Archbold, OH

Fulton County Court News

Common Pleas Court

Sarah Dionne, Wauseon, plaintiff vs. Timothy Hilton, Morenci, Mich., defendant. Domestic violence.

Norma Prater, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Norma Fifer, Delta, defendant. Domestic violence.

Norma Prater, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Craig Chadwick, Delta, defendant. Domestic violence.

Robin Scott, address unknown, plaintiff vs. Larry Scott, Wauseon, defendant. Domestic violence.

Chase Manhattan, Newark, Del., plaintiff vs. Teresa Roehrig Mohr, Delta, defendant. Other civil.

Next Generation Calf Alliance Inc., Woodville, plaintiff vs. Emmons Farms, LLC, Fayette, defendant. Other civil.

Discover Bank, Hilliard, plaintiff vs. David Hartford, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

William Weills, Swanton, plaintiff vs. Lula Weills, Swanton, defendant. Other civil.

Lasalle Bank National Association, Lewisville, Texas, plaintiff vs. Mark Haupricht, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Sky Bank Mid Am Region, Toledo, plaintiff vs. Susan Miller, Fayette, defendant. Foreclosure.

GMAC Mortgage LLC, Horsham, Pa., plaintiff vs. Jeanette Pursel, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

HSBC Bank, USA, Orlando, Fla., plaintiff vs. Christopher Smith, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

National City Mortgage Company, Miamisburg, plaintiff vs. Lucas Manning, Wauseon, defendant. Foreclosure.

Citimortgage Inc., Frederick, Md., plaintiff vs. Scott Brown, Delta, defendant. Foreclosure.

Lasalle Bank NA, Houston, Texas, plaintiff vs. Jose Alvarez, Jr., West Unity, defendant. Foreclosure.

Marriage Licenses

Ryan Gipperich, 24, Duncan, S.C., restaurant, and Angela Waltz, 22, Duncan, S.C., homemaker.

Derek Baker, 19, Swanton, landscaping, and Sheryl Brown, 20, Swanton, student.

Evan Lewis, II, 58, Swanton, operating engineer, and Rita Asmus, 51, Swanton, retail sales.

Richard Malinowski, Jr., 22, Romulus, Mich., construction, and Dana Bishop, 21, Romulus, Mich., customer service.

Jeremy Varner, 33, Defiance, laborer, and Tonia Burkhart, 45, Archbold, production.

Terry McIntosh, Jr., 25, Wauseon, and Korina Thacker, 31, Wauseon, dental assistant.

Kyle Rueger, 43, Fayette, maintenance technician, and Kelley Peters, 38, Fayette, production supervisor.

Justin Rains, 23, Jacksonville, N.C., U.S. Navy, and Brittany Reaver, 19, Jacksonville, N.C., homemaker.

Johnathan Gillen 27, Delta, firefighter paramedic, and Barbara Miller, 28, Delta, paramedic.

Michael Cluckey, II, 26, Wauseon, laborer, and Amanda Beaverson, 18, Wauseon, laborer.


Silvia Yoder, 94, Archbold, July 25, coronary artery disease.

Florence Fleck, 88, Swanton, June 12, Parkinson’s.

Virginia Sharp, 84, Wauseon, July 17, vascular heart disease.

Suellen Rupp, 62, Pettisville, July 23, glioblastoma.

Kenneth Grieser, 94, Defi- ance, July 31, cerebro vascular accident.

Clarence Souslin, 87, Swanton, Aug. 2, myocardial infarction.

Robert Crisman, 79, Delta, Aug. 6, cancer.

Real Estate Transfers

Michael Picraux, II by Sheriff to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, 502 South Defiance St, Archbold, $70,000.

B. Diane Bourn to Javier Ibarra and Brittany Robison, 234 S. Oakwood St., Wauseon, $55,500.

Brenner Properties LLP to Paul and Linda Niederhoff, 1216 Apache Drive, Wauseon, $38,500.

Jason Oyer and Racheal Oyer to Richard Shaw and Amy Shaw, 213 W. Leggett St., Wauseon, $147,500.

The Bank of New York Trust Company to Steve A. Miller, 132 West Leggett St., Wauseon, $107,500.

Jill Palmer to Linda Armstrong, 737 Fairway Lane, Wauseon, $143,000.

Brenner Properties, LLP to Mark Eckhart, Lot 73, Apache Drive, Wauseon, $39,900.

Quick Investment Co., Ltd to Jake Dominique and Julie Dominique, 107 Monumental St, Archbold, $39,900.

Joseph Newlove to Kimberlee Ginn, 212 W. Lutz Rd., Archbold, $152,500.

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