Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Justin Deeds, Wauseon, and Sarah Deeds, Wauseon, petitioners. Dissolution.

Crystal Shaw, Archbold, plaintiff vs Kyle Shaw, Fort Wayne, Ind., defendant. Divorce.

Midland Funding, San Diego, Calif., plaintiff vs Laura Wachtmann, Wauseon, defendant. Other civil.

Capital One, Las Vegas, Nev., plaintiff vs Alan Albright, Wauseon, defendant. Other civil. (Two cases)

Lauretta Smith-Papp, Swanton, plaintiff vs Home- Owners Insurance, Toledo, defendant. Other civil.

Thomas Proctor, Archbold, plaintiff vs Kevin Fritz, Archbold, defendant. Professional tort.

Other Brothers, Inc., Gilbert, Ariz., plaintiff vs George Gleckler, Lima, defendant. Other civil.

Farmers & Merchants Bank, Archbold, plaintiff vs Michael Kelly, Swanton, defendant. Foreclosure.

Beverly Schlosser, treasurer, Wauseon, plaintiff vs Daniel Novotny, Perrysburg, defendant. Foreclosure.

David Rogers, Swanton, plaintiff vs Donald Szalkowski, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Atlantic Credit & Finance, Roanoke, Va., plaintiff vs Spencer Lester, Archbold, defendant. Other civil.

Marriage Licenses

Richard Navarre, 70, Swanton, retired, and Gloria Foust, 70, Swanton, retired.

Dennis Pate, 59, Jasper, Mich., retired, and Teresa Cowan, 55, Jasper, Mich., clerk.

Justin Simon, 28, Metamora, commercial applicator, and Beverly Braithwaite, 24, Berkey, retail.

Shawn Krasula, 41, Wauseon, plasterer, and Margaret Desgrange, 41, Wauseon, registered nurse.

Nicholas Rodriquez, 26, Fayette, general laborer, and Heather Cavazos, 25, Fayette, homemaker. Deaths

Mildred Shaffer, 92, Pioneer, Dec. 1, gastrula hemorrhage.

Virginia Zedaker, 94, Stryker, Dec. 3, Alzheimer’s.

Anne Purkuski, 86, Wauseon, Dec. 6, heart.

Rosemary Goodwin, 85, Wauseon, Dec. 5, sepsis.

Clayton Butler, 76, Fayette, Dec. 3, renal failure.

Real Estate Transfers

Melvin Wyse & Eloise Wyse to Trevor Hibbard & Lynnette Hibbard, 25560 Co. Rd. T, Fayette, $70,000.

Ernest Raker, Victoria Raker to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 243 Monroe St., Wauseon, $40,000.

Angela Wilke to Miles Figgins and Jodi Figgins, 7147 Co. Rd. 23, Archbold, $61,500.

David & Sharon Rex to Granite Ridge Builders, Eicher St., Archbold, $17,500.

DZ Maat to David Maat, 725 Fairway Ct., Wauseon, $152,000.

Melinda Rupp, trustee, to Belden Properties, 105 Stryker St. (rear), Archbold, $7,500.

Federal Home Loan to Kevin Beck, 806 Stryker St., Archbold, $21,000.

Lauber Manufacturing to Clancy’s Properties, 317 Stryker St., Archbold, $76,000.

Steven Schrock, trustee, to Michael Schrock, 16756 St. Rt. 2, Wauseon, $85,200.

Roger Noblit and Trudy Noblit to Trisha Borton, 640 Hemlock, Wauseon, $173,000.

Denis Ciaciuch and Patsy Ciaciuch to Michael Zettel and Wendy Zettel, 1178 Apache Dr., Wauseon, $29,000.

Andrew Blaine & Destiny Prucel to Bank of America, 523 E. Elm St., Wauseon, $86,667.

Joseph and Histy Shannon to Fannie Mae, 234 Madison, Wauseon, $20,000.

Jacob Hall and Brittany Hall to Matthew Lewis and Dana Lewis, 244 W. Willow St., Wauseon, $90,000.

Timothy & Kimberly Worosher to Jacob and Brittany Hall, 835 Hemlock, Wauseon, $158,000.

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