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Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Patricia Graffice, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Virginia McFeters, Wauseon, defendant. Other civil.

Hope Garcia, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Rayburn Phillips, Defiance, defendant. Other civil.

Toni Winchester, Archbold, plaintiff vs Melvin Winchester, Loveland, defendant. Domestic violence.

Larry LeVeck, Wauseon, and Tanya LeVeck, Wauseon, petitioners. Dissolution.

Brittany Vrooman, Metamora, plaintiff vs John Vrooman, Metamora, defendant. Divorce.

Xeniya French, Germantown, Md., plaintiff vs Anthony French, Jr, Swanton, defendant. Divorce.

Marriage Licenses

Kyle Riley, 27, Delta, machinist, and Angela Young, 38, Delta, barber.

Jeremiah Nevel, 27, Wauseon, firefighter, and Samantha Schultz, 22, Wauseon, homemaker.

Chad Gustwiller, 32, Archbold, accountant, and Gretchen Ziesmer, 34, Ida, Mich., insurance adjustor.

Jason Hough, 31, Wauseon, maintenance, and Cheryl Walther, 34, Wauseon, nursing.

Jacob Pennington, 25, Metamora, maintenance mechanic, and Sara Eisel, 25, Metamora, registered nurse.

Ben Rupp, 53, Wauseon, self-employed, and Carol Krauss, 51, Wauseon, CST.

Andrew Fraker, 24, Delta, ground handling manager, and Laurean Westmeyer, 21, Wauseon, student.

Brandon Tijerina, 24, Defi- ance, project develop specialist, and Andrea Grieser, 25, Archbold, preschool teacher.

Michael Dietrich, 22, Wauseon, IS professional, and Angela Shirey, 22, unemployed.

Scott Hibbard, 47, Wauseon, paramedic, and Carol Felzer, 38, Wauseon, paramedic.

Cody Livensparger, 21, Wauseon, tool maker, and Tabbatha Downs, 22, Wauseon, laborer.

Michael King, 29, Swanton, maintenance, and Nicole Pierzchala, 26, Swanton, office manager.


Paul Thacker, 84, Clayton, Mich., May 5, coronary artery disease.

Johnie White, 85, Swanton, April 28, dementia.

Gary Strayer, 69, Swanton, May 15, coronary artery disease.

Nancy Borton, 78, Wauseon, May 5, lung disease.

O. Lucille Grime, 88, Wauseon, May 9, congestive heart failure.

Steven Bradner, 59, Wauseon, May 11, accident.

James Borton, 95, Wauseon, May 15, coronary artery disease.

Robert Cox, 92, Swanton, May 14, Alzheimer’s.

Real Estate Transfers

Roy Miller, sheriff, to State Bank and Trust Company, 22353 US 20A, Archbold, $113,333.33.

Audrey Severence, deceased, to Michael Figgins and Daun Figgins, 407 N. Fayette St., Fayette, $18,000.

Lori Lambright Kern to Michael Figgins and Daun Figgins, 103 Gardner St., Fayette, $15,000.

Robert Weber & Robyn Weber to Anthony Spadafore & Trisha Spadafore, 3170 Co. Rd. 12, Wauseon, $232,500.

Esther Lowe, successor trustee, to Andre Farms, 14687 Co. Rd. M, Wauseon, $62,000.

Donald Gleckler, executor, to John James and Karen James, 615 Burr Rd., Wauseon, $55,000.

Federal National Mortgage to Michael Phillips, 728 Fairway Dr., Unit 6, Wauseon, $40,000.

Christine O’Brien to Thomas Shank, 1511 US 20A, Wauseon, $51,000.

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