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Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Sue Daniel, Delta, plaintiff vs Mark Sirmeyer, Temperance, Mich., defendant. Other tort.

Benjamin Poorman, II, Wauseon, and Alysa Poorman, Wauseon, petitioners. Dissolution.

Christine Springer, Delta, and Walter Springer, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Tamara Matthews, Wauseon, and Brock Matthews, Liberty Center, petitioners. Dissolution.

Jeremy Langenderfer, Wauseon and Alanna Langenderfer, Wauseon, petitioners. Dissolution.

Sheldon Baker, Delta, and Tanya Baker, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Carrie Lumbrezer, Swanton, plaintiff vs Jeremy Lumbrezer, Swanton, defendant. Divorce.

Catherine Reed, Delta, plaintiff vs Dale Warnke, Toledo, defendant. Divorce.

Marriage Licenses

Franciso Solis, Jr, 24, Archbold, job coach, and Irma Jaimes, 29, Archbold.

Shawn Shulters, 27, Metamora, construction, and Shannon Hiatt, 26, Metamora, bank teller.


Jessie Randolph, 30, Swanton, Aug. 20, accidental.

Jackie Frey, 54, Wauseon, Oct. 23, accident.

Rachel Roth, 77, Archbold, Nov. 14, pneumonia.

Casey Sharples, 31, Delta, Nov. 10, suicide.

Jerry Pinkava, 87, Swanton, Nov. 10, congestive heart failure.

Phyllis Kramer, 89, Swanton, Nov. 7, cardiac arrest.

Israel Putman, Jr, 80, Wauseon, Nov. 16, cerebral vascular accident.

Bruce Weigel, 63, Swanton, Nov. 25, cancer.

Harmonie Perdue, 1 hour, Lyons, Nov. 23, premature.

Raul Cuellar, Jr., 71, Delta, Nov. 16, organ failure.

Donald Koder, 82, Delta, Nov. 24, cardiac arrest.

Vera Stever, 97, Swanton, Nov. 24, failure to thrive.

Goldie Knapp, 101, Swanton, Nov. 23, failure to thrive.

Ruth Downer, 93, Morenci, Mich., Nov. 28, small bowel perforation.

Real Estate Transfers

Fulton County Sheriff for Michael Mull to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 12999 Co. Rd. B, Wauseon, $50,000.

Vernon Over and Mary Over, co-trustees to Susan Moody, 13660 US 20A, Wauseon, $3000.

Estate of Robert Strayer to Clayton Cameron, 16368 US20, Wauseon, $27,500.

Pauline Gambel, trustee to Mary Lewis, Melanie Lewis, Thomas Norman & Brice Johnson, 1263 N. Ottokee St., Wauseon, $107,000.

Rodney Kinsman and Joyce Kinsman to Burkholder Farms, 49.03 acres, Co. Rd. J, Wauseon, $333,417.60.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank to Rick Roe and Gail Roe, 522 Wood St., Wauseon, $40,500.

Beneficial Financial to Benjamin Grisier and Arin Grisier, 423 Indian Rd., Wauseon, $35,500.

Allen Stuckey, trustee, to Mark Nofziger & Glenda Nofziger, 14579 Co. Rd. 19, West Unity, $22,000.

Dean Stuckey and Allen Stuckey, co-trustees to Mark Nofziger & Glenda Nofziger, 14579 Co. Rd. 19, West Unity, $22,000.

Aaron Stewart and Brittany Stewart to Kyle Steward, 11350 Co. Rd. L, Wauseon, $20,000.

Sterling Clark and Marilyn Clark to Michael Bussing, 21390 Co. Rd. J, Fayette, $177,500.

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