Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Pneumatic Scale, Los Angeles, Calif., plaintiff vs Muntz Equipment Rebuild, Archbold, defendant. Other civil.

Jessica Lajiness, Wauseon, plaintiff vs David Cole, III, Toledo, defendant. Other civil.

Mary Makula, Delta, plaintiff vs Annette Makula, administrator, Delta, defendant. Other civil.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, Columbus, plaintiff vs Chandra Wagner, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

US Bank Trust, San Diego, Calif., plaintiff vs Ben Ackerman, Orlando, Fla., defendant. Foreclosure.

Theresa Baranowski, Lyons, plaintiffvsDavidBaranowski, Fayette, defendant. Domestic violence.

Melissa Welker-Fitzgerald, Metamora and Douglas Fitzgerald, Metamora, petitioners. Dissolution.

Mark Willis, Adrian, Mich., and Kathleen Willis, Delta, petitioners. Dissolution.

Carol Heaney, Wauseon, and Kennard Heaney, Jr., Wauseon, petitioners. Dissolution.

Enrique Gonzalez-Martinez, Archbold, plaintiff vs Patricia De La Luz, Estado De Mexico, defendant. Divorce.

Marriage Licenses

David Myers, 56, Swanton, truck driver, and Deborah Gilders, 59, Swanton, housewife.

John Damron, 58, Archbold, forklift driver, and Tamela Manuel, 51, Archbold, registration clerk.

Jonathan Ruoff, 35, Archbold, freelance artist, and Crystal Junk, 35, Archbold, graphic designer.

Brad Bowditch, 35, Fayette, factory, and Nicole Hollstein, 33, Fayette, factory.

Timothy Lambes, 25, Archbold, machine operator, and Jenna Charters, 27, Archbold, residential care provider.

Jacob Schmitz, 21, Lyons, pool installer, and Melissa Mason, 21, Lyons, x-ray technician.

Joshua Domoe, 21, Wauseon, factory, and Sarah Moore, 22, Wauseon, student.

Erie Suarez, 28, Wauseon, laborer, and Tara O’Neil, 28, Wauseon, homemaker.

Micah Peterson, 25, Wauseon, electrical technician, and Rebecca Cross, 23, Wauseon, administrative assistant.

Jeremiah Taylor, 35, Delta, steel worker, and Abby Lavigne, 23, Delta, student aide.

Jeremy Durham, 23, Archbold, veterinary technician, and Amanda Kerwin, 22, Archbold, sales associate.

Jamie Leathers, 23, Swanton, laborer, and Leanne Horner, 21, Swanton, server.

Bruce Pottell, 57, Delta, self-employed, and Jean Lohman, 55, Delta, deputy clerk.

Jarred Nicely, 22, Wauseon, factory, and Breanna Dennette, 19, Wauseon, student.

Brent Derby, 47, Morenci, Mich., iron worker, and Heather Woodring, 40, Morenci, Mich., factory.


Erna Ford, 98, Adrian, Mich., Sept. 21, acute renal failure.

Harold Lindsey, Sr., 84, Toledo, Sept. 21, Alzheimer’s.

Marjorie Stager, 82, Metamora, Sept. 25, dementia.

Minnie Ray, 88, Swanton, Sept. 15, Alzheimer’s.

Laura Roth, 41, Delta, Aug. 13, cardiovascular disease.

Real Estate Transfers

Federal Home Loan to Erik Belcher & Angela Belcher, 950 Fairway Lane, Wauseon, $175,000.

Ruthann Paxson, trustee, to Dinius Family Holdings, Co. Rd. B, Wauseon, $122,000.

Patricia & Joseph Snider to Nationwide Advantage, 401 Joan St., Fayette, $60,000.

JP Morgan to Margaret Van Gunten, 809 Lawrence Ave., Unit l, Wauseon, $58,500.

Jeffrey Parkhurst and Tina Parkhurst to Fannie Mae, 401 E. Main St., Fayette, $43,334.

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