Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va., plaintiff vs Jodi Haley, defendant. Other civil.

Chase Bank, Irving, Texas, plaintiff vs Terry Beaverson, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Robert Dick, Jr, Delta, plaintiff vs Heather Burkenmeyer, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Wells Fargo Bank, Ft. Mill, S.C., plaintiff vs Kylle Hogrefe, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank, Ft. Mill, S.C., plaintiff vs Theresa Crosby, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

James Ballmer, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Chrysler Group, Cleveland, defendant. Other civil.

HSBC Bank, Orlando, Fla., plaintiff vs Steven Bergeon, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Anne Rowicki, Swanton, plaintiff vs Marvin Ruffier, Swanton, defendant. Domestic violence.

Sarah Jiannuzzi, Perrysburg and Anthony Jiannuzzi, Swanton, petitioners. Dissolution.

Kenzie Stickley, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Aaron Stickley, Wauseon, defendant. Divorce.

Marriage Licenses

Panfilo Ramon, Jr, 55, Wauseon, auto worker, and Clarissia Ramon, 54, Wauseon, special recorder.

Andrew Garcia, 33, Delta, welder, and Jessica Meadows, 23, Delta, general laborer.


Gladys Bailey, 85, Fayette, Jan. 21, Alzheimer’s.

Helen Cain, 97, Swanton, Jan. 17, dementia.

Thomas Swinford, 68, Delta, Jan. 23, organ failure.

Richard Slawinski, 88, Swanton, Jan. 17, pneumonia.

Wesley Sloan, 55, Wauseon, Jan. 18, cardiovascular disease.

Alvin Old, 90, Wauseon, Jan. 19, cerebral vascular accident.

Donald Whalen, 87, Swanton, Jan. 24, coronary artery disease.

Cara Rettig, 89, Archbold, Jan. 26, cerebral vascular disease.

William Adkins, 78, Delta, Jan. 25, cardiac arrest.

Real Estate Transfers

Florica Rapp, trustee, to Jason Dietrich & Lisa Dietrich, 10352 Co. Rd. 17, Wauseon, $119,000.

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