archbold, $82,900.

James Merillat to Jason Lovejoy and Bridget Lovejoy, 1017 Olds Lane, Archbold, $175,000.

Tonya Bailey, successor trustee, to Nathan Slough and Amanda Slough, 212 Linda Ct., Archbold, $99,000.

Bony Mellon to Oscar Aranio, 134 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $51,000.

Kenneth Kowalski & Chandrea Kowalski to Mark Williams, 11550 Co. Rd. 26- 1, Fayette, $145,000.

Fulton County Sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 102 S. Gorham St., Fayette, $16,667.

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